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Learn the Second Conditional

Date: May 18 2012

Themes: Pets

Grammar: Second Conditional


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It’s hard to imagine anything more adorable than a puppy. They’re soft, playful, cuddly, and sweet. From their little black noses to their over-sized paws, and from their big brown eyes to their joyfully wagging tails, they might just be the cutest creation there ever was. On the other hand, you might not find them so cute after they chew up your favorite shoes and use your carpet as their personal toilet. Hear Jason and Amy talk about puppies.



1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Amy:  Wouldn’t it be awesome if we just had, like, five puppies here right now, running around, falling all over each other?

Jason:  Yes. Puppies are the best.

Amy:  Why are puppies so cute?

Jason:  I don’t know. Their fur is softer than a normal dog, and they just have such a great attitude.

Amy:  They do. They’re just so happy. They just wiggle all the time in joy.

Jason:  Human babies are so cranky!

Amy:  I know! I feel like puppies are definitely cuter than human babies, too, I think.

Jason:  Here’s the thing about puppies, though, they turn into dogs.

Amy:  I mean, dogs are great. But I wish that you could get a puppy that would stay a puppy for a little bit longer.

Jason:  Exactly.

Amy:  Because they do grow up really fast, much faster than human babies.

Jason:  Yeah. The other day I saw this dog that was maybe, like, two feet long. And I thought it was just the most gorgeous dog I’d ever seen, and then it was pointed out to me that it was actually the puppy of an extremely large breed, and that’s why it was so amazing.

Amy:  It’s true, and sometimes the puppies that grow up to be really big dogs are extra cute because they have those giant paws.

Jason:  Yeah.

Amy:  And they’re really clumsy, which is so cute.

Jason:  Right. Here’s a trick. I just learned about this. If you want to have a constant flow of puppies, you can sign up to train seeing eye dogs, and they drop them off to you when they’re like four weeks old, and then trade them in for a new one.

Amy:  Gosh, you’d just get so attached!


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Amy thinks it would be great if she had lots of puppies around. She says there is nothing cuter than a puppy.

Jason agrees that puppies are the cutest. He loves their soft fur. He even says they have better attitudes than human babies. But he doesn’t like it when they grow up into dogs.

Amy thinks dogs are great, too. But they aren’t as cute as puppies. She would like it if puppies stayed puppies for a little longer. Jason tells her that she could train seeing eye dogs. Then she would have a dog for a few months when it was very little, and when it got older, she would give it back and get a new puppy in return. But Amy thinks she would get too attached to the puppies.

Have you ever had a puppy? Would you rather have a puppy or a fully grown dog? Do you think there is anything cuter than a puppy?



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I like that movie, Hachiko. It made me cry when his owner died but Hachiko was still waiting for his master in the train station. He died there too because he didn’t wanna go unless his master shows up. They even made a statue of Hachiko on that same spot where he waited for so long. That movie really reminds me of the loyalty of pet dogs to their owners. I like dogs too. I’d rather have a puppy than a fully grown dog so that I’ll take care of it for a longer time.

11:02 AM May 18 2012 |



Viet Nam

Puppies are always most adorable animals. When I saw the image  of a puppy I this web for the lesson today. I immediately felt very miss my dog. my dog’s name is Tony. I am really love him so much. I can’t image when he’ll gone…...... Although  now  his fur is not soft, sweet and cuddly, I still like to hug my dog when I comeback my home every time.

10:50 AM May 18 2012 |




Erkaamgaa, “Hachiko:A Dog’s Story” is my favourite movie. It is so touching.

When I was watching that movie I thought my heart is going to leave my body  ( I’m not exaggerating) :( 

08:57 AM May 18 2012 |

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Dearest, English, baby!, please let this lesson stay here on top longer than three days. Don’t replace it on Monday, please..:D (kidding)

I’m already in the delight from the blue eyes and sad sight of the puppy on the photo. “Come here, my little one, let’s play with your bear-toy together” :)

No matter puppies or grown dogs – they all drive me crazy! I love them deeply. I understand their thoughts and behavior. It is so easy for me to talk to them :D.

There is no doubts and questions puppies are the cutest ones. They are little, fluffy and cuddly creations. The grown dogs don’t lose their attraction ( IMHO anyway). I adore to have interesting conversation about different subjects with grown dogs :D

I will never forget the day when the cutest puppy I ever had has been presented to me. Kasya, I’m saying about you now. You are on the Heaven , but I can still see your big brown eyes and wagging tail even from there. “Come on! my little girl, come here, let me hug you tightly and feel your tongue on my cheeck”    Love you forever, Kasya


I can only suppose that koala and panda can be cuddly but puppies are better Wink

08:32 AM May 18 2012 |




Hi Ryo, at that time he was a real friend of mine, you think it’s sounds like so guy, but i guess you never experience the dogs how loyal to their own owners(friends), maybe you should watch the movie!

04:35 AM May 18 2012 |



i like poppy too,i guess he’s more cute than others but i choose baby when someone ask my opinion about which one is cuter both of two. long ago i looked after dog i called him reks. i admit that he was not so cute like poppy but he was smart and good attitude dog. he died one year ago from illness. :(

04:13 AM May 18 2012 |




Is there anyone who watched before Hachiko? It is a movie about a puppy from Japan, acted by Richard Gere. When I watching this movie I was unconsciously thingking about my kid time. because, when I was a kid, about 10 years ago, I had a puppy once,  he was a shetland sheepdog puppy and absolutely good looking and smart one. I loved him, but When he was 2 years old, he poisoned by some guy and died. After that, I never earn any puppy till now, but i still love puppies and dogs.

03:07 AM May 18 2012 |




I ever have a puppy dog several years ago.Althought I have to send it ot my relatives ,but it give me the happy which will be staying in my heart forever.

02:28 AM May 18 2012 |




This is not fiction, I have seen it through ….. Mom look what  I have found in the side of the   freeway ,ain´t he a cutie puppie ?  Son, don´t do this to me , remember last time I nearly had to mortgage  my house to pay the Vet´s bill  and soon after  my adorable cat  disappeared for ever , in the meantime   Rocco  was looking at her  with forlon ayes that melted her heart away….Ok.Ok. let´s go to the pets shop  to buy a book about this breed, a collar and doggie food..  Rocco actually was adorable except that  he liked to pee on the carpet or the wooden floor , on top of this, all of the cushions  were converted into rags  , not to mention  the night  sleepers  . Amazingly, He now is the master of the household  ,sleeps on the bed  ,awaits faithfully to his obedient owner   for his daily walk  and i can only smile when passers by  looking  at him say :he is so cute ,adorable…... Sealed

11:02 PM May 17 2012 |


joelle007Super Member!


I love puppies it is so cute so adorable.if you need hug you can take a puppies…I can t immagine someting more cute than puppies….

I llike puppies

08:35 PM May 17 2012 |

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