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Automotive Business English with Arcimoto CEO Mark Frohnmayer

Automotive Business English with Arcimoto CEO Mark Frohnmayer English, baby! Video Lesson
Arcimoto 首席执行官马克·弗龙迈耶教汽车商务英语

Date: Jul 24 2012

Themes: Tech, Work

Grammar: Present Progressive Tense


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The world’s transportation system is in crisis. Traffic and pollution are major problems. Arcimoto is part of the solution.

When you think about it, cars are often overkill. You don’t need a five-seat car to go to work or the grocery store. Arcimoto is developing a small, light, electric vehicle that is perfect for city driving.

They are building this new machine from the ground up. While they are working on making it perfect, the excitement is growing. Arcimoto was a Cleantech Open finalist and has been getting a lot of attention in the green business community. Everyone wants to try the car that is easy to drive and park and doesn’t use any gasoline. One of the stars of the TV show Castle recently took one for a drive.

We asked Arcimoto CEO Mark Frohnmayer to show us his prototype and tell us about some of the vocabulary his team needed to build it.

全球的交通运输系统正处于危机之中。交通堵塞和污染是主要问题。Arcimoto 能为此类问题提供解决方案。

仔细想想便会发现,汽车通常都是大材小用。你不需要驾驶一辆 5 座汽车去上班或者购物。Arcimoto 正在研发一种体积小、重量轻的电动车,它非常适合城市驾驶。

这款车的设计和制造完全从零开始。随着工作团队对这款车进行完善,大家的兴奋劲也在日益增长。Arcimoto 曾入围清洁技术 (Cleantech) 公开赛的决赛阶段,并获得了环保商业团体的极大关注。这款车易于驾驶和停放,无需使用汽油,大家都想亲身试驾。电视剧《灵书妙探》(Castle) 的一位明星近日进行了试驾。

我们请求 Arcimoto 首席执行官马克·弗龙迈耶 (Mark Frohnmayer) 向我们展示了他的原型车,并对我们讲解了他的团队需要掌握的一些相关词汇。

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Jason:  Welcome to another business English lesson. We are here with Mark Frohnmayer, CEO of Arcimoto.

Mark:  Glad to be here.

Jason:  Tell us about this vehicle here.

Mark:  This is a prototype electric vehicle. We’re not in the marketplace yet, so we’re still developing the product. This one’s getting very close to the final product.

Jason:  Well, let’s take it for a spin.

Mark:  It’s a pure electric vehicle, so it’s not a hybrid. In the world of electric vehicles, there are pure electric vehicles that only run on electricity, and then there are hybrid electric vehicles that run on electricity some of the time and run on gasoline some of the time.

Jason:  What is a prototype?

Mark:  A prototype is a concept or an idea of what the final thing will be, but it’s not finished. It’s sort of a sketch or a test of the ideas of what will go into the final product.

Jason:  You built this from the ground up. Can you tell us about that term?

Mark:  We didn’t start with an existing car. In this case we made up the whole design, where all the mechanical bits and pieces go.

Jason:  What is “green”?

Mark:  In business, the term “green” is synonymous with clean or good for the environment. A green business is one whose mission includes doing good for the planet at the same time as doing well as a business concern. We want to make the world’s most environmentally efficient solution for daily driving.

Jason:  Why did you start Arcimoto?

Mark:  When I sold my computer game company, I went looking for an electric vehicle that I could use to drive around town. I wanted something that was very efficient. I wanted something that was affordable. I just couldn’t find the product that I wanted, so I decided to find some people to help me make it. Our target price is $17,500.

Jason:  Thanks so much for the ride and for teaching us all these interesting terms.

Mark:  Thanks for having me.


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Mark Frohnmayer and his company Arcimoto have built a prototype for an electric car. It is not a hybrid car because it does not use any gasoline. It only uses electricity, which means it is the greenest kind of car.

The Arcimoto team built the car from the ground up, which means they started with the smallest pieces possible. They’re still working on the design, but it should be in the marketplace soon.

Would you like to have an electric car? Do you think it’s important for companies to be green?



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02:58 PM May 26 2016 |




I think these kind of vehicles could probably be 100% green If They make sure that electricity comes from a “green resource”. I mean from eolic energy, hydro energy or helios energy!

09:05 AM Jul 17 2014 |



Hey it is very nice thing.

we are want to introduce about the invisible workforce behind your company!

for more detail please visit here 


03:06 PM Feb 27 2014 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I liked this car..I hope to have one like it

05:20 AM Apr 27 2013 |




The school’s wire speed is too slow!

06:23 AM Feb 22 2013 |




Sure,i think that must be green.And the car looks cool,but i wouldnt like to drive this car in my city where i always suffer traffic jam,unless it can fly.

   I think its badly important for companies to be green,or the future of our earth will be black

12:41 PM Aug 21 2012 |



Russian Federation

Good idea! I think it has a great future. But now it’s hard for me to imagine driving this car in my city. It doesn’t look to be safety. Also I like speed driving but this car doesn’t look to be suitable for that.

06:25 PM Jul 29 2012 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i dont like to have an electeric car but i love to have a smart car because i`m very timid but i wish to have a car i`m ready the most part of my salary each month go for that smart car that i wish some day i would have it…

12:57 PM Jul 28 2012 |




It is too expensive i think. I prefer bicycle. It is cheap and green.

07:53 AM Jul 25 2012 |

Whisper of Hearts


Iliked this car..Ihope to have one like itCool

10:41 PM Jul 24 2012 |

La Princesse de la vie


I’m not keen on driving, at least now, and yet I don’t have a driving licence, actually I don’t want to pollute the air that I take in by my hands, but if someday I see electric cars in my country, I’ll not wait to have my driving licence and a green environmentally friendly electric car, but also it should be affordable for me.

10:00 PM Jul 24 2012 |




Sure Id like to have an electric car,cuz it willbe friendly to the enviroment.But I think the problem willbe its price,cuz it will cost me alot of money.I think its important for companies to be green,cuz that means they willbe clean & takecare of the enviroment.I live in avillage ,& I know the importance of the pure air.Btw I didnt have acar yet,but I hope in the future inshallah.

09:43 PM Jul 24 2012 |

alaa shebeeb


i prefer to use a donky , i can take it 4 spin its so easy and intresting !!!!!

09:30 PM Jul 24 2012 |




I prefer to use the bus.

09:03 PM Jul 24 2012 |

Irene Forever


OK Alex, I love fast driving.:)

08:17 PM Jul 24 2012 |




I think after a while the companies who don’t care about the environment they are gonna be forced to produce cares like this one because of the pollution and the unhealthy atmosphere that we constantly live in and of course i’d like to have such a car.

04:18 PM Jul 24 2012 |




Electric car is very good idea, the best thing for enviroment! i saw on TV a programme about electric car. In my country is a few electric car but the ‘petrol stations’ are not adapte for this cars!  in future i would like have a electric car but i must pass a drive exam :)

02:49 PM Jul 24 2012 |

1 person likes this


yuminagaSuper Member!


I don’t drive for a long time .I try not to drive car even weekend becauseI dont want to creat more pollution

02:23 PM Jul 24 2012 |

Irene Forever


I have never wanted to drive a car. Maybe someday I’ll change my mind and be so determined in order to sit in the electric car, and get to the place I need without any problems.:)

01:24 PM Jul 24 2012 |




I think The car is awful, but there is less according to me it doesn’t use the cover on the car it will be hot and how about rain.


07:35 AM Jul 24 2012 |

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