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Being Shy
Being Shy

Learn Gerunds and Infinitives

Date: Apr 30 2012

Themes: Friend

Grammar: Gerunds vs. Infinitives


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Shyness can be misleading. A shy person might seem unfriendly. In class, teachers sometimes think that the shy students have nothing to say. But even though outgoing people spend more time in the spotlight than shy people, that doesn’t mean shy people aren’t just as interesting and fun. It might just take some time before a shy person can feel comfortable and come out of her shell.

Jason is not shy at all. Amy used to be shy, but she has learned to be more outgoing. Hear them discuss the pros and cons of being shy.



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Amy:  Are you shy at all, Jason?

Jason:  No.

Amy:  So you’ll just go up to anyone and start a conversation.

Jason:  Pretty much. I know I’m not shy, because I’ve been trying to give people advice about things at times, and I’ll say, “Why don’t you just call that person up and say this?” And they’ll go, “Oh my gosh, I could never do that.”

Amy:  Right.

Jason:  Are you shy?

Amy:  I don’t think I’m shy anymore, most of the time, but when I was a kid, I was really shy. And I kind of had to force myself to get over my shyness.

Jason:  Wow. How did you do that?

Amy:  I think just by doing the kinds of things that you’re talking about, like just forcing myself to do something that would maybe make me uncomfortable, and then just seeing, like, it’s not that bad. Like, you get through it, and it’s fine, and you can kind of fake it ‘til you make it, you know?

Jason:  Yeah, that makes sense. I mean, shyness for the most part is just fear, I guess, and it’s not really fear of anything worth being afraid of, so if you can just force yourself to do it anyway…

Amy:  I think so, and I think when you see what you can kind of gain sometimes by not being shy, then that can kind of help you overcome it if you want to. But there are advantages to being shy too, and to holding back a little bit and waiting until you kind of get to know somebody better before really coming all the way out of your shell.

Jason:  That’s true, especially in our age of social networking and everyone sort of being a performer and a brand. Someone who’s shy can come off as more genuine.

Amy:  Yeah.


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Jason says he is not shy at all. He isn’t afraid to do things or say things that other people are too shy to do. Sometimes he even surprises people by how outgoing he is.

Unlike Jason, Amy was shy when she was younger. She had to force herself to be more outgoing by doing things that made her uncomfortable, like talking to people she didn’t know.

Even though she is happy that she isn’t as shy anymore, Amy thinks that there are advantages to being shy. Jason agrees that shy people sometimes seem more genuine and serious.

Are you shy? Do you know any shy people? Do you think it is better to be shy or outgoing?



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i like  this guy  jason,if i konw you we must be bro.

08:23 AM Jun 29 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i am shy girl actually i never start a friendship when i get in the university for one term i didnt make a friend because i didnt like it much.but the good aspect of my personality is when i participate in my courses  that we speak english and i have to have activity so i get through this shyness and do all my best.but when i was in elementary school though i was a  hard working student because of this shyness i could’nt talk like others

08:31 PM Jun 27 2014 |

Mr. Learner


I used to be shy in the past, but now I’m more outgoing perosn. Actually, I’m still shy, but not as before .. Since I started participating in volunteering projects, I started to get rid of my shyness, but not completely. I believe that shyness is an important trait, and it should still within me, but in certain situations only.

12:00 PM Jun 03 2014 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I was very  shy but I tried to comunicate with others for example my colligues I tried when they talk I tell my ideas.I cant say I`m completely outgoing now.but I m very better in comparison past Thank God.

10:22 AM Apr 07 2014 |




Jason`s laugh always sounds horrible… 

02:17 AM Apr 05 2014 |

Sally Turquoise

United Kingdom

I am a shy girl. And I’m really suffering.. I have to get rid of this shyness, because it makes me lose so many opportunities :(

01:44 PM Feb 12 2014 |



I’m not a shy one, I don’t do anything wrong to be shy! and even if i do, I like to learn from my mistakes… Only when I do a sin, I become a shy of Allah .

02:09 AM Dec 17 2013 |




i think there is some kind of shyness. some people scared from speaking in front of crowd. some people scared from do anything. some people are shy to taking off their clothes in front of onother even maybe their family. i belive shyness is formed from childhood because of our atitude. when you dont speak, dance, act, fun and take off your clothes in front of others in childhood you will be shy to do that in adultness.

04:11 AM Dec 11 2013 |



Saudi Arabia

Barkim yes culture surely have a huge impact on our lives and shapes our understanding which in fact creates (our) field of experience but speaking of shyness exposure will dominate cultural factors as my point of view. 

06:12 PM Dec 10 2013 |



Saudi Arabia

being too shy can be a problem. it is sometimes a predisposing factor of social phobia, social isolation or social anxiety disorder …

11:01 AM Dec 02 2013 |

1 person likes this



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

you know , being shy has many disadvantages…..

actuly when i was a child i was too shy but unlike that time , now i am a people person and i like to be in society and i make friends easily…..

being shy is too bad for your future!

10:45 AM Dec 02 2013 |




I am a shy person all the time.expecially,in front of strangers.I don’t know how to start the conversation ,Don’t wanna people doesn’t like me on first sight,Being shy has many disadvantages like more harder to make friend than outgoing people.Get misunderstanding cause by badly express yourself.But shy doesn’t mean easy to get hurt.

10:03 AM Nov 30 2013 |




I am a little bit shy,but let me tell that I like being shy to some extent. Some people when you know them ,you regret that you’ve heard of them. In adition, every personality has its own bad side. Comnig out of your shell makes you mistake very often. On the other, I don’t like being extremely shy. Moderation is a required thing in everything. Learning not to be shy is very possible.

07:06 AM Jul 08 2013 |




I am shy person!!!

12:59 PM May 04 2013 |


YuciSuper Member!


I am so shy that I am irritated by myself. When I hesitate to express my opinion during discussion, I feel very bad.

After discussion finished, I try to remember what I wanted to say. Writing down on a notebook, I think the opinion of mine seems not so bad. So I always regret having been shy during discussion.

Being outgoing is better than being shy. But there should be some ways shy people can express their opinions. To submit a notebook or comment papers is one of good ways, I think.

06:22 PM Dec 27 2012 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i think it isen’t very good because sometimes u should talk but cause u shy u can’t.Undecided

10:42 AM Nov 24 2012 |

debra c

debra c


I am shy person,

Its some how good to be shy but at times you feel anxiety in this thing and you sweat alot and just become so uncomfortable.

What i do is to mingle on with people,talk to them,then slowly i have change.

though the topic is very interesting..:)


07:16 AM Nov 24 2012 |




I think most of Japanese people are shy.

we are really be careful and sensitive to people whom we first met.

It would be a long long time for us to get used to being with the person.

04:03 AM Jun 01 2012 |




I’m shy with people I don’t know, but sometimes I need to go through my shyness and do necessery things. But with my friends….I’m funny and I always make them laugh!

10:06 PM May 31 2012 |

1 person likes this



i think, i am just look like “so serious” and if i will be shy, i have to avoid it

08:54 PM May 27 2012 |

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