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Misery Loves Company
Misery Loves Company English, baby! Video Lesson

Simple Future Tense

Date: Feb 28 2012

Themes: Friend, Soap Opera

Grammar: Simple Future Tense


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When you’re sad, there is nothing more annoying than happiness around. You don’t want to hear happy music or watch a happy movie. You don’t even want happy people around you.

In fact, when you’re miserable, the best way to feel better is often to listen to sad music, watch a sad film or hang out with other people who are also sad. This is the meaning of the English saying, “misery loves company.”

When we last saw Devan, she and her fiance Jason had just broken up. Her friend and co-worker Mason has been in love with a woman for some time who does not love him back. Find out if they can cheer each other up.

实际上,当你悲痛时,可以让心情好一些的最佳方式往往是听伤心的音乐、观看悲情电影或者与同样处于悲伤中的其他人出去闲逛。这正是英语名言“misery loves company”(同病相怜)的含意。

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Mason:  Hey, Devan.

Devan:  Hi, Mason.

Mason:  How are you?

Devan:  Terrible. What about you?

Mason:  Awful.

Devan:  What? Why?

Mason:  Duh. Ella. I don’t think she’s ever going to admit that she’s in love with me.

Devan:  I know how you feel. I thought Jason loved me, but I guess I was wrong.

Mason:  At least you’ve known love. I mean, I’m so miserable right now, I don’t know if I ever will.

Devan:  Yeah, same here. Hey, do you wanna watch this movie with me? You know what they say, misery loves company.

Mason:  Uh, I don’t know, Devan. I mean, it’s a little soon. You’re a very attractive woman, but I need a little more time to heal.

Devan:  What? No, it’s just an expression. “Misery loves company” means that miserable people want to be around other miserable people. When we’re sad, we want the other people around us to be sad too.

Mason:  Oh, I guess I can see that. I mean, I do want other people to be sad, especially Jeff. I want him to be so sad that his eyes dry out from crying so much, and his nose gets all red, and not even a beautiful new mop like this one could make him feel happy ever again.

Devan:  Right. So, do you want to watch this movie with me or not?

Mason:  I don’t know. What’s it about?

Devan:  Well, it’s about these two people who fall in love and…

Mason:  I don’t know, Devan. That sounds way too happy. Misery loves company, remember.

Devan:  You didn’t let me finish. So two people who fall in love, but then the girl gets into a car accident, and she goes into a coma, and then the guy is like so depressed that he gets so sick that he almost dies. But then she wakes up from the coma and he totally realizes that he doesn’t even love her anymore, and so they break up, and everyone’s miserable.

Mason:  I’m in.

Devan:  OK.


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Devan is miserable because her wedding was cancelled. Mason is sad because Ella doesn’t love him back. Devan suggests that they hang out together, since misery loves company.

At first, Mason misunderstands and thinks that Devan wants to date him. She explains that spending time with another sad person might make them both feel better. She says she wants to watch a sad movie in which the characters feel awful at the end. Mason joins her to watch the movie and cry.

Do you think it’s true that misery loves company? How do you make yourself feel better when you’re sad?



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I’m sad because i can’t understand very well this lesson. SO! i need more sad people around me to feeling me happy again :)...

 Well, i don’t know if i’m correct, so what do you think about it?


06:55 PM Feb 28 2012 |

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Just Fall In Sleep ,if u became sad , and enjoy

06:25 PM Feb 28 2012 |




we are able to make our mood ourselfves!

when I’m sad I can’t control my emotions. I really try to conceal it but  ... my face like a billboard. then i try not to concentrate in myself because it drives me crazy. my problem solving is to speak to my optimistic friends,  thanks God fot them, who always give me a nudge from time to time and give me back to life. because we waste our gold time to be happy in life.

Smile a while and while you smile,
smile another smile and soon there
will be miles and miles of smile
just because you smiled,
I wish your day is full of SMILE 

06:13 PM Feb 28 2012 |




It’s easy to laught with someone but it’s difficult to cry with him! And when one door of happiness closed, another open, then you have to forget about the closed one! :)

05:22 PM Feb 28 2012 |




   Let me stir a little controversy here Wink

   This must be one of the most selfish phrases I’ve ever heard. This phrase literally means “If I’m sad, I don’t want to see happy faces and hear happy tunes”. I think if anyone can stomach that phrase he might as well hit the “self-destruct” button.  Whoever invented that phrase must have been an egocentric-antisocial-and-psychotically-mad-person. This phrase is true for many people, but not in my book.  Misery loves  company, true; but only the company that makes it more potent and destructive.

    When I’m in misery I love company but not just a cry partner kind of company. The company I need are people who can understand my situation and help me cope with it. Sometimes the sadness and misery is so burdensome that one can’t just cry it out of your system. The perpetual misery is the one you keep, an ego fed depression, a misery you can’t ignore, and you can’t soothe it, the more you hold it within the more damage you’re making to yourself. Misery just like happiness sometimes needs to be shared among friends and confidants. Friends can make things better only if you give them the chance, only if you voice the pain you resent. It’s unhealthy to assume that sadness and misery always reflect their presence through physical and behavioral channels; it is not always the case. The perpetual misery is subtle and very cunning; it makes its victim believe that he or she can subdue it, while it’s killing you softly. The perpetual misery is the  ongoing faked smile, it’s the pride you feel when irrationally you think the tears you cry is the only cure, it’s to believe no one will understand me.

     When you’re sad and you shun your friends, then you might as well don’t have any. What are friends? The persons you hang out with, the person you share happy moments with? Or the persons you confide in? I could grab the next stranger I find in the street and have the time of my life, and party all night and forget about the misery I was going through, but how long the partying will last? Do you really think you can wipe any sadness out of your life after sharing a beer or a few jokes? Life would have been so easy. The moment you find yourself alone, the alcohol wears offs, the good times you’ve had  become only memories, sadness will resurface and haunt you anew and you start to wonder what are you friends worth. Do you have part-time friends or what? Do you have prostitute friends, the good times givers? Do you have morphine friends, the ones that soothe your pain only for a moment? I need my friends’ supports through the bad times more than ever, not just shoulders to lament on, but ears to understand my pain and words to strengthen me. My friends help me forget about my misery only after they’ve helped me vanquish it. My friends are my full-time confidants; I share “precious times” with them. When together you can transit from a bad time to  a more joyful one, it can’t just only be called good time, it is valuable time. It’s precious. Misery loves company but not the one I keep.

Sure your friends won’t solve all your problems, but they certainly can share the load with you.

cheer manal


I do agree with you kotlesya and fatema, i think i am not different than you in some aspects.when i feel blue i really dont like to share my sorrow and sadness with people, even if they are my closest friends, i dont prefer to be surrounded by sad people either. i just hide everything and mask it by a fake smile.

i feel more relieved when i hang out with my friends,for me it´s an effective way to get myself out of the bad mood, and escape from a negative frame of mind.

03:59 PM Feb 28 2012 |



i cried alot when i listening sad  musics.. or watch movie… but in my room only..^^

and i replay many times to cried with it… haha,, after cried,, i felt better..

but my eyes swellon…Tongue out

01:04 PM Feb 28 2012 |

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This part of the dialogue is funny.

Devan: Yeah, same here, hey , do you wanna watch this movie with me? You know what they say ,misery loves company.

Mason : Uh, I don´t know ,Devan. I mean , it´s a little too soon ,you are a very attractive woman,but i need a little time to heal.

12:58 PM Feb 28 2012 |




Fateme.A, somehow I can control my tears. It is really hard to avoid crying, but it is terrible to cry in front of people. So I take  all my willpower do not burst into tears till the moment I will be alone and invisible.

12:22 PM Feb 28 2012 |

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New Zealand

Well, I hate crying in front of others but I can’t control my tears. Sometimes it’s really hard for me to avoid crying.

12:10 PM Feb 28 2012 |




Fateme.A, why does it annoy you? 

12:04 PM Feb 28 2012 |




Ryo, you were right. I had a laugh with a picture you posted. :) 

My chidlren addicted to the toys of dinosaurs. There are hundreds of dinosaurs in their collection. I will find among the toys of my children the same kind of dinosaur you posted then I will put it on my desk at the office and will laugh….. Laughing

12:03 PM Feb 28 2012 |

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New Zealand


Yes, it’s a bad habit. It annoys me sometimes ;)

11:59 AM Feb 28 2012 |

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Fateme.A EXACTLY!! I also hate crying in front of others. I never cry in front of anybody. I can do it only  if front of my mother, in rare occassions in front of my husband. I  always cry alone :(

People around me consider I can’t cryLaughing

11:51 AM Feb 28 2012 |

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New Zealand

I don’t agree that misery loves company. I usually want to get rid of my sadness as soon as possible but hanging out with miserable people makes me terrible.

When I’m sad, I need loneliness to think, judge myself, make decisions for my future, cry and so on. But when I’m surrounded by others, I try to enjoy the moment and forget about my misery.
I try not to speak about my sadness to others to avoid making them sad. The other reason is that I know that if I speak about my sadness I will cry and I hate crying in front of others.
In sad situations I try to make myself busy to forget about my sadness.
These are my steps in case of sadness:

1- Being alone, thinking and crying for a short time.

2- Predict how much time it takes to forget about my sadness.

3- Make myself busy during the predicted time.

4- Think about the situation again and wonder how much my feelings and thoughts have changed.




CatcheR, same do I. I stay around people, but never mention about my problems. It really works!!! It has been tested many times Laughing

11:32 AM Feb 28 2012 |

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“Smiling has always been easier, than explaining why you’re sad”  Unknown

Maybe the phrase “misery loves company” helps somebody, but it does not work with me. If somebody  beside me  in the same depressive, morose and crying state like I am, I think it will even make the situation worse. It’s awful to sink in the grief and tears being on my own, but it is even worse to sink in the misery together. There should be a person with the positive opinion among  the company of upset people. There should be a person who can give you a hand to pull you out of sea of tears.

I never share my problems with anyone. I never bother people with anything that disturbs my soul. So, the way I use to make myself better when I’m sad is to be in the society as long as possible. The conversations with people about anything in world, except of my problem help me to distract myself so much.

Special thanks to English, baby! and to all nice people I met here. You all are my virtual society and you all ( apart from my real society) do the great help for me.

Have you ever thought about that help you do here? No?  That is a matter of fact.Wink

11:26 AM Feb 28 2012 |




Haha don’t expect people to be sad as you feel right at the moment, misery loves company is sharing your sadness with others or adding some burden to other people, I think we might as well get out of other people’s life and find cure to overcome our sadness, I usually hang outwith friends and just don’t mention about my problem, I’m not kinda too close about myself, but I just trying to be happy around them and forget my sadness :) , or maybe get moRe busy , just be happy and don’t take too seriously :D be happy friends!

10:32 AM Feb 28 2012 |



Syrian Arab Republic

No! I don’t think so. When I’m sad, I can’t stand to hear about one’s misery; mine is enough!

I make myself feel better when I’m sad by watching comedy movies or reading some of Holy Book; it comforts me.Smile

09:34 AM Feb 28 2012 |




hanging out with sad people will make you even more sad..
Always surround yourself with happy and possitive people!! :)

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