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Learn the Past Progressive Tense

Date: Jun 06 2012

Themes: School

Grammar: Past Progressive Tense


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Most people agree that education is important. But often, that’s where the agreement ends. How kids should be educated is still up for debate.

One option is homeschooling them. Homeschooled kids don’t attend a regular school with their peers. Instead, their parents teach them at home. This means they get the close attention of their parents, which might help them learn. But they also miss out on opportunities to socialize with other kids their age. Find out whether Marni and Ella think homeschooling is a good idea.



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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Marni:  You know, I have a good friend who was telling me that she really wants to homeschool her children. And I have to say, you know, as a teacher, I am kind of opposed to that.

Ella:  Really? I think homeschool is really cool. I’ve met a lot of kids that were homeschooled, who are actually pretty interesting kids that are really intelligent.

Marni:  I think perhaps they could get a decent education. I mean, there’s public school, private school...There are so many different avenues to get an education. But I think the experience of working in a classroom environment, which really prepares you later in life to work in a larger group setting, I think that’s lost on kids who are homeschooled, when their whole environment is just their home life and their education revolves around that.

Ella:  I do agree, but I feel like in a home setting you get to focus more. You don’t have to worry much about the outside things when it comes to education. And you get so much further than you would in the public school system. So that’s why I’m kind of for homeschooling, as long as you keep your kids interactive, with…

Marni:  With friends and things?

Ella:  With sports, and other things outside.

Marni:  Sure. I mean, it is important that they socialize, and, you know, there is some backlash against classroom settings because of bullying and things that are going on in public schools and private schools as well. But, I don’t know, I still think it’s a really important experience. I’m gonna say I’m still against homeschooling.


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Marni is opposed to homeschooling. She is a teacher, and she thinks that children who are homeschooled don’t learn how to work with others in groups. Kids who are taught in a regular classroom have more opportunities to socialize, which can help prepare them for other parts of life.

Ella disagrees. She thinks students who are homeschooled are able to focus better. More attention is paid to them, and they don’t have to worry about the social aspect of being in school. They can just concentrate on learning. To socialize, they can do things like join a sports team or hang out with their friends.

Do you agree with Marni or with Ella? Do you know anybody who was homeschooled?



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One of the biggest benefits we get from school is that we can colaborate with classmates to get a better understanding of the material. In homeschooling we loose a lot of that.Frown

09:12 AM Jun 17 2012 |




when it comes to chinese education ,homeschool is quite common.But I am fed up with it.

04:12 AM Jun 17 2012 |




I’m really opposed home school teaching coz it ll become misunderstanding behave wit other kids who s studying in private or public school ..is my statement s Gud??

02:05 AM Jun 17 2012 |




I do agree with Marni because by homeschooling the children will miss the opportunity to interact with community and know how to deal with so many people, of course it will affect their life in the future. :)

10:38 AM Jun 10 2012 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i hate of home work and school.Undecided

06:25 AM Jun 09 2012 |




Im ateacher,& I prefer regular classrooms.This way is better,cuz the student will be more communicated&helpful to each other.They also will have adirect experience.In the school there r many people & situations,They will be helped  to grow up & distinguish between the good & the bad.

05:41 PM Jun 07 2012 |



Saudi Arabia

i agree with you marni

11:31 AM Jun 07 2012 |



Saudi Arabia

I agree with Marni.

‘cause children need to socialize with people .

and see what’s going on at the outside.

That’s why :)

And I don’t know  people who were homeschooled.

Thanx for the lesson , it’s pretty good.


11:27 AM Jun 07 2012 |



I think homeschooling is better. I like home office in terms of work better as well. You can wake up whenever you want, and do study whenever you want. You don’t have to necessarily go to school to study. I believe. so much convenient. You can socialize with people by joining local soccer club, going to church. 

01:15 AM Jun 07 2012 |



I agree with both of them because homeschooling have its own pros and cons. But I see homeschooling more like a solution to academic failure because it provides the children who have difficulties, with a education adapted to them.

11:27 PM Jun 06 2012 |




i agree with all of them.sometimes,for instant,homeschooling is nice for kids on vocation.and other time,to socialize with other kids is also important.

10:12 PM Jun 06 2012 |

Man from this time

Syrian Arab Republic

SOS………..New massacre…...New massacre…...New massacre…...”Kuper” (Arabic:قبير)a very small village in the city of Hama, it was consist of 130 people, more than 100 is dead now, many of corpses were found carbonized, Where is the world? hello, we need help, please stop this carzy man. If you were to let him in power, then there would be not a single Syrian.

08:21 PM Jun 06 2012 |



Saudi Arabia

The idea has its own pros and cons. I think homeschool would kill creativeness at a child .To be creative you need competitors,impetus,exchange ideas,and all that would not be done  without a group of participants,but the other side of the coin is that homeschool may be a glimmer of hope for those who could not attend school and life dosent smile on them yet ..

07:52 PM Jun 06 2012 |


United States

Shame on you people for thinking that homeshooled kids are shy or lack on some areas!

I have a homeschooled friend. She Studied the same books like us because the goverment provides them. Homeschooled children also take the same tests the goverment applies to public schools and on average they score higher.

they are normal kids after school hours

06:52 PM Jun 06 2012 |



Saudi Arabia

life’s largest school

05:08 PM Jun 06 2012 |

1 person likes this



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I’m agree with Marni and I’m opposed to homeschooling!Of course we dont have homeschool here in Iran!

What can parents teach to their children?!Lessons of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, ....?

How they can teach the human relationships or defending of their rights against others or the right choosing friends?!They miss out many other thing that we’ve leaned in schools! 

How long parents can teach them?what about after diploma?!

Children have to go to colleges and Universities, and it can be so hard for them to socialize at that age!

If we isolate children ,we will deprive them of their natural life!

But on the other hand ,for places that there are not good schools for children, homeschooling can be very great option!;)

04:55 PM Jun 06 2012 |




Even though i tend to agree with Ella but i believe it depends, the kids who taught in private or public school don’t necessarily be outgoing and get distracted by things at school and the kids who are homeschooled don’t necessarily be shy and able to focus on learning, i think the kid personality and his family and the atmosphere that he grows up with has the biggest role.

03:34 PM Jun 06 2012 |

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I agree with Ella. The regular school is like a small world ,study is not only in knowledge of books but also with living skills, everybody is not released on the world.Laughing

03:10 PM Jun 06 2012 |

1 person likes this

i love life

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

Actually I was homeschool teacher when I was an student , There are lots ways we can use in our lives In order to feel our children going to be better more than anyone else , specially If we are talking about the modern life .

I prefer an public education more than private education , I think the private sector give you some special things , we should know there are many people looking to make us feel their children teaching in high school , some families looking to making a big different between an general students and their children .

some say The public educations needs some Improvement In All system , some think the private  sector gives their children a big comfortable and some specific skills .

These days the homeschool are spread everywhere ,I’m agree with the opinion which says If anyone feels weaknes of the education ,He can strengthen his skills , I love when someone depends on himself . 

12:56 PM Jun 06 2012 |




I agree as with Marni as with Ella.  

Human beings have inborn “aggregative behavior”. So it is vitally  important to socialize especially for children. I support Marni here.

The  quality of the education depends on the teachers of course but the less pupils are in the class the more effective the education is. Individual approach in the training is the best one. I support Ella here.

The majority of homeschooled children in my country are the children with serious disabilty or other serious illnesses. They just can’t attend school Cry

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