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Misery Loves Company
Misery Loves Company English, baby! Video Lesson

Simple Future Tense

Date: Feb 28 2012

Themes: Friend, Soap Opera

Grammar: Simple Future Tense


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When you’re sad, there is nothing more annoying than happiness around. You don’t want to hear happy music or watch a happy movie. You don’t even want happy people around you.

In fact, when you’re miserable, the best way to feel better is often to listen to sad music, watch a sad film or hang out with other people who are also sad. This is the meaning of the English saying, “misery loves company.”

When we last saw Devan, she and her fiance Jason had just broken up. Her friend and co-worker Mason has been in love with a woman for some time who does not love him back. Find out if they can cheer each other up.

实际上,当你悲痛时,可以让心情好一些的最佳方式往往是听伤心的音乐、观看悲情电影或者与同样处于悲伤中的其他人出去闲逛。这正是英语名言“misery loves company”(同病相怜)的含意。

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Mason:  Hey, Devan.

Devan:  Hi, Mason.

Mason:  How are you?

Devan:  Terrible. What about you?

Mason:  Awful.

Devan:  What? Why?

Mason:  Duh. Ella. I don’t think she’s ever going to admit that she’s in love with me.

Devan:  I know how you feel. I thought Jason loved me, but I guess I was wrong.

Mason:  At least you’ve known love. I mean, I’m so miserable right now, I don’t know if I ever will.

Devan:  Yeah, same here. Hey, do you wanna watch this movie with me? You know what they say, misery loves company.

Mason:  Uh, I don’t know, Devan. I mean, it’s a little soon. You’re a very attractive woman, but I need a little more time to heal.

Devan:  What? No, it’s just an expression. “Misery loves company” means that miserable people want to be around other miserable people. When we’re sad, we want the other people around us to be sad too.

Mason:  Oh, I guess I can see that. I mean, I do want other people to be sad, especially Jeff. I want him to be so sad that his eyes dry out from crying so much, and his nose gets all red, and not even a beautiful new mop like this one could make him feel happy ever again.

Devan:  Right. So, do you want to watch this movie with me or not?

Mason:  I don’t know. What’s it about?

Devan:  Well, it’s about these two people who fall in love and…

Mason:  I don’t know, Devan. That sounds way too happy. Misery loves company, remember.

Devan:  You didn’t let me finish. So two people who fall in love, but then the girl gets into a car accident, and she goes into a coma, and then the guy is like so depressed that he gets so sick that he almost dies. But then she wakes up from the coma and he totally realizes that he doesn’t even love her anymore, and so they break up, and everyone’s miserable.

Mason:  I’m in.

Devan:  OK.


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Devan is miserable because her wedding was cancelled. Mason is sad because Ella doesn’t love him back. Devan suggests that they hang out together, since misery loves company.

At first, Mason misunderstands and thinks that Devan wants to date him. She explains that spending time with another sad person might make them both feel better. She says she wants to watch a sad movie in which the characters feel awful at the end. Mason joins her to watch the movie and cry.

Do you think it’s true that misery loves company? How do you make yourself feel better when you’re sad?



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yap,this is true for me..when i’m sad i always look for a sad company..also i will make it more sad as i go with the talk..its like i’m trying to enjoy the sadness on sharing…got same???

08:05 AM Feb 28 2012 |




I don’t think misery loves company is true because i think it will increase the misery state even more than before so, i think we must stay alone and live the misery state and when it completely ends we can think very well and try to learn from our mistakes. By the way i love it when i feel that happiness loves company so, when i’m happy i want all people around me, but when i’m miserable i prefer to stay alone.

08:03 AM Feb 28 2012 |



Saudi Arabia

Life goes on and there are always great things will happenSmile

06:56 AM Feb 28 2012 |




so funny…

05:48 AM Feb 28 2012 |

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Yes, I agree with Julito - when you’re sad, depressed - seek for happy people. Their brightness, light spirit will definitely rub off on you. When all of my friends got married and I was left single, I was kind of puzzled because they would rather spend time in the company of married people. And what i was supposed to do – to sit at home and lament which would attract more bad feelings. I’m a great believer in the power of the law of attraction. If you’re positive, talk to cheerful, happy people, think about what you want for happiness - that will come your way. So, my dear friends forgot about me, but I kept on calling them, reminded about myself :) and they wouldn’t mind going out with  me. Not only those trips with your friends that made me happy, there were some other trips to the theatres, clubs, birthday parties - anything to be with the company—which paid off greatly.

Now is different. Looks like I’ve had enough as for the company. Now nature, exercizing, kids make me happy. But in general, I think it’s good to venture your sad feelings but not to much get fixated on them and start looking for somebody who’s is happy. That person will for sure share something with you.

Thank you very much to Devan and Mason for a wonderful acting! I enjoyed it greatly. Oscars for you, guys! And you can’t get angry for a long time with Jason. He’s a great guy!




It´s foolishness to fight fire with fire ,whenever I am in a sad mood  I try  to cheer me up  by  doing things that  put me in a  relax  state of mind. The “poor me” and licking my wounds  I have had enough  and it has never been a solution ,rather seeking  the company  of friends that can lift  my   spirit  out of the gloom.




Yeah I feel that miserys loves company, not particulary with other people.. But generally when you’re sad you prefer listen depressing music and read book about sadness, In my case it’s a good way for grow up and move on.

09:45 PM Feb 27 2012 |

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