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School Clubs
School Clubs

Your vs. You're

Date: Oct 12 2012

Themes: School

Grammar: You're vs. Your


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School isn’t just about learning. It also teaches us how to socialize with other people. For some, school is where lifelong passions and interests begin.

In the US, most schools offer many different clubs that students can participate in outside of the classroom. For instance, drama club is where students with an interest in acting can practice their acting skills. A ski club might might raise money so its members can take a trip to the slopes. Hear Jason and Amy talk about what clubs they belonged to in high school.




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Jason:  I was going through my yearbook recently, and I forgot how many clubs I was in.

Amy:  Really?

Jason:  Yeah!

Amy:  Let me guess, Drama Club?

Jason:  Yup, Drama Club, couple sports teams. I was in some really off-the-wall clubs like Irish Society, a couple music groups, you know.

Amy:  My school had so many clubs, and I wasn’t in a single one of them.

Jason:  Really? There wasn’t one thing that interested you that you wanted to do?

Amy:  I guess I just felt like I would do it on my own. Like, why did I have to join a club to be proud of my Swedish heritage, or whatever?

Jason:  Sure. I went skiing, you know, but I also went with the Ski Club. It’s just kind of a good way to socialize.

Amy:  That’s true. You get to maybe meet some of your peers who you wouldn’t otherwise hang out with. But I feel like in high school, most people’s friend groups are pretty narrow. So do you actually expand your group of friends by joining clubs, or do you just join clubs with all your friends?

Jason:  I think you just expand your realm of experience with your friends. Like maybe all 10 of you wouldn’t be able to get it together to go skiing on your own, but when you have a faculty member helping this extracurricular activity along, then things get done that wouldn’t otherwise happen.

Amy:  That’s true. I never went skiing in high school, so maybe I should have joined some clubs.


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Jason was recently reflecting on how many clubs he was in in high school. From Drama Club to the Irish Society, he really participated in many extracurricular activities.

Amy, on the other hand, did not join any clubs in high school, even though many were available. She preferred to pursue activities on her own. And she wonders whether clubs really allow participants to meet new people, or whether they just reinforce groups of friends that already exist.

Jason thinks that he mostly hung out with friends he already knew in his clubs, but it was still worth it, because he got to participate in cool activities, like skiing.

Do you like to join clubs? If so, which ones? If not, why not?



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Saudi Arabia

for me i dont like join with a group especially at the school because when u have a work sometimes they  dont help u and dont care about the work and dont be seriously i prefer work alone because small thing so u can do it by ur self if its big thing that so tired for me _

09:02 AM Oct 13 2012 |



i remember things that helps me to keep positive i can’t forget my classmates who used to be with me in making noise sometime and studying together

07:23 AM Oct 13 2012 |



If I were in high school, I would join those clubs that I’m interested in.

03:30 AM Oct 13 2012 |

1 person likes this




not, it is not simple group to take part in.

10:11 PM Oct 12 2012 |




not, it is not simple group to take part in.

10:09 PM Oct 12 2012 |





i do not like clubs in school


08:10 PM Oct 12 2012 |




High school look like always the same and do not matter the generation.. sometimes it’s so wonderfull but so mean at the same time. 

07:30 PM Oct 12 2012 |



At school, we were like forced to join clubs and they were extremely limited, that I’ve never joined one that I actually liked, none of them interested me. However, if I had the chance to choose a club it’d be either the drama club or the music club.

06:32 PM Oct 12 2012 |



Russian Federation

I have been spending much time in many extracurricular activities during my life.I like going to the gym club or playing football with my friends and colleagues.My extracurricular activities are helped me to socialize with people.I suppose everyone must go to sports section.


06:18 PM Oct 12 2012 |

i love life

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

Actually this topic very Interesting , For Me I was a member in many clubs here In my country , I was leader on lots of members , My positions was wonderful, I like to join in many clubs doesn’t matter what is the kind of sport you are looking to practice in the club .

The basic thing to everyone you should try to making friendship with others , meet a new people , discover yourself by your own , There are many activities in the club you can do what do you want
Really School clubs are excited from anything  else Enough you can enjoy with your closer friends , you can spend a nice time with them .

02:52 PM Oct 12 2012 |




I am really crazy about joining clubs. Let me say, I took place in a drama club when I was majoring at university. As a fact of matter, my major called English Language and Literature encouraged me to participate in such dramas. Clubs set good examples of establishing good rapport with people around. More to the point, these places are definitely where you can have a chance to build up new friendships.

Well, as a teacher, I always recommend my students to become members of various clubs so that they could socialize.

kawa mhamad



12:43 PM Oct 12 2012 |




I like joining clubs, because as jason just sayed you can expand your experiance in many fields such as music, sports and particularly social skills. Social skills can hlep you in the future when you get a job. Furthermore through clubs the plans get better organised and adhered so that things problemless get done. At the time of High school I was a member of football and swimming club. With the football club members we had from time to time to move across the country in order to play against other university clubs. That were the good old days!;)

11:00 AM Oct 12 2012 |



I want to improve my oral English by making some frirends in the club.I am a  student at shandong university ,a little shy girl.my QQ dress  is 848712824,my email is .I am looking  forward to hearing from you .

09:40 AM Oct 12 2012 |




yep, i like join clubs, like atm , i’d like to join english study club, i need to be around by ppl who have the same interest with my to feel i am not alone and learn with each other. we don’t get to know good friends a lot in real, sometimes clubs just offers to natural and good way to meet ppl…

09:30 AM Oct 12 2012 |




I like to join clubs. When I  was younger I participated in a dance club.

07:34 AM Oct 12 2012 |



I like to jion Foreign Language Club, really it’s great Smile

07:33 AM Oct 12 2012 |




Joy900  &The Last Joke  your opinion about eBaby as a school club is remarkable. It’s true, indeed.

Apart of school of life :D  Internet is an endless school and  the websites are the clubs for our personal interests (hobbies). Smile

Ngubo Sixtus

South Africa

to have a club is the right thing because you could be able to share ideas with your team mates.

07:00 AM Oct 12 2012 |

1 person likes this




I,m agree with Joy,that Ebaby is like a school club.It joins so many people

from around the world,and they all are so interesting,so intelligent,so talanted,so helpful,so friendly.Reading your comments here,it makes me feel better and think that life is wonderful when such people live in the world.

06:36 AM Oct 12 2012 |

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