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Using Infinitives and Gerunds

Date: Oct 05 2012

Themes: Work

Grammar: Gerunds vs. Infinitives


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We’ve all seen it: the soccer match where one player hogs the ball for the whole game, or the group of people at the office who constantly argue with each other. Probably, that soccer player, and that group of office-workers, are not going to be very successful in the long run. Why? Because they are not demonstrating good teamwork.

Teamwork is about putting your own ego aside, in order to do what’s best for the group as a whole. Teamwork is about listening to and cooperating with the people you are working with. When a sports team, or a group at the office, or even a group of friends really practice good teamwork, they get stuff done with a higher level of quality, efficiency, and, best of all, happiness, than if it were every man for himself. Find out how well Marni and Amy work together, as they talk about teamwork.




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Amy:  Man, I have this group project at work that I’m just dreading. I’m pretty terrible at teamwork, to be honest.

Marni:  Really? You prefer to take on the entire workload yourself?

Amy:  I just think sometimes teamwork doesn’t work that well if people don’t know what their roles are. Sometimes you need a strong leader, and if that’s missing or if you have a weak link in the group, it can just all fall apart.

Marni:  OK, I think that’s very true. I think everyone, though, if they know how to contribute, if they know their role, then it can be very successful.

Amy:  That’s true.

Marni:  Yeah. I personally really enjoy teamwork, and I feel like I work better with people, you know, ‘cause I like brainstorming with people and getting ideas from people.

Amy:  Right, Right. You don’t feel like you need to have control over everything, every part of the project?

Marni:  I don’t, no. I do understand certain aspects of that, but I just think there’s nothing like collaboration.

Amy:  You can get a lot of creative inspiration from working with other people. But when it comes right down to it, I just feel like I can’t rely on anyone as much as I can rely on myself.


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Amy is worried, because she has a project coming up at work that’s going to involve a lot of teamwork. She thinks that working as a team can be disorganized, particularly if there’s not a strong leader, or if all the members of the team aren’t working equally hard.

Marni, on the other hand, likes working as part of a team. She thinks that hearing what other people have to say can be inspiring, and that collaboration can lead to great results. In the end, though, Amy is not convinced. She still prefers to be the one in control.

What do you think are the positive and negative aspects of teamwork? Do you prefer working alone, or as part of a team?



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it’s good have the teamwork…

you can improve and share about knowledge that you discuss with..

01:11 PM Oct 06 2012 |



Syrian Arab Republic

it s better to work with other people cuz u can get new ideas from others

11:42 AM Oct 06 2012 |

nezar bnj

nezar bnj


to work with a teamwork is good in order to share every idea and in order to refine your idea accourding to this sharing..

11:05 AM Oct 06 2012 |

1 person likes this



Thank you ..

09:38 AM Oct 06 2012 |



i like it

11:15 PM Oct 05 2012 |




IN China,relatively ! i prefer working alone ,cus ,lots of person do not to be as part of a team.

10:20 PM Oct 05 2012 |




yeah, julito, some students are far shier than the other; therefore, they need more interests, care, or whatever. That’s why it works when they are involved in a group activity, which provides them with making friendship, expressing their thoughts and feelings, and what not. Working alone makes them alienated from the rest of the classmates whereas working as part of a team is just like a character building for them. 

08:55 PM Oct 05 2012 |




I agree with Dilek ,social interaction is esencial  in the process of learning ,obviously some people are more gifted than others and they can easily shed light  in any given subject ,and  much better  if they  put through  theirs thoughts in such a manner that  others classmates or colleagues felt that they are not imposed upon them  . 

08:52 PM Oct 05 2012 |




I would rather work on my own just as I am investigating something significant for my study, for instance. However, I would rather my pupils worked in pairs or groups mostly since it helps them to interact with one another. As a teacher of English, I believe that social interaction plays a monumental role in picking up a new language. A good number of linguists also agree with what I suggest. Better still, students tend to be in a good rapport with their classmates to my observation in classroom activities that I applied beforehand.

07:58 PM Oct 05 2012 |



Russian Federation

I think team work is one of best tools Toyota production system.I suppose team work helps people to collaborate around one goal.In the long run All companies try developing team works.Weak links improve they work if they work in team so that team would rely on their.

04:50 PM Oct 05 2012 |

1 person likes this

BBoy Roty

BBoy Roty


I prefer working as part of a team,’cause is important get new ideas from other people. (y)

04:35 PM Oct 05 2012 |




I believe in team spirit,maybe you are a working actor,but nat a hero.

03:38 PM Oct 05 2012 |


Saudi Arabia

the work with a teamwork is so good because it gives each one of the teamwork idea about every thing at the work so sometimes must be with a teamwork when the work needs alot of  people or needs a hard work and sometimes be alone when thw work is not hard ..

01:57 PM Oct 05 2012 |



I prefer  teamwork  because it has a several positives :

-Open communication between individuals.

-A high degree of interaction and participation among member.

-Help in gaining new experiences and skills.

01:52 PM Oct 05 2012 |

Mr. Learner


It depends on the project itself.
Sometimes it’s better to work with a teamwork, and sometimes it’s better to work alone.

01:23 PM Oct 05 2012 |



all of my friends have mentioned the positive and negative aspects of team work very well. so i agree with them all and i think wethere we work alone or in group of people we should concentrate on the task with probity of mind and heart and have to work hard for it to avoid FIASCO type of things. good result is our onus so have to try hard for peerless work. thing is to understand our own duty, every thing gonna be alright i am sure.

01:06 PM Oct 05 2012 |




I think there is nothing like teamwork if we want to realise products of a high quality especially if we have to develop complicated products such as electrical and mechanical systems like automoblie, television receiver and airplane. In this cases it’s even necessary and we have no choice because through team working we would be able to find mistakes faster and at the same time we can learn from each other, which has a positive impact in the long run. In addition we would have different solutions and ideas, which allows us to choose the best of those. Other products such as movies or televion shows also involve a lot of teamwork and without it there will be no shows and movies with a minimum of quality. However I partially agree with amy as she said the teamwork involves a good and strong leader since as far as I see he is responsible for a good management, a good atmosphere within th team and reinforcing the team spirit among the members as well, consequently the members get motivated to do good jobs.

01:01 PM Oct 05 2012 |




The advantage of teamwork is that you can hear a lot of different thoughts,ideas,propositions,and if to unit them together it might lead

to great results.But,definitly,it depends on the members of the team.

On the other hand,it is good,sometimes,to work alone-you can show your

abilities and express yourself.

09:55 AM Oct 05 2012 |

i love life

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

Actually this topic is very Interesting Not only for me Now for everyone over the world who is suffering from the workload , I’m working at the Ministry of Health , my work is very hard and sensitive , I need a big focus because my working with the money , I should be  because If I forget anything I will pay from my pocket .

We are suffering from disorganized in our works , We aren’t working like a teamwork , some stuff are greedy , they are looking for find their comfortable , For me I’m working over load and I didn’t take my good assessment , If you want to complain  against  some the negative aspects our boss will understand me mistake .

In my opinion the poor countries are suffering more than the modern countries , they respect the law and they have a good mind In order to understand what is the teamwork does means , I think we should try to find a new ways In order to resolve our problems If we are working with each others.

For me I prefer work alone because I understand what should I do , I’m seriously  at the work , I take everything seriously , I know this words are frustrated but this is the truth when you work with someone He will depend on yourself

05:51 AM Oct 05 2012 |




if i have to choose between the 2, i’d choose to be working alone. if u r part of a team , even if u put as much effort as u can, u can’t make sure it’s gonna work , u can only control your part , but not others. every1 is depend on the other person , because ppl always think even if they don’t do the job , someone is gonna get it done ,while u work on your own, all that is gonna happening are your own responsibility , u made it , u get all the credit , u fail ,u take the blame , thats more a fair play .

05:49 AM Oct 05 2012 |

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