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Leap Year
Leap Year

Learn the Zero Conditional

Date: Feb 29 2012

Themes: Time

Grammar: Zero Conditional


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There’s something exciting about a leap year. Maybe it’s just that it only occurs once every four years. Or maybe it’s the idea of getting an extra day out of the year, like when we turn back the clocks for daylight saving time and get an extra hour.

In any case, February 29 doesn’t come around very often. So what will you do with your extra day? Hear about Jason and Marni’s plans.

在任何情况下,2 月 29 日都不会经常出现。那么,你会在这多出的一天做什么事情?听听詹森和玛尼的计划。


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Jason:  I was trying to make some plans, and suddenly I realized that this is a leap year.

Marni:  I know. We get an extra day.

Jason:  It seems like it should be more of a holiday or something almost.

Marni:  Yeah, I always feel that way, like you should do something really crazy on the 29th of February, because it only happens every four years.

Jason:  My aunt was born on the 29th of February.

Marni:  Wow.

Jason:  She is gonna turn, probably, I think, you know, 13 or something.

Marni:  Right. I always wonder how people who have leap year as their birthday, how they celebrate it, if they go the day before or the day after.

Jason:  She does March 1st if it’s not there.

Marni:  OK.

Jason:  But it is a little confusing to have that 29th of February in that week. It just throws off the mental count of the days somehow for me.

Marni:  Sure. It’s such a bonus that we get this extra day, and I always feel like I should seize this opportunity to do something amazing.

Jason:  It’s so strange, too, that it even has to be there. I’m not even quite sure how that works. But it does.

Marni:  Well, maybe we’ll do something epic this year for leap year.

Jason:  Like long jump!

Marni:  Yes.

Jason:  Or ski jumping.

Marni:  Sure. I’m not good at any of those things.

Jason:  Or leap frog.

Marni:  Leap frog! Now you’re on.


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Jason reminds Marni that this is a leap year. Every four years, there is an extra day in February, the 29th. This is known as a leap year.

Marni thinks leap years are exciting. She and Jason both wish February 29th were celebrated like a holiday, since it’s such a special day. Marni views it as a bonus day. She suggests that she and Jason seize the opportunity to do something really wild or unusual. Jason suggests they play leap frog.

Are you excited that it’s a leap year? Are you going to do anything special on February 29th?



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marija luiza


Well, It is a very simple answer. It is true about is a leap year, but people in my country never do nothing special to celebrate it, only if it is a weekend day. People do their normal live they go to work, to the school and it is a busy day like always.

Nothing special for me.

It would be great to have a day off to celebrate it haha

11:00 PM Sep 09 2012 |




I don’t think that have an extra day is very exsiting event,it is same as other days in a year.but if you have an extra day,you will have more times to study.

02:11 PM Mar 03 2012 |




Oh, I don’t think that having an extra day is a super exciting event. At least, it isn’t in my opinion. And by the way it has already gone.

12:41 PM Mar 03 2012 |



Saudi Arabia



09:11 PM Mar 01 2012 |

manik athawale


I am very much happy to notice in my life like this day
Because other days or dates are come and going as a normally but twenty ninth of February come only four years one time who or she this day if marry or if some house child birth take place than so beautiful because only that family need to celebrate one time open four year that child birthday celebration or marriage anniversary celebration because one years celebration means lot of money need to spend that program per year lot of money he or she or they saving that why that person life is very much meaningful like these day or date

08:09 AM Mar 01 2012 |




julito, thanks for the invitation. I take itSmile

07:48 AM Mar 01 2012 |

1 person likes this

i love life

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

Today I have a special friends , He celebrated  in his birthday .

As we know there are many things we can do what we like if we beleive this thing is normal where is the problem .

I don’t like to do something express about the superstition I trust in my God .

I,M not going to do anything special this day for me as usual days .

if I am from country is weird maybe I will do something is strange.

I will be excited when my country will be free someday .

I guess if anyone born during this day , I think He will be famous figure .

08:11 PM Feb 29 2012 |


United Arab Emirates

it is frist time to know about this day


good lesson it is very useful to know new vocabulary

07:33 PM Feb 29 2012 |



It’s a special day for many people especially those born in that time because they growing up every four years but for me it’s normal day

07:23 PM Feb 29 2012 |



No, I´m not much excited about this day. For me it´s a normal day – I try to make use of every single day as much as I can.

07:09 PM Feb 29 2012 |




Not really, for me i consider everyday is a great opportunity and a wonderful gift we must use it as much as we can.

06:52 PM Feb 29 2012 |




LESYA, unfortunately we are miles away ,otherwise, to cheer you up we might  invite you for a walk and on the way have a cup of coffeeWink

06:46 PM Feb 29 2012 |

1 person likes this

Vina Novalina


Happy Leap Day ♥ The Earth doesn’t circle the sun in 365 days but 365.2425. An extra day that only comes around every 4 years so make it count!

06:29 PM Feb 29 2012 |




good to know those new words n to learn more a bout the leap year :)

06:29 PM Feb 29 2012 |

jossef 002010


No i am not really excited ..even the ambiance between people you feel that there’s nothing different nothing special in this day just like rest of the days .

maybe in other cultures we may find people celebrate this event ! 

06:02 PM Feb 29 2012 |




mnal_F,ola33,julito,  I’m grateful for the support and understanding you are trying to give me. Your words make me feel better. Unfortunately, not everything is easy to overcome, not everything is easy to forget, to leave behind and to step into another sunny day. I strongly wish it was possible.

I’m so happy to have people like you are around me. Thanks once moreSmile

05:17 PM Feb 29 2012 |




im live in this leap year thank’s to god  :))))

04:51 PM Feb 29 2012 |




CathcherR, no news is good news on this Leap Year!Wink

04:09 PM Feb 29 2012 |




Nothing special on this leap year.

03:05 PM Feb 29 2012 |

1 person likes this




Mnal_F, we are having a snowstorm right now. All of a sudden, should drive carefully

02:49 PM Feb 29 2012 |

1 person likes this

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