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Take Someone Back
Take Someone Back English, baby! Video Lesson

Gerunds and Infinitives

Date: Mar 20 2012

Themes: Romance, Soap Opera

Grammar: Gerunds vs. Infinitives


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Not very long ago, Devan and Jason were engaged to be married. But things changed quickly. Jason got cold feet and wanted to call off the wedding. So Devan broke up with him.

Neither of them has been happy since then. Though Jason wanted to fix things, he didn’t know how. He hurt Devan, so why would she take him back? He knew he would have to do something big to show her that he had learned from his mistake.

Then, when he saw Dale face the music about his weight, Jason got an idea. See if Jason’s grand gesture will be enough to get Devan to take him back.


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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.







Jason:  Devan.

Devan:  I don’t want to talk to you.

Jason:  I know. I know talking isn’t gonna convince you to take me back. That’s why I’m gonna sing. Dale!

Devan:  What?


Well, a man doesn’t quit when times get tough.
And a man doesn’t run when he’s had enough.
And though I was lost before, now I understand
That I, I’m your man.
I’ve got these here socks made of wool.
To keep my feet from getting cool.
So I will stand my ground, I ain’t never backing down
Because I, I’m your man.
So if you will take me back,
I promise never to lose track
Of the fact that I’m your man.
What do you say? Will you take me back?

Devan:  Yes.

Jason:  Yes!

Devan:  I forgive you. I’ll take you back.

Jason:  Yes.

Devan:  But you can never do something like this to me ever again. Do you understand?

Jason:  I promise.

Devan:  I love you.

Jason:  I love you.

Dale:  Is that it? Are you guys together?

Devan:  Yeah.

Jason:  She took me back. That’s what she said.

Dale:  Alright, man. I’ll take you back too!

Jason:  No, you can’t take me back. We never dated, and we never broke up.

Dale:  Oh. That was a pretty darn good song.

Jason:  Thanks, man.


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Jason says hello to Devan, but she’s angry with him and doesn’t want to talk. So he starts to sing.

The song says that he won’t lose track of what’s important again and asks her to take him back. She agrees! The grand gesture worked.

In fact, the song worked so well that Dale offers to take Jason back as well. Jason explains that that makes no sense because he and Dale never dated and they never broke up.

Have you ever taken someone back? Have you ever convinced someone to take you back? How did you do it?

Original music by Jason Simms.



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just hope

just hope

Saudi Arabia

wow  very nice

05:20 AM Mar 20 2012 |




wowowo, I really was touched !!!!! lol

03:48 AM Mar 20 2012 |

1 person likes this




yes i have taken someone back, it was my girlfriend that now is my wife. reconstruct a favorite memory is my secret. we really like having a night talk on the beach with a clear sky by the moon and the stars.

well by that time we weren’t actually broke up because of somebody’s mistakes  but more because the situation that made us take that option. but our hearts said something diferent, and as a half man that time my heart said i must take her back. so i starts to re arrange and reconstruct our memory after 1 year no contact with her, but that means i haven’t lose track of what i have always felt for her and that is love. so i took her to the beach on a night with a bright full moon, bought some ice cream together and start talking about our memories. and boom the grand gesture worked and now she is still here by my side as my wife.Wink

03:45 AM Mar 20 2012 |




Yes,it’s a good idea to sing a lovely song. most girls will be touched by this, It’s romantic, especially for the girl who love the boy.

02:27 AM Mar 20 2012 |




 All’s well that ends well. Good gesture, Jason! And Dale!!! What a good friend is Dale… You know, the real friend is the one who can share your happiness.

Nice words: “Well, a man doesn’t quit when times get tough.
And a man doesn’t run when he’s had enough”

And Devan can’t hold a grudge for a long time… especially after that song.



12:50 AM Mar 20 2012 |




I am glad that  Devan  and Jason  hit it off  again . How could  Devan have  refused  Jason´s outburst of love ,  playing the guitar and singing  to her  a

heartbreaking song . Just looking at  Devan´s eyes  we can tell  that she was impressed by  Jason´s grand gesture and that she will take him back  on the spot.    Wink

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