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Learn the Zero Conditional

Date: Aug 17 2012

Themes: Family

Grammar: Zero Conditional


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When you are a little kid, grandparents are awesome. They love you so much, and they think it is fun to spoil you. When you get a little older, it can be hard to relate to your grandparents. After all, there is a pretty big generation gap separating grandparents from their grandchildren. But your grandma and grandpa may still have a lot to teach you. Hear Mason and Amy talk about their grandparents.



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Amy:  Do your grandparents live close to you, Mason?

Mason:  I have one remaining set of grandparents, and yes she does live close to here, so I actually saw her last weekend.

Amy:  Nice. Do you like hanging out with your grandma?

Mason:  You know, it’s interesting. My grandma is a very metropolitan grandma. And I call her my nana, too. So nana is, like, she travels all the time, and she goes to the theater. So there are some things, if I want to go shopping, she’s a great person to go shopping with. If I want to go see a play, she’s a great person to go see a play with.

Amy:  That’s cool. So she doesn’t act like a little old lady. She’s still really active.

Mason:  Exactly, right. And she grew up in New York, and so she’s just really fast paced. Like there are traditional grandmas where it’s like they want to do all the kid’s stuff and collect teacups and whatnot. That’s totally not her bag. So it’s just all about finding the right thing to do, just like with any friend. What is the stuff you like to do together?

Amy:  It’s true. When I was a kid, my grandparents loved to spoil me, and I loved to be spoiled. But once you get older and you’re adults, you kind of have to learn how to interact with them, in a new way. And it can be hard. I mean, I really love my grandparents, but there is a generation gap there.


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Amy asks Mason about his grandparents. Mason talks about his nana, who lives close to him. He sees her a lot. She is not a typical grandma, because she is very metropolitan and fast paced. She likes to do things like go shopping and see plays.

Amy says that she sometimes finds it hard to relate to her grandparents. Because they are so much older than she is, there is a generation gap between them. Her grandparents have different interests and ideas than she does. But Amy loves her grandparents very much. She has happy memories of how they used to spoil her when she was a little kid.

Are you close with your grandparents? Do they like to spoil you?



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Viet Nam

Actually my Grandparents had passed away before I was born so I can only know them from the pictures in my house. Even though, I often have the feeling kind of loving and missing my Grandparents whenever I hear my Mom & Dad tell me about them.

07:07 AM Aug 02 2014 |



i love my grandmathers and my grandfathers.they are very kindness and like u much.

01:21 PM Oct 20 2012 |




salamu alaikum

well i loved my grandparents  and i was close to my maternal grandma the most i loooooooove her so much i used to stay with her in vaccation she was so great i learnt how to cook traditional dishes from her and she touch me sewing  all the old sweet stuffs  she was generous and a great partner even  for religion she was very religious  we used to read quraan together and she used to woke me everyday for fajer really she is great  i love her so much  i know she loved me best advices in life from me came from her  god s mercy on her  i wish god will join me with her in paredise   .......take care  of your grand parents they r very precious since they r alive Wink

04:52 PM Aug 22 2012 |

Irene Forever


I don’t have grandparents anymore. I loved them so much. They raised me up, and I will be grateful to them forever.

09:06 PM Aug 21 2012 |



yes, furtunaly i grew up close them. they ever loved spoil me and my siblins. but until nowadays they love take care, spoil and were rememberibg my childhood.

i love them!

07:59 PM Aug 21 2012 |


Libyan Arab Jamahiriya


01:21 AM Aug 21 2012 |



Russian Federation

As for me. my relationships with my grandparents are truly not ordinary.  Whole thing is that it’s only a few of time I’ve been close to my paternal grandparents. But little did we get closer, we somehow happend to got kinda drifting apart with my maternal grandparents. It so sad, because they’re already gone and I’m not able to say anything to them, or appologize, or just ask for a piece of advice, etc. So the one thing one should keep in mind is that older people will leave us very soon, that’s why we’d better to see them more often till they’re alive and generation gap is just like a storm in  a teacup. Smile

07:02 PM Aug 20 2012 |



From all of my grandparents, one is gone (I never met him) and one lives close to me. My grandma used to spoil me and she still do it. When I was a kid, I liked it but I grew up and now it isn’t good for me. If I tell her that I don’t need it, she doesn’t understand and still do the same thing (e.g. buying me things which I don’t need). Nevertheless I love her so much because of our great memories. Other grandparents live far away from me and I can’t see them as often as my closer grandma so it’s sometimes hard to relate to them. I think I know what it’s generation gap.
All of my grandparents aren’t fast paced or metropolitan so I can learn about habits of older people when they were in my age. That’s really something different ! Smile

01:29 PM Aug 20 2012 |


Viet Nam

It’s always great to have grandparents, to be taken care and to be told fairy tales by them. They like our second parents because our parents are very busy with daily work from early morning to late evening. They love us more than our parents do. In conclusion, it’s great to have grandparents. 

01:23 PM Aug 20 2012 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i loved my grand mother(my mum`s mother) i had just seen her and she`s gone for 15 years

12:45 PM Aug 20 2012 |




I miss my grandparents, they´re all gone, but I had great times with them!

05:28 AM Aug 20 2012 |



Syrian Arab Republic

sooooooooooooo colse to them and they r great moments when i have a sit with them and have a discussion ,i think the generation gap depend on how they think about what  is happening these days

it isnt a good idea to be spoiled by ur grandparents

09:40 PM Aug 19 2012 |

JumpinJulian Flash


I love my grandparents. I didn’t meet my grandpa (father of my mother) but i know the anothers. They era a important part of my life, i don’t know what i will do when they are not here. I love them.

08:15 PM Aug 19 2012 |




My grandparents had all passed. I has lived with my parents

10:28 AM Aug 19 2012 |




My grandparents had all passed. I lived with my mother’s adoptive father for years when I was young. He was really spoiled me. Although he could not buy me something, but he always tried to protect me and what the best part was that he always told old storied to me and some funny jokes.

I really miss him even though he passed away more then ten years.

01:52 AM Aug 19 2012 |



no much days we spent with them

12:16 AM Aug 19 2012 |

i love life

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

Actually there’s a big gap between our present generation and the past  generation, As the same time we could describe our lives without Grandparents as like the dark room , How we can Live without them there’s no concept when we feel our lives going to be better when we decided live a far of them . 

I Have a huge family, we have extend family , our family has contain from lots of generation we have old ,we have young , we have women , we have men .

09:53 PM Aug 18 2012 |



i dont love my grandma.because she doesnt love me too.i think so.my grandma loves only boys.however i respect my grandma because she is old

01:53 PM Aug 18 2012 |




My  grandma  was   really   beautiful   when   she   was   young  .But  now   she  is   old  .   She  is   the   one   of   the  most   important   persons   in  my   life  .  She  loves   me   very  much  .

12:43 PM Aug 18 2012 |




i like to discuss with my grandma when i have a time. it’s important to keep contact with her

09:12 AM Aug 18 2012 |

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