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Baby Shower
Baby Shower

Learn the Imperative Form

Date: Jun 04 2012

Themes: Family, Party

Grammar: Imperative Form


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Having a baby is exciting, joyful, and…expensive. That’s one reason why baby showers are great, at least for the soon-to-be mom and dad. At a baby shower, friends and family members of the parents-to-be show their love and support by throwing them a party and bringing them baby gifts. It’s also a chance for those who have already had children to share what they know with the new parents.

Some baby showers are just for women, but it’s now becoming more common to invite both men and women. There’s no reason why a baby shower can’t be a fun party, too. Amy is throwing a baby shower for a friend of hers, but she has never been to one before. Hear Dale give her some advice.



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Amy:  Dale, I know you have a couple children, so maybe you can help me with this. I’m supposed to throw a baby shower for a friend of mine, and I have no idea what that’s even supposed to involve.

Dale:  Well, I can be honest with you, I don’t know either. But I’ve been to at least one of them. I’ve been to my first child’s baby shower. And I know that there’s quite a few others that are happening, that are specifically for women.

Amy:  Right, and I think that’s what this is going to be. It is just going to be women. And I guess I understand why it’s really great for the couple having the child, ‘cause they get to have their baby registry, and they get gifts to help them get started. Because having a baby is so expensive, so it’s nice to get some diapers and just get that support from your friends.

Dale:  And usually it is done only on the first child. In my family, my brother and myself, basically it was a family event, and everybody was participating, while most other groups are just geared only to women, and all of them just talk about getting ready for the baby, how everything’s going. People kinda give their advice on both sides, while the other one’s a party. So I guess that would be your decision, if you want it to be a party or more of a get together.

Amy:  Bring the boys if you want it to be a party.

Dale:  Yeah, exactly.


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Amy is planning a baby shower for a friend of hers who is pregnant. She has never been to a baby shower before, so she asks Dale for advice.

Dale says he has only been to one baby shower, for his first child. Both men and women were invited to that shower, but often, baby showers are just for women. The pregnant woman receives gifts, advice, and support from her female friends and relatives.

Dale says that if Amy wants the shower to be more of a party, she should invite both men and women.

Have you ever been to a baby shower? Is it common to have baby showers in your country? Do both men and women attend, or just women?



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i love baby


02:43 PM Nov 24 2012 |



Russian Federation

I have a baby, and when I gave birth to my child I made a baby shower. It was kind of party. My friends and ralatives were invited to me and I have cooked many dlicious dishes. They presented to my child many clothing, toys and money.

12:25 PM Aug 29 2012 |




I’ve never been to a baby shower. It’s not common in my country, but I do believe there are people here doing this kind of stuff. A simple gift-giving is common but throwing a party??

11:43 AM Jun 18 2012 |




Emmmmmmmmm,it’s a little bit different in our country..When the woman has a baby every body gifts her ,mostly by giving money ,it’s the same aim but in a different way ,but after a week the family hold a party to celebrate the birth of the baby and we have some customs very funny for this day ,it’s a noisy day at least for the new born :}

04:35 PM Jun 06 2012 |


United States

I dont see the point in that we men are invited to a baby shower… it is supposed to be a reunion where women give advise (and gifts) to the future mother! We men dont know too much about nursing, or breastfeeding or babies in general!

Shame on you people! (sarcastic voice)

01:04 AM Jun 06 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I dont think doing these kind traditions from other countries are harmful for anyone!:)

But its better we dont forget ours!:)

11:15 AM Jun 05 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Exactly Mahtab! :)
Hey guys! Let’s exchange our traditions!;) I mean talk about them! It could be cool if Julito,Ola,Parion or any other ebaby user talk about his/her own traditions,so other could learn something!
I think that kinda helps us be more gathered! I mean that’d bring more union & closer friendships between diffrent nations!

11:10 AM Jun 05 2012 |

danya ezwam

Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

in libya now a days baby showers is the mums choice do the shower or not,for the first baby the wifes mother is meant to do it,get every thing for the shower..and its more a of a party to me..everyone has fun and enjoys there time..:)

10:01 PM Jun 04 2012 |




Ive not been in baby shower.Its nt common in our country,but i liked the thought very much.I think the baby shower isnt common her,cuz we take our advices with our moms,husbands moms,family,friends..etc.We are more related.

08:53 PM Jun 04 2012 |



In Pakistan when a baby has born, giving the Adan in the ears of baby, baby  listens the name of Allah as the first word. At seventh day choosing the name of baby normaly father n mother  chose the name  then helding the Haqiqa .It the prescribed to slaughter the sheep.

08:02 PM Jun 04 2012 |

The Last Joke



When a new baby has born : The first thing to do is to make :

Giving the Adhan in the ear of the baby :

 So that the first words that the baby hears is the name of Allah ,


Naming the child :

It is the father or the mother who chose the name for the baby.

It is also allowed for the parents to allow others to name the child,




Holding a Aqiqah :

it is prescribed to slaughter a sheep !

After the seventh day of the arrival of the baby, as a form of welcome for it and to give thanks to the One who gave the blessings, it is prescribed to slaughter a sheep. The Messenger (SAW) said,

  “Every child is in pledge for it’s Aqî qah which is sacrificed for it on its seventh day, and it is named on it, and its head is shaved” !



Shaving the baby’s head :

On the seventh day after the birth the head of the baby should be shaved.

The shaving should be done after the sacrifice, and rub some perfume over the baby’s head after the shaving.



Holding a baby shower for women :


·         there is a baby shower , it  will offer after birth and the baby shower for women to share wisdom and lessons on the art of becoming a mother.

·         Women bring small or large gifts for the expectant mother. Typical gifts related to babies include diapers, baby bottles, clothes, and toys. It isn’t common to open the gifts during the party.

·         Some  women prefer give money and other gifts during the baby shower.

06:57 PM Jun 04 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Dear Seiyf!

“cultural Invasion” is one of revolutionized terms!;)

Governments to dominate the people use these terms!

No nation can keep its culture intact like million years ago!:))

With new communications ways and media cultures affect each others!;)

03:45 PM Jun 04 2012 |

1 person likes this




Thank you Parion.

02:52 PM Jun 04 2012 |

1 person likes this




Yes i have been to these kinds of parties a few times but in my country this party is organized after having the baby and it’s okay for men and women to attend it and have fun with the parents.

02:47 PM Jun 04 2012 |




It’s sad. Mnal_F where’re you? We miss you! Make a new account with your shining and smiling avatar!

01:59 PM Jun 04 2012 |




(off-topic) Anyone knows what happened to mnal_F? It’s been more then a week now since her account and profile disappeared so I couldn’t answer her message. I thought maybe someone knew something about it.

01:52 PM Jun 04 2012 |

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