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The Hunger Games
The Hunger Games

Learn about Adjectives

Date: Apr 27 2012

Themes: Pop Culture

Grammar: Adjectives


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TV[/def] can be pretty brutal. Contestants often cry, fight with each other, and sometimes even get hurt. The new movie The Hunger Games takes the idea of brutal reality television to the next level. In the film, 24 teenagers have to fight to the death on a deserted island for others’ viewing pleasure. The games are also a way for the corrupt government to punish its citizens for rebelling.

Whether or not you think something like that could ever happen in real life, the idea must have struck a chord with audiences. The books that the movie is based on were bestsellers, and now the film is attracting millions of viewers as well. Find out what Jason and Amy think about The Hunger Games.

电视真人秀可能会相当残忍。选手常常会哭,互相打斗,有时甚至会受伤。新电影《饥饿游戏》 (The Hunger Games) 的表现手段使电视真人秀的残忍上升到了更高层次。在电影中,24 名青少年在一座荒岛上必须互相打斗至死,以满足别人的观看乐趣。腐败的政府也通过这些游戏来惩罚反抗的市民。


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Jason:  Everyone is talking about The Hunger Games.

Amy:  Yeah, I know. It’s a huge movie. It’s number one. The books were really popular, too, that it was based on. And it’s pretty good. It’s pretty interesting.

Jason:  So, the idea is these teenagers have to kill each other for everyone’s entertainment?

Amy:  Yes. It’s for everyone’s entertainment, and it’s also because there was a rebellion against the corrupt government, and so these Hunger Games are sort of a punishment for that rebellion.

Jason:  Wow.

Amy:  And it’s televised, like a Survivor reality TV show, but with much higher stakes.

Jason:  That sounds really terrifying to be living in that society.

Amy:  Definitely. But the thing that’s interesting is that it almost seems like it’s not that far-fetched, you know? Like it’s sort of a more extreme version of things that you can identify from things that we see, like reality TV and how it can kind of be manipulative.

Jason:  The games are a punishment. Do people enjoy watching them though?

Amy:  Yes.

Jason:  Well, I guess that’s good for them. I’d like to have a punishment I enjoy, I suppose, if I have to be punished.

Amy:  Well, the people who enjoy it the most, I think, are the ones on top.

Jason:  Don’t they always?

Amy:  Yeah.


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Jason and Amy discuss the popular new movie, The Hunger Games. Amy saw the movie, and she thinks it is interesting. It is about a corrupt society in which the government forces teenagers to fight to the death each year for the public’s entertainment and as punishment for a rebellion. Amy says some ideas in the movie aren’t really as far-fetched as they might sound at first.

Amy compares the idea behind The Hunger Games to reality TV. She says that the Hunger Games are like a more extreme version of Survivor, a reality show in which people compete to see who can remain on a deserted island the longest.

Do you think you would be able to survive on a deserted island? Could something like the Hunger Games ever happen in real life?



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Very nice and impressive film. I love it

11:29 AM May 05 2014 |



the TV story somehow reflects the real society, although it is not the real thing happened in life, all the story has its meanings in it. the key point is that who is the audience.

01:29 PM Mar 17 2013 |




I dont like the movie of hunger game. because I think it not conformity logical.

05:21 AM Nov 15 2012 |




I really enjoy the movie, I have  seen it 3 times.  But is so cruel,  I dont undersntand how these government  can forces teenagers from 12 to 18 to fight to the death.  Just for entertainment.

I really hope that never happen in real life. 

09:45 AM Nov 14 2012 |

1 person likes this

Draco Malfoy


what about that cute guy at the beginning…weird logic…a normal story will put them together and that’s so unfair!!

03:16 PM Oct 26 2012 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i don’t know what the people think about this game but i think this is a funny gameWink

02:33 PM Oct 26 2012 |




many people in my country thinks that it’s not as good as Battle Royale.

umm ///// in my opinion. it’s not a good comparison.

because they has different targets (i think so)

The hunger games is a movie which made for everyone.

but The Battle Royale is for adult maybe…

01:36 PM Oct 26 2012 |




Though the novel is oriented for the young audience it impressess a wide range of readers too. The book was approved by many famous  reviewers. 

The movie is amazing!!! Just great!!! It keeps a viewer in the constant strain.

10:39 AM Oct 26 2012 |

Son of English

Hong Kong

This movie was okay, but definitely a rip off of another movie called ‘Battle Royale’. I guess this has been said many times elsewhere, I just thought I’d say it again just so we remember there is no originality in Hollywood.

01:50 PM Oct 19 2012 |

1 person likes this



United States

i guess i could remain on a deserted island. but the hunger games are nooooooooooooot real.

08:58 PM Jun 18 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

that’s what I am talking about. Goodmahasa or whatever your name is.

09:32 PM Apr 29 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

this story just reminded me of the story ” lord of the flies”and this fact that we are between two extremes , on one side of spectrum is brutality and on the other side is humanity and in different situations we can show our different faces,when we live in normal situation and as long as our basic necessities are satisfied we can keep our prestigious appereance but when our privations remain unconcerned in a situation like being stuck in a jungle or being in a war makes it clear how personable and humane we really are ,or in simpler word we prefer to be hunter or to be hunted when it comes the hunger game,that’s the question!Smile

09:12 PM Apr 29 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

If you Look into the real world you can find good examples of “The Real Hunger Games or gamers” ranging from economy to politics, from the east to the west.
regarding the movie, I haven’t watched it except the trailer which looked a little bit childish , the characters includes of the young ones, which wouldn’t probably attract as much attention as the adventurous movies with grown-up stars

08:56 PM Apr 29 2012 |

1 person likes this

zeinabou 59


I don’t like the idea at allllllllllllllllll

02:56 PM Apr 29 2012 |




RYO, you are correct that the struggle for survival  in equally present in animals and humans, but what set us apart from animals is that  they only kill for necessity  to protect their families and eat , and humans   kill  for others less  understandable reasons.  Cry  

11:02 AM Apr 29 2012 |




good game


09:24 AM Apr 29 2012 |

tutorheatherSuper Member!

United States

Julito- What a sweetie you are!

You made my day!!

03:03 AM Apr 29 2012 |

1 person likes this

lynn lam

lynn lam


that must a awesome film,i totally into it,i like this kind of movie. exciting, action,and a interesting story.

02:01 AM Apr 29 2012 |

1 person likes this




 Dear teacher,    in spite of, as you have just mentioned” chaotic life” you  come across as a kind-hearted , steadfast, attractive   and vivacious woman.Kiss

11:02 PM Apr 28 2012 |

tutorheatherSuper Member!

United States

Hi everyone!

Ah, yes…this phenomenon, The Hunger Games.

I rarely participate in trends like this one, Twilight, or Harry Potter. I suppose I get turned off (lose interest or dislike something) because they are so big and pervasive; I get sick of them due to the incessant advertising!

I have to admit I haven’t even read a Harry Potter book. I tried once, but for some reason I didn’t feel engaged with the book, the characters, the writing style, etc.

Unfortunately, my life is chaotic (busy, confusing) these days due to work and family matters, so I haven’t been able to read or watch anything.  My ability to concentrate is adversely (negatively) affected by stress.

Since this is a lesson about adjectives, here are some lovely ones:

1. kind-hearted – genuine; kind; sympathetic

Thankfully, most students are taught by kind-hearted teachers; although, there are always a few exceptions! My math teacher is argumentative and doesn’t encourage us to learn.

2. harmonious – fitting together well, pleasing, melodious (as with music)

The best relationships can be described as harmonious. Like music, some people just flow together in a beautiful way.

3. steadfast – unchanging; steady

My faith is steadfast. I have remained faithful to my religion since childhood.

4. vivacious - lively; animated; full of spirit

The most successful salespeople are vivacious; their energetic, sociable personality attracts buyers.

5. enchanting - charming; attractive; captivating

Many tourists visit New England in the fall. They find the scenery (golden hills, apple trees and scattered, multi-colored leaves) to be enchanting.

08:25 PM Apr 28 2012 |

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