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Online Marketing English with eROI CEO Ryan Buchanan

Online Marketing English with eROI CEO Ryan Buchanan English, baby! Video Lesson
eROI 首席执行官瑞安·布坎南教网络营销英语

Date: Jun 05 2012

Themes: Tech, Work

Grammar: Gerunds vs. Infinitives


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The Internet is full of people who want your attention. Ryan Buchanan and his company, eROI, make sure their clients are heard.

When online and email marketing were still very new, Ryan founded eROI as an agency focused only on these areas. Since online marketing is now very popular, eROI has the advantage of experience. They help everyone from Nike to Star Trek reach their customers through their computers and phones.

We recently visited Ryan at eROI headquarters to discuss the English vocabulary of online marketing, including a term that appears in the name of his business.

在互联网上,很多人都期待着你的关注。瑞安·布坎南 (Ryan Buchanan) 及其公司 eROI 的工作便是确保自己的客户为人所知。

当网络和电子邮件营销仍然是新生事物时,瑞安便成立了只专注这些领域的代理公司 eROI。因为现在网络营销非常流行,eROI 也便拥有了丰富的经验优势。

他们通过计算机和电话,帮助从耐克到 Star Trek 的每一位客户与其消费者接触。
我们最近在 eROI 总部访问了瑞安,共同谈论了网络营销英语词汇,其中包括以他的业务命名的词汇。

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Jason:  This is business English on English, baby! I’m here with Ryan Buchanan, CEO of eROI. Can you tell us a bit about what your company does and these folks behind us?

Ryan:  Sure, sure. So, we are a digital marketing agency and our focus is really around campaigns, around designing and building websites and email campaigns for brands like Columbia Sportswear, Nike, CBS, Star Trek and others.

Jason:  Cool. Let’s talk about what some of those terms mean. What is a campaign?

Ryan:  “Campaign” is really bringing together a bunch of different channels. If you are a consumer brand, like Nike, for example, and you have a photo contest on Facebook, you might have a lot of different ways to reach your audience all around one campaign, which is the photo contest on Facebook. It’s a marketing project and then there’s lots of different channels that feed into that one main place that you’re trying to get them to go to and take action at that place.

Jason:  What are channels?

Ryan:  Channels are…They’ve been used like in “TV channel” and you can think of channels like rivers or avenues. Email is one channel, you’ve got people coming to a website or some sort of destination through their smart phone, through their mobile device. So those are all different marketing channels to drive a consumer to a place to take an action.

Jason:  What is ROI?

Ryan:  ROI in the marketing world is return on investment. To marketers, return on investment is when you invest in an agency or in your own in time in doing a marketing campaign, you want to get at some point, a certain amount of revenue out of that. The return is the incremental amount of revenue you get, divided by the investment.

Jason:  What does social mean?

Ryan:  “Social” is short for social media, and that’s a lot of what you do at English, baby!, actually, from what I understand. It’s giving a way for people to communicate two ways instead of just talking at them. Social media…Some of the most popular elements are Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, but it’s also using blogs and using sites that have an online community aspect to them.

Jason:  Thanks so much for talking with us.

Ryan:  Absolutely. Thanks. Yeah.


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Ryan and his company, eROI, have been helping major brands with online and email campaigns for a long time. They have experience and are very good at what they do, so they have important clients like Nike.

eROI uses all sorts of different channels to reach people. They use email, social media and smart phones, to name a few.

When a company hires eROI, they hope to get a good return on investment. They are paying eROI to work for them, so they need to earn new revenue as a result. The acronym for return on investment, ROI, is where Ryan’s company gets its name.

What are some of your favorite marketing campaigns?



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Viet Nam

This lesson is very interesting. I like it very much and I keep listening and reading by myself several times.

07:21 AM Aug 10 2014 |




What a good cause to earn a lot money.

08:45 AM Jun 06 2012 |

Irene Forever


Dear Anja, I have seen that video before. Really a great one. It’s not surprising that marketing yield such a great result.:) Those cuties look so real that I believe in each funny movement almost doubtlessly.:)

What a cool mineral balanced water! !! :)

Thank you, Anja!

08:40 PM Jun 05 2012 |




It’s good for me to study the topicso useful to my job. Thanks English baby!

03:04 PM Jun 05 2012 |



thanks so much for business english lessons! though i’m not very into that i just take the advantage of them and it’s only once a week so it doesn’t bore me))

02:50 PM Jun 05 2012 |

The Last Joke


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01:50 PM Jun 05 2012 |

Irene Forever


Too complicated topic again. :(

I’d rather bake pies.:)

12:07 PM Jun 05 2012 |



Viet Nam

this topic is interesting for me…thanks

09:47 AM Jun 05 2012 |




Thank you for sharing…this topic…

09:01 AM Jun 05 2012 |

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