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Water Parks
Water Parks

Learn the Present Perfect Tense

Date: Jul 14 2021

Themes: Friend, Travel

Grammar: Present Perfect Tense


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During the summer, there are lots of fun ways to beat the heat. You can cool off with a popsicle or ice cream cone, visit the beach, or swim in a pool. But the most fun of all may be going to a water park.

At water parks, you can soar down water slides, swim in wave pools, or just hang out and catch some rays. In the hot summer months, water parks are usually crowded with families and children. Jason recently went to a water park. Hear him tell Amy about his experience.




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Amy:  Man, with the weather being so nice, I would just love to go to a water park.

Jason:  It’s so great.

Amy:  When was the last time you went to a water park?

Jason:  I think like two years ago.

Amy:  Oh really?

Jason:  I saw one on a road trip, just off to the side, and we had some extra time and just pulled over and went for it.

Amy:  Nice.

Jason:  And it was a blast.

Amy:  Was it as fun as I remember it being from my childhood? Because I haven’t gone since I was a kid.

Jason:  I think so. I think I got tired of it a little quicker than I used to. When I was a kid I could stay at the water park all day.

Amy:  Definitely.

Jason:  And I really only needed maybe an hour and a half. But I definitely was just riding a slide and then running back up the stairs and going down it over and over and over until I was dizzy.

Amy:  Did they have a wave pool? Those were always fun.

Jason:  Yeah, those are fun, but they’re also crowded.

Amy:  Right. I also remember always getting hurt or someone else getting hurt at the water park. Like someone would…I don’t know, there’d be a nail sticking up out of a water slide, or someone would fall, like do a belly flop or something in the water. There was just always…there were hazards at the water park.

Jason:  That’s part of the thrill, I think, the fact that you can never quite trust that you’re gonna be OK.

Amy:  It’s true.


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Amy says she would like to go to a water park. She has not been to one since she was a kid. Jason went to one a couple of years ago and had a blast.

Amy asks Jason if the water park was as fun for him as an adult as it was when he was a kid. He says he got tired of it more quickly than he used to, but he still had a great time.

Jason loved going on the water slide at the water park. He didn’t like the wave pool as much because it was too crowded. Amy says you often get hurt at water parks. Jason thinks that is just part of the fun.

Have you ever been to a water park? Did you have fun? What was the best part?



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Water parks are good places in summer.You can imagine that the weather is hot,and you are just get out from the cool water,with ice cream in your hand…COOL!

01:33 PM Jan 19 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

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02:01 AM Aug 16 2012 |




I like waterparks and especially the ” black hole”

11:43 AM Aug 15 2012 |



United States

vety cool ,i just do it

09:01 AM Aug 15 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i like it very much it`s so cooooooooool

09:38 AM Aug 14 2012 |



United States

i have been to a water park a lot of times. the water slides and wave pools are so cool!

on the water slides, you slip down with a belly flops. and in wave pools, you go up and down in waves. eeeee! it is so fun!!!

09:47 PM Aug 13 2012 |



what i know is if you go with your friends everywhere really you will have have fun but,i have never tried this experiment,i mean going to water park.

01:44 AM Aug 13 2012 |

Irene Forever


Olya, next time we should ride those crazy water slides together. We would show children what a real revelry means! :) ~~~~

07:01 PM Aug 12 2012 |




Irene, Mahtab, in my childhood I didn’t have those waterparks and it looks like I didn’t have much fun going on all of those rides. I was always dizzy. But now, something is happening to me. Yes, at this age )) I’m feeling fine compteting with the young ones. And sometimes I’m the youngest one )) What a blast, eh? The only thing is not lose all my grey hair while speeding down.  It takes only 40 seconds. Oh, you made me laugh.

06:49 PM Aug 12 2012 |

Irene Forever


Mahtab, if we went there together, it would be a lot of fun. Age doesn’t matter.I can be just crazy.:)

I will see your photo with pleasure.:)

06:38 PM Aug 12 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of


It was a special experiment for me and I had never tried these games in my life but I did that in this age!!!:))

I wish we could go there together!

I’ve added a photo of there too!:)

06:33 PM Aug 12 2012 |

Irene Forever


Mahtab, you are lucky to have visited a Water park. I have never been to any of them. Of course, I ‘d love to try those crazy water games.:)

06:23 PM Aug 12 2012 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Few months ago I went to a Water Park (Pars Aqua park) with my friends!

Its near to Tehran and we didnt go in weekend then it wasnt crowded!

We had a lot of fun there and I confess that I was scared a little!:O

The best parts were the wave pool and wild river!!!

Children had special location and water slides for playing because most of parts were forbidden  for children!

Also we enjoyed of water slides or water tunnels but for me some of them were very scary and I think there were hazards for some one who dosent know swimming like me!:P

Anyway we screamed and laughed a lot!

It was really a blast!;)

Here is a photo of there!

06:16 PM Aug 12 2012 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

wow i love itSmile

05:17 PM Aug 12 2012 |



United Kingdom

of couse sure but I used to do it really it is not now!!!!!!!!


09:43 AM Aug 12 2012 |




of course I have. it’s so funny.I love it so much.and I am look forword to go again.

09:06 AM Aug 12 2012 |


MasbararSuper Member!


Linjoy,you can make copy-past before sending message.When it pass so much time,I feel that I will lose msg.

09:04 AM Aug 12 2012 |

Irene Forever


linjoy, when you write your comment, it takes you some time; and when you try to save it, you can lose it. For getting the comment back just make a step back, then log in. After that go back until you see your comment, Save! Done!

Be happy!

08:25 AM Aug 12 2012 |




I never go to water park.the weather is too hot ,water park is really a good place to beat the heat.maybe I will go with friend tomorrow

07:04 AM Aug 12 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

water park is a perfect place for children to have fun.

06:15 AM Aug 12 2012 |

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