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All Mixed Up with 311 Bassist P-Nut

All Mixed Up with 311 Bassist P-Nut English, baby! Video Lesson
311 乐队贝斯手 P-Nut 谈论所有混合因素

Date: Jun 19 2012

Themes: Celebrity, Music, Travel

Grammar: Imperative Form


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311 plays a funky style of rock that includes elements of hip hop and reggae. They mix musical styles, but that doesn’t mean they’re all mixed up.

In fact, 311 has had a successful career of more than two decades. The world learned about them in 1996 when their hit song “All Mixed Up” topped the charts. It’s a cool song, but what does it mean? We got the chance to ask the band’s bassist, P-Nut, after a very special concert in the Bahamas.

311 乐队演绎带有嘻哈和雷鬼元素的新式摇滚音乐。他们虽然混合了多种音乐风格,但这并不意味着多种风格杂糅在一起。
事实上,311 乐队在过去二十多年里一直备受歌迷喜爱。在 1996 年,他们的单曲《All Mixed Up》成为榜单冠军,从此,311 乐队为世界所熟知。这是一首酷歌,但它的意思是什么呢?乐队贝斯手 P-Nut 刚刚结束了一个特别巡回音乐会系列演出,我们有幸在巴哈马的一艘游轮上向他请教。

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P-Nut:  Hi, I’m P-Nut, and this is English, baby!

Jason:  311 recently performed a series of concerts on a cruise in the Bahamas. The fans had a great time. But they were on vacation. All they had to worry about was getting too much sun or having too much fun. In real life, things aren’t so simple, and sometimes, you can get all mixed up.

Jason:  What does it mean to be all mixed up?

P-Nut:  The phrase “all mixed up” in English means that you’ve got too many thoughts in your head, and you haven’t allowed yourself to relax as much. It’s a common thing. It just means, “Time to relax.” Take a nap.

Jason:  P-Nut says that when you’re all mixed up, you’re confused or agitated. He suggests that some sleep might fix the problem. One way he keeps his head clear is by playing basketball.

P-Nut:  You said English, baby!, right? Cool name.


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After 311 performed in the Bahamas, their fans were relaxed and happy. They were not all mixed up.

P-Nut explains that when you’re all mixed up, you’re confused and agitated. You need to relax, maybe even take a nap, and clear your mind.

Can you think of a time when you were all mixed up?



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La Princesse de la vie


it’s difficult for me to think or to focus when I’m all mixed up. I think this bassist, P-Nut is right :) 

09:10 PM Jul 08 2012 |




03:28 PM Jun 22 2012 |



United States


08:45 PM Jun 19 2012 |




Currently… I am studying and my full concentration in on my studies only… but sometimes when I think about my future.. like when am I going to settle? Have lots dreams.. When am I going to fulfill all my dreams..? then it just all mixed up.. I could not think any more… then I choose to go for workout so that I can feel realx… workout and playing are also another options which can make you feel relax, reduce your tensions and keeps you away from all your thoughts.  

It’s a nice expression.. Can anyone tel me that.. Is it correct to use it in written language..? Will that be correct gramatically?   

04:01 PM Jun 19 2012 |




I didnt like rock or hip hop,but I like the thought.This life is very silly,why I bothered my self then.I always think of Allah,this make me more relax.

03:33 PM Jun 19 2012 |




My job’s mixing me up! 311 very nice band!!

11:47 AM Jun 19 2012 |

1 person likes this




Anja, I totally agree about energetic vampires. You can’t be a sympathetic shoulder 24 hours listening and listening. And you can’t say’ no’ because, its sort of rude. But here, there’s no way out, just turn it off and do your own business. Some people just don’t know when to stop.

10:48 AM Jun 19 2012 |

1 person likes this

i love life

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

Actually very nice article ,I totally Agree with everything here , this topic reflecting  about our daily  activities , Each of us suffer from chaos in his life , specially If you have a sensitive  position you can’t be focus All the time 

It’s better to you dispose of Everything make you feel pessimistic , as the same time we try to be in a good mood , these days our lives has became All mixed up in everything , we always feel our mind will stop  , I can’t bear the pressure All the time , All of us need an vacation and spend a nice time  with anywhere over the world with your closer friends or your family , The most Important thing in our lives when you know How you can live without frustration and problems .

mixed up effect on myself negativity mixed up effect on myself negativity , I love to live without disappointment 

07:25 AM Jun 19 2012 |




Nice expression – all mixed up.  Very familiar feeling when all the thoughts just creep into your head and you try to solve all off them out and then end up with nothing. I’m all mixed up when I burden myself with a huge plan for a day. I want to do that and that and that and it’s an endless list. By the end of the day—nothing is done and you feel quite frustrated :)) So, it’s better to concentrate on something one or two at a time and step by step get it done. And it’s summer now; really it’s time to have some fun under the sun :) and taking a nap after playing some rap. And the mind become crystal-clear and calm :)

02:46 AM Jun 19 2012 |

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