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How to Form Questions in the Simple Past Tense

Date: Oct 03 2012

Themes: Travel

Grammar: Simple Past Tense


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Strange, beautiful and fascinating animals roam our planet. But we rarely get to see many of them, except occasionally at the zoo. Still, seeing a lion behind bars or an elephant in a concrete cage is nothing like seeing these wild beasts in their natural habitat.

Safaris allow us to view exotic animals, like lions, elephants, zebras and hippos, in their own environment. Safaris used to be taken by hunters, but these days it is typically tourists interested in photographing and getting close to the animals. Hear Marni tell Amy about her experiences viewing exotic animals in their natural habitat.




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Marni:  I’ve always envisioned zoos as, like, OK, this place that you go and you see animals, and it’s kind of exciting to see these animals. But I had the good fortune to go on safari a few years ago in Tanzania.

Amy:  Oh, cool.

Marni:  And I, I’ll be honest, prior to that I’d never really wanted to go, because I was like, “Animals? I’ve seen some of these animals in zoos.” And I was so naive, because there’s nothing like seeing these animals in their natural habitat.

Amy:  Wow. I can believe it.

Marni:  I mean it was just amazing to see herds of zebra and gazelles and giraffes, and I learned so much about these animals and have such an appreciation for them now.

Amy:  What was your favorite animal you saw on your safari?

Marni:  I have to say that I was pretty fascinated by elephants and lions, you know, just their…the way that they interact with one another, and how, you know, male lions are kinda lazy. They really seem like they ask the female lions to do the lion’s share of the work. Pardon the pun there. And just seeing them at different times of day and seeing some sort of prey/predator interaction.

Amy:  Oh wow, did you see anything get hunted?

Marni:  I didn’t see anything that dramatic, or an animal that took down another animal. But I definitely saw some tension and some standoffs. It’s just fascinating to see how these animals all interact in certain areas. Yeah, it was pretty amazing.


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Marni used to think that seeing animals on a safari would not be that different from seeing animals in a zoo. Although she likes seeing animals at the zoo, she found it only somewhat exciting. To her surprise, it was completely different to see exotic animals in their natural habitat on a safari.

Amy asks Marni which animal she was most fascinated by on her safari. Marni loved seeing elephants and lions. She loved seeing them interact with each other, and she was amused by how the male lions seemed lazy and let the female lions do all the work for them. She also was fascinated by the tension and standoffs she saw between predators and their prey.

Have you ever gone on a safari? Would you like to go on a safari one day? What is your favorite exotic animal?



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not yet but i wish to go..Africa safari is one the most enjoiable travels that every one must try it.. its must seeing!!..you can see animal from close distances in nature and totally diffrent from the situation in zoo..

09:28 PM Aug 06 2013 |




be a float . freedom is our power which could help us lead to the future

05:45 AM Oct 11 2012 |



i like travel very much

if i have time and enough money , i hope i can go out to see the different world more .

and u guys who like to come to Shanghai.China ,i will welcome u warmly.


08:39 AM Oct 09 2012 |




Safari…sounds great.It is in my dream to go there and to see all natural beauty of it.Very hope,one day,it,ll come true.

05:36 AM Oct 09 2012 |



I’ve never gone on a safari, but I’d lik to g some day… My faorite animal.. I though I like snakes.. they’re fascinating

01:54 PM Oct 06 2012 |




very nice

12:58 PM Oct 06 2012 |




I would like to go to Safari. I saw the wild animals only in zoo… and I think it is a big different beetwen natural habitat and life in a cage. Maybe when I finish my study I’ll visit Africa :) It will be fantastic Laughing

08:54 PM Oct 05 2012 |



I would like to say that seeing animals in its natural habitat  is completely different then in zoo, i had an experience before.it was really a wonderful, I faced some animals especially those living in desert like ghazal, fenec (sort of fox), .......etc, I hope one day i can go on africa’s safary, it would be amazingSmile

10:21 PM Oct 04 2012 |




Of course and as the most of peaple I wwould like to go on safari one day. The problem is that such journeys are mostly expensive, but I think it’s worth saving money for that since I like animals and the nature.

12:14 PM Oct 04 2012 |



sure, i have. it is a fascinating adventure with my family. it is located neaby our Palm farm, Pematang Siantar, Indonesia. see the animal in their natural habit like coyote, partridge , wild boar , pangolin , snake , small alligator ,tiger, Elephant, it made me feel they need to be protected and they are deserved to live in here, their natural habit forever without human disturbance . Smile

09:27 AM Oct 04 2012 |

1 person likes this

i love life

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

Definitely I like go to Safari specially with my closer friends , sometimes we go out for camping , The life with the natural more excited , when you see lots of Animals near to you , you can touch them ,take some photos wit them , trying to feed them , In my opinion It would be a nice time If you decide go on to safari .

Each of us has a nice dream , we are looking for achieve our dreams , the life without dreams  like food without salt .
My advice If you have free time to change your daily life you should exploit this opportunity , I would like go to Africa , There everything is different , I Have some friends they are gone there , they told me about their  Experience .

Have a nice time to All world .

05:22 AM Oct 04 2012 |

1 person likes this

Mr. Learner


Absolutely I’d like to go on a Safari,, I think it’ll be very exciting.
I’d like to see some standoffs and predations.. I really like to be in nature.
I like foxes, lions, falcons etc …
I wish I can go with you guys so we have an interesting time ^^

12:37 AM Oct 04 2012 |


Dominican Republic

I would like to go on a safari someday, when ? I dont know  but I hope to be faster

10:49 PM Oct 03 2012 |




sure, julito, I am on the same page with you. Every species has a right to inhabit in its own natural setting. We can not force them to lead a life in a cage merely for the sake of our own pleasure. it is not just for fun to keep a pet, right?


10:06 PM Oct 03 2012 |




Dilek, yes, i  must probably  had seen it in a zoo,then i thought,gosh!!, this is awesome ,I would like to have one at home ,but i prefer that  they  live in their natural enviroment. Innocent

09:50 PM Oct 03 2012 |

1 person likes this




yeah, I am fascinated by its photos on internet, Julito. have you ever had a chance to see one in real world, dear?

07:05 PM Oct 03 2012 |

Lolo :)

Lolo :)


No, i have never gone on a safari, but maybe if I have the chance to visit Africa and if I have the opportunity to have one, I would do it, I think.
It’s great to see animlas in their natural habitat.

Animals are so special and wonderful, I think we have to protect them, because they are really in danger!

06:56 PM Oct 03 2012 |

1 person likes this




Dylek, hiya,  the  spanish name of the hyacinth macaw is Guacamayo, wonderful parrot,  isnt’it.

06:19 PM Oct 03 2012 |

1 person likes this




I have never gone on a safari and there is little chances that i would ever  visit a natural reserve in Africa,  zoos  are ok with me and cheaper,i have visited the San Diego zoo  and  could marveled  watching  the pandas frolicking in their habitat. How wonderful  the animal kingdom is, elephants,lions and what not,one of my favourites is the bengal tiger, Arfff!!!

05:37 PM Oct 03 2012 |

1 person likes this



I’ve never gone on a safari, but I would really like to go on one. The only problem is that Africa is very far from Germany. Anyway, I can understand that Marni says it’s very different to see animals in their natural habitat than to see them in zoos. In my opinion zoos or also okay, I don’t think that they should be forbidden as some people do, I just think the animals should have enough space there and they should be treated good. I think it is best when they can live nearly as they can do in their natural habitat. So far I’ve been to zoos quite often, but only to two different ones: The one in Nürmberg and the one in Berlin. I’ve been more often in Nürnberg than in Berlin, but I think the zoo in Berlin is also really special. There I’ve seen the first panda in my life. And this is a reason why ,in my opinion, zoos are important. You can get to know different types of animals there, and maybe you will protect them better then and not buy fur (anymore) or things like that.

05:08 PM Oct 03 2012 |

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