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Ending a Friendship
Ending a Friendship

Learn the Past Perfect Progressive Tense.

Date: Apr 13 2012

Themes: Friend

Grammar: Past Perfect Progressive


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Friendships don’t all last forever. Sometimes friends simply drift apart. When one friend moves away or starts a family, that can put a strain on the friendship, too. But none of that stings as much as getting friend dumped.

Getting friend dumped is when one of your friends decides to stop hanging out with you. It’s like in a relationship, when one person breaks up with the other. Friendships don’t usually end as dramatically as romantic relationships. But sometimes, a big falling out can lead to one friend saying “goodbye” forever to the other. Hear Devan talk to Marni about getting friend dumped.



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Devan:  I just got friend dumped.

Marni:  Really?

Devan:  Yeah.

Marni:  Wow. I guess I didn’t even know that was a thing. How did that happen?

Devan:  Well, we had this big falling out. It was really unexpected. I guess for a while we’d been drifting apart, and she’d been pulling away. But I thought I was making an effort to try to make things better with her, and I asked her out for a drink, and everything was fine. And a couple days later, I invited her out again, and she just told me that she was tired of being my friend and doesn’t want to hang out with me anymore.

Marni:  Wow. Do you think on that first initial meeting you hurt her feelings somehow, and you didn’t realize it?

Devan:  I think that when we had our falling out a while ago, I really hurt her feelings. And I think that she was giving me another chance to make things better, but then I guess there’s still too much residual pain, and she’s just over it, which is really too bad, because I really valued her as a friend.

Marni:  If she doesn’t want to be your friend, then she’s the one who’s missing out.

Devan:  Thanks.


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Devan’s friend recently told her that she didn’t want to hang out with her anymore. Devan got friend dumped.

Devan explains to Marni what happened. She and her friend had a falling out and began to drift apart. Devan tried to make things better, but her friend’s feelings were hurt, and she couldn’t get over the fight. Finally, she ended the friendship.

Marni tries to comfort Devan. She says that Devan’s former friend is the one who is missing out by not having a friendship with Devan anymore.

Have you ever ended a friendship or been friend dumped? Do you think it’s hard to maintain friendships and not drift apart over time?



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well i never got friend dumped…

But a break up. haha

03:55 AM Jul 03 2017 |



Viet Nam

It’s really bad to get  dumped by a friend you like, and sometimes you don’t know the reason why.  For myself, I will try not to say or do something  that might hurt the feeling of other people , especially my friends.

06:58 AM Jun 01 2015 |




Usually, a friendly dumped occurs easily and invisibly. Just when people feel some coldness and discomfort with each other, they begin talking less and less. I think real friendship is more difficult than relationship. That is why it’s harder to say goodbye to friend. But we always to try  save a friendship. Sometimes we wait saving actions  from our friend. And  we don’t understand that our friend can be wait the same step from us.  But friendship is slowly melting.

05:12 PM Apr 07 2013 |



I think it’s hard to maintain a real friendships these days but you can attract more fake friendships because false friends are more than sincerely friends. personally I got dumped from one of my valued guys There weren’t any falling out but he likes spending much time with bad guys I was making an effort to make our friendships better. I advised him alot to change his life way but he didn’t listen. I guess there is too much resudial pain beside him to get over of his bad life which contains ( alchol – drugs – brownsugar – prohibited relationships with girls and his lasting in betrayal his valued gf)  I know he missed Out cause he’s a weak.

12:29 AM May 15 2012 |

La Princesse de la vie


Uh.. This is bad. When one thinks of ending friendship, they should think about a long journey full of sharing ideas, feelings, thoughts, sadness and happiness. They must think about every moment had passed with memories, whether bad memories or good ones, they still pleasant afterall just for being together as friends. Smile

Once, when I was at the 5th year at the primary school I had been friend dumped Cry. I’ll not tell the story, but I’ll just tell that at last I realized that we had never been friends. We were just newly acquainted and I thought that we can be friends, but then when the falling out happened I knew that we were just classmates. Actually it was my first experience to have a friend, as I wasn’t a sociable student before then, I just thought that it can be easy to have true friends, that’s why I was absorbed so easily, I wasn’t aware of how hard it’s to get the true friend. But I know well now that true friends are hard to find and it takes you so long before you find them.Smile

Anyway, I don’t think it’s hard to maintain a friendship and make it not to drift apart over time, but just in one case, if you had chosen the right one to be your friend.Wink

03:01 AM May 06 2012 |



ending a friendship is a torment for me,especially when you turely value this friendship. sometimes it happens unpredictably without any reasons. i hate it!a big falling out can lead to one friend saying “goodbye” to the other.however,as for me ,the friendship relating to girls breaks up confusely. for example,I dated with her comfortablely a few days ago. then a couple of days late i cann’t date her anymore. is something wrong with me? none of this stings me! in the end,we drift apary little by little. even if we meet in the QQ,just say “hello,how are you”.  both of us never share our real feelings.she or he is just someone who’s missing out from your life.maybe this is real life!

01:20 PM Apr 22 2012 |




After reading the “dark” recent comments, the lights in Ebaby’s office seemed bleaked out lol.. and for my personal, they make me want to share something .. from my real life friendship. But I fear it will be too long. Require consent from all of you guys, I guess. :)

But, in short, it is something that I have learned:

For both those who dump their friends and being dumped, dont be too sad .. trust me, in the end, there will always be one or two people that will truly love us & will not get away from us, whatever for anything bad we have done or for every bad treatment we have received. Because of what?

Life is always fair, buddy. My own experiene. God always gives fair treatment & basic things to each one of us.

No one that will not feel any love & get any friends.

No one that will not get any support & joy/healing after being broken.

That’s what makes life interesting.

11:07 PM Apr 18 2012 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

The worst thing in the world is missing  your (best) friend that has had a great impact on you … and your life follows that change he/she made on you. ending the freindship here is only a subject to discuss about but in real world i think it doesn’t mean … i say it despite of drifting apart of my best friend because of a lie.

07:09 PM Apr 18 2012 |



Just feel not comfortable when i got my close friend dumped.

Just wanna get some advice how to come back to them with good relation.


09:47 AM Apr 17 2012 |

Andressa Holland


julito, now are you reading minds? hahahahaha

I was thinking about it; thinking that here we can learn about English but we can also learn about cultures, people and meet new people, have new friends!  :)

04:00 AM Apr 17 2012 |




Julito, and we’re also breaking phobias Smile

12:20 AM Apr 17 2012 |




 ANDRESSA .  appreciate your words ,  you see, why english  baby is so successful ?  here people of  different cultures, backgrounds ,ethnics,  can  freely communicate ,and talk about  personal likes and dislikes , not only we are learning a new language  ,also pouring  out our hearts  to our  English,baby friends Smile  

12:12 AM Apr 17 2012 |

Andressa Holland


czzrig, I agree with you when you say 

“It’s hard to maintain friendships over time because as life goes on, we change along. But if you truly value your friendship and make an constant effort to keep in touch with, the relaitonship never fade.”

and about your story julito, I understand you, ‘cause I think that friends must be companions and be at your side when you need. It’s like a marriage, they must be with you “in joy and sorrow, in sickness and helth” lol , so it’s sad when your friend doesn’t want to hear you.

11:38 PM Apr 16 2012 |



i think that friendship especially boys and girls it’s must to end with get married, unless you have a big impact, especially on girls

02:33 PM Apr 16 2012 |




:) Many times that I have to end a friendship. That’s caused of me. Because I like to cold people. And I am not  a good take care of friend. So I deserve it. But one thing that you should to know. I never hate you. I always to keep you in my friend. Even if you will forgot me. :)

04:46 PM Apr 15 2012 |



United Arab Emirates

No body knows what is real reson to dumb a friend or lover
It is very normal to be dumped from people who were with you for themselves sake
Those kind of people normally predictable if you wise enough
My tip here don’t attach or be too close to some body going to abandoning you in future
To not affect badly
Many thanks

03:51 PM Apr 15 2012 |




thanks for lesson

02:33 PM Apr 15 2012 |




Ending relationship to return again, good relationship to feel bad

Have anything be certain????

02:17 PM Apr 15 2012 |



I got friend dumped when i was in college. I found frustrating those days.cus I couldn’t understand why. maybe some falling out had happened between us,but i had apologize to him. maybe i hurt him deeply. sorry for that! but i guess friends should be more easygoing and considerate,even if you’ve been offended,u had better listen his explain. or u could look at things from his point’s of view. and from then on ,we began to drift apart. ending a friendship is guilty of me. i hope it never hanppens again.cherish ur friendship.

10:42 AM Apr 15 2012 |



South Korea

I’ve end a friendship once. She and I didn’t fit in together. I know she didn’t mean it but she rubbed me the wrong way all the time. I’ve been friend dumped, as well. I’ve drifted apart from most of my friends in college. Probably because I didn’t make an effot to get in touch with them first.

I agree that it’s hard to maintain friendships over time because as life goes on, we change along. But if you truly value your friendship and make an constant effort to keep in touch with, the relaitonship never fade.

09:45 AM Apr 15 2012 |

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