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Learn the Zero Conditional

Date: Jun 08 2012

Themes: Hobbies

Grammar: Zero Conditional


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Ah, nature. It can feel so good to take a hike through the woods, or relax beside a river. Being in the natural world, away from civilization, can even be a spiritual experience. It can make us feel connected to something larger than ourselves.

But if you’re heading out into nature on a spiritual journey, make sure you remember the bug spray. Being in nature isn’t all peace and rainbows. It often has certain drawbacks, too, from bugs to dirt, to no indoor plumbing. Hear Marni try to convince Ella to spend more time in nature.



1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Ella:  I love nature, but I just, I’m not fond of the bugs and dirt.

Marni:  Oh, really? I think it’s just, you know, if you love nature, you just kinda have to accept that.

Ella:  It’s difficult for me. I’m such a city person, but I really love being out there, smelling the fresh pine and being in the sunshine and stuff. But I can’t stand the bugs and dirtiness. I can’t do the camping. It’s really hard.

Marni:  So do you just go hiking?

Ella:  Yes. I love hiking, fishing. It’s very difficult. I’m trying to pick and choose, but like you said, you have to try to enjoy it all.

Marni:  Right. I think you just have to accept it. Well, I love nature as well, and I go hiking all the time, and camping. But I don’t mind the dirt so much, and the bugs I just accept. I just find it so peaceful and so rewarding to be out in nature. It just makes me really appreciate how lucky we are to have such natural beauty in our world.

Ella:  Yeah. I find it a really good meditative place to be.

Marni:  Yeah. I don’t know, I think there’s a connection that’s lost when you don’t get to live in an area where you have such natural beauty around you.

Ella:  I agree.


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Ella explains to Marni that she enjoys being in nature, but she hates bugs and dirt. Marni disagrees. She loves all aspects of nature, even the dirtiness of it.

Ella doesn’t like to camp, but she does enjoy hiking. She thinks that being in nature is very meditative and peaceful. But she has to pick and choose which activities to do in nature.

Marni thinks it is important to spend time in nature. It makes her appreciate the beauty of the world, and it makes her feel more connected to the natural world.

Do you like spending time in nature? Where do you go to feel connected with the natural world?



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Nature is a healer, it keeps us in awe, it make us worshippers of this unique creation. I like a good hiking tour. In youth used to hike a lot with a heavy backpack on my shoulders and never got tired. If you tired, just fall down and all the negative energy will be accepted by earth, your depressive mood will get melted, your extrem worries will recede. Just breath and get fill up with full of spirit and positive energy. If you want a good relaxing sound, you sit by the stream and hear its song, if you want some contemplation, you just watch the clouds and tall trees buried in them. There’s always something new in this magic habitat. And if you open your channels, you get some energy from the trees. Just accept it and it will be so genereous with you.


01:57 AM Jun 08 2012 |




Almost each weekend I pack up the suitcases to escape to the wild world of forests and rivers. My paradise is 120km away from city. Nothing special: small  humble house, no indoor plumbing. There are nothing from the modern word except of electricity, 3G modem or Smart Phone :D :D :D 

I love that place really love. This house is a house where my father in law was born. We all cherish this place not only because of its beauty and wildness but because of this place is a place of the historic roots of the family of my husband.

jolefrancaisSuper Member!


Yes I do. but it’s not so easy to find a place where you could meditate in a such society.

09:59 AM Jun 07 2012 |

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