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How to Form Questions in the Simple Past Tense

Date: Oct 03 2012

Themes: Travel

Grammar: Simple Past Tense


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Strange, beautiful and fascinating animals roam our planet. But we rarely get to see many of them, except occasionally at the zoo. Still, seeing a lion behind bars or an elephant in a concrete cage is nothing like seeing these wild beasts in their natural habitat.

Safaris allow us to view exotic animals, like lions, elephants, zebras and hippos, in their own environment. Safaris used to be taken by hunters, but these days it is typically tourists interested in photographing and getting close to the animals. Hear Marni tell Amy about her experiences viewing exotic animals in their natural habitat.




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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Marni:  I’ve always envisioned zoos as, like, OK, this place that you go and you see animals, and it’s kind of exciting to see these animals. But I had the good fortune to go on safari a few years ago in Tanzania.

Amy:  Oh, cool.

Marni:  And I, I’ll be honest, prior to that I’d never really wanted to go, because I was like, “Animals? I’ve seen some of these animals in zoos.” And I was so naive, because there’s nothing like seeing these animals in their natural habitat.

Amy:  Wow. I can believe it.

Marni:  I mean it was just amazing to see herds of zebra and gazelles and giraffes, and I learned so much about these animals and have such an appreciation for them now.

Amy:  What was your favorite animal you saw on your safari?

Marni:  I have to say that I was pretty fascinated by elephants and lions, you know, just their…the way that they interact with one another, and how, you know, male lions are kinda lazy. They really seem like they ask the female lions to do the lion’s share of the work. Pardon the pun there. And just seeing them at different times of day and seeing some sort of prey/predator interaction.

Amy:  Oh wow, did you see anything get hunted?

Marni:  I didn’t see anything that dramatic, or an animal that took down another animal. But I definitely saw some tension and some standoffs. It’s just fascinating to see how these animals all interact in certain areas. Yeah, it was pretty amazing.


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Marni used to think that seeing animals on a safari would not be that different from seeing animals in a zoo. Although she likes seeing animals at the zoo, she found it only somewhat exciting. To her surprise, it was completely different to see exotic animals in their natural habitat on a safari.

Amy asks Marni which animal she was most fascinated by on her safari. Marni loved seeing elephants and lions. She loved seeing them interact with each other, and she was amused by how the male lions seemed lazy and let the female lions do all the work for them. She also was fascinated by the tension and standoffs she saw between predators and their prey.

Have you ever gone on a safari? Would you like to go on a safari one day? What is your favorite exotic animal?



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rabindra shrestha


i have just some good exprience about safari and i like to go on safari for the few days in safari place in my country….and i like to different kinds of animals like an elephant,tiger,lion,beer..and what ever….and my favorite exotic animal is and elephant but you know why, why i like to elephant animal because elephant is an most biggest animal in the world…that’s why…

and one thing anybody like to go on safari than you can come here i mean in my country in nepal here is also lot of safari place and wild animal national park area and you can see here different kinds of wild animals like an elephant,tiger,lion..what ever and if you want to come here for the safari than we heartly welcome for you…...........Smile

05:04 PM Oct 03 2012 |

1 person likes this




I have never ever been on a safari so far; however, it would be fantastic for me to go on a safari one day. Umm, as for my favorite exotic animal, it is called hyacinth macaw. 

04:52 PM Oct 03 2012 |

Ngubo Sixtus

South Africa

i didn’t go on safari but i would like to visit it. lions, tigers and elephants are animals that i would like to see.

04:17 PM Oct 03 2012 |



i like it

03:52 PM Oct 03 2012 |



i have visited a safari park and its a great experience indeed. i had watched some herds of liones with there cubs playing and enjoying togather, i had seen some beautiful tigers too. i always like zebras and tall girrafs with beautiful thin neck and innocent faces. there exotic skin prints with bright hues always inspire me. i cannot evaluate which one is more exotic then other because i like each and every thing about all. its a fun to roam in safari with animals and there natural habitat.

02:25 PM Oct 03 2012 |

1 person likes this


Russian Federation

I have never been on safary. I think it is interesting experiens. I dont love animals muth so I wouldt go on safary spesial but if I would have a chance I will go ofcourse

12:48 PM Oct 03 2012 |




Unfortunately i have never gone on safari but of course i’d like to do it one day, i can imagine how much fun and joy i would have seeing actually these incredible animals and being close to them is really a unique experience but one thing i’m not curious at all to see on safari is the predators prey on the other animals, even on the TV i can’t see these scenes and i feel sorry for these poor animals and the animals that i’d like to see specifically on the safari are tigers incredible animals have an amazing colors and giraffes and in general  all the young animals they’re so adorable Cool



Russian Federation

I won’t go to safari because I love animals.I think Nobody was born to kill animals!We need to stop hunting around the world.

09:25 AM Oct 03 2012 |



SAFARI is a place most excitement and longing to visit, I wish that i can visit it one day .

 I want to see giraffes,tigers ,elephants ,lions,mountain gorilla,cheetah,rhino.

08:10 AM Oct 03 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

if one day i intent to trip ;safary is one place that i see thereSmile

04:39 AM Oct 03 2012 |

Ngubo Sixtus

South Africa

i  would like to go on safari because i didn’t go there.

02:54 AM Oct 03 2012 |

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