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Worst Job
Worst Job

Learn English with this work English lesson

Date: Oct 29 2012

Themes: Work

Grammar: Modal Verbs


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What’s the worst job you’ve ever had? Did you have a terrible boss, who made your life miserable? Or were your co-workers just awful? Was the work too hard, or too easy, or the commute too long?

We’ve all suffered through bad jobs. Sometimes we stay longer than we should because the salary is good, or because we think the jobs will help our careers, or because we just feel stuck. Hear Sara and Dale discuss what makes a job go from bad to worst.




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Dale:  So what was your worst job?

Sara:  I think my worst job, the place where I worked wasn’t that bad, but my boss was terrible.

Dale:  So that would be the reasoning for a worst job, is when your boss is terrible to you?

Sara:  I think so. He just would stand over us all the time and watch everything that we did, waiting for us to make a mistake. It was pretty bad.

Dale:  So what if the salary was higher? Would you have lasted longer there?

Sara:  I think sometimes you can decide to focus your attention on something like, “At least I’m making a really good salary,” or, “At least this will be really good for my career,” but sometimes if there’s someone that just makes your life miserable, I think you can’t stay around for that long. For me, at least.

Dale:  No, and I think the co-workers are the same way. If you don’t like your co-workers, it can make your job really difficult. And I think that that will ultimately make you feel like you don’t like the job, which makes it into a worse job.

Sara:  And you’re not going to perform well at your job if you are having a bad time.

Dale:  Yeah. I agree with that.

Sara:  What about you, Dale? What was your worst job?

Dale:  I’m trying to think. Ummm…. I don’t think I’ve had a bad boss. I’ve never had a bad client. I think that the worst is to really be painfully being at somewhere you don’t want to be but you have to, to pay the bills. I’ve just never been in that situation.

Sara:  Well, congratulations!


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Dale asks Sara what the worst job she ever had was. She says that she had one job where the boss was terrible, and was always hovering over the employees.

Dale wonders whether some things can make someone want to stay in a bad job like that, like, for example, if the salary was great. Sara thinks it’s possible, but sometimes even a great salary can’t do the trick.

Dale agrees, and thinks that bad co-workers can make a job pretty bad, too. The worst, though, he thinks, is having to go to a job that you really don’t like, just because it pays the bills. Luckily, though, he’s never had a job like that!

What is the worst job you’ve ever had? What made it so bad? Do you think there’s ever a reason to stay in a bad job?



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i think now i’ve been in this situation . yeah a bad co-worker really makes this job pretty bad . honestly i’ve never met a co-worker like that . now i’m seting out to look for a new job . once find one , i’ll quit .

06:52 AM Jan 14 2014 |




My worst job was actually the first job I had. I´d do errands for an accounting firm. I´d go to the banks to pay their bills, I´d do filing, etc. I´d do everything on foot because the office was downtown. At the end of the day I was physically wrecked. I had to endevour rain, hot summers. There are many factors that come into play when you feel you don´t like a job and you want to leave. If you´ve got a family that depends on you it´s way harder to quit. A lot of people just settle for a bad boss than quiting and having a really tough time jobless or finding somewhere else.

03:42 PM May 28 2013 |

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La Princesse de la vie


I don’t think that there’s something on earth can be worthy me sacrificing my comfort and happiness,even money.. In the future, as I believe that we must love what we do, if I find what disturbs my mood, I won’t continue..

10:25 PM Nov 01 2012 |


MasbararSuper Member!


The worst job is working under pression of a person or the persons.So for me working in a service military was the worst job.I was always having a stress,have never been quiet and I was not free.I couldn’t move from the military zone whenever I want.I like to be free.I don’t want to have stress if I had a mistake.

The worst job is where you can not be free,can not feel free.

10:21 PM Nov 01 2012 |




The worst job that you do it forcefuly without feeling any pleasure.if you doing so pleas stop it .you are just waseting time
Also.when you have a close minded boss .you will get tired and you may go out of your mind

09:18 PM Nov 01 2012 |



sometimes true coworkers. make your your desktop environment is not pleasant.

I had a job if a few years ago.

the pay was good.

but I decided to leave. because I did not feel good at that job.

Now I have a job I like. and in which I have no problems with my coworkers.

09:07 PM Nov 01 2012 |



good lesson

09:20 AM Nov 01 2012 |

Irene Forever


kowatch, I am sorry to hear that you are the victim of poor teachers. When I read such kind of comments, I always feel pity to the students who wanted to be ignoramuses, but teachers bothered them at the lessons in order them to have an opportunity to continue their “studying” at  Universities.

10:11 PM Oct 29 2012 |

Irene Forever


The worst job is that one which are paid disproportionately to efforts.

If it’s not the best job you have ever wanted to fulfill, but it’s payed adequately, it’s not the worst one. We mostly work to earn  for our life. If we have a job we love to do, more over we get enough money for it, just thank God for the bliss you got.

I just adore my work. All is suitable for me: working schedule, salary, place of work,  and , of course, children whom I teach.

I think, there’s always a reason for everything.  Staying in a bad job is not an exception. If a person can’t find a good job, he or she has to work wherever  it’s possible in order  to live on it afterwards.

In my opinion, there is no bad jobs. People work in different fields. All professions  are in need. There is anything unnecessary. If people work in some field, it means it’s sutable for them for the very moment.

There will be best time for best work if there is a desire to live better. If no, live like it goes. Your choice!




I am a student and I haven’t had job yet. 

I think teachers’ have the “worst” job. Okey, not always but my classmates drove most of teachers to madness in my school years :) 

About bad boss and salary. In my opinion you have to suffer and work if it’s your first job. You need work-experience. After a time you can change easily.

09:13 PM Oct 29 2012 |




I have never had a bad job.

06:44 PM Oct 29 2012 |




So what about when the job is good and the salary is not??? It’s me!Undecided

06:40 PM Oct 29 2012 |



All the times there’s a reason for not quitting a job for example: Only source of takings, closeness to your home, having your loved ones together and the like.

05:15 PM Oct 29 2012 |

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Mr. Learner


Although I like designing, the worst job for me was being a designer. It’s the worst job because nobody appreciate your work, also the clients (a lot of them not all of them) will make you crazy by playing the role of the smart guy!

04:32 PM Oct 29 2012 |




I used to work in an American agency called ADRA “Adventist Development Relief Agency” in a refugee camp. as I was hold the position of social worker,
According my co-workers  they were all friendly and was very happy  to work with them, but  I left that job because of the refugee society. they were so terrible on the other hand the salary was very low and hours of the job was too long,  that is why I left my job, the main important is that I earned experience one of the most famous NGO’s.

Please Friends if there are some mistakes correct me, because I am not good enough this language

03:36 PM Oct 29 2012 |

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Sometimes compassion is better than compensation ;)

I don’t think I’ve had a job that was bad to the point of calling it worst job  I have ever had. But there are jobs I have had that I wouldn’t want to go back doing.

For example, I would never want to go back to working that graveyard shift in a warehouse,. The only reason why I would not call it my worst job experience is because I was cautiously informed about the unappealing and physically demanding working environment I was going to be exposed in. I was young, didn’t know any better, felt invincible and I was in desperate need for money so I could leave my mother’s house and save up for school as well. I recall that awkward moment  during my interview when one of the hiring managers tossed me a bag of full of shirts without asking which size I wore; looked down at my canvas sneakers, chuckled and told me “get yourself some steel-toe shoes and wash those shirts, see you tomorrow night!, get some rest, you’re hired”.

The first day at the job I hit the ground screaming ;). Instead of being introduced to my co-workers, or given some hands-on training for the job or even a tour of the site I was greeted by a disgruntled sounding old man and two oversized gloves that he threw at me “you must be the new guy, follow me, we have 3 trucks coming in tonight, it’s a light night so we’ll small talk later”. I was stunned by the cold introduction and how quickly he assigned me to unload a freight truck by myself, I wasn’t told anything about my rights and benefits as an employee all I was told was the truck isn’t going to unload itself- that was the first of so many backbreaking nights. The faster you finished one task the more stuff they threw at you. It was non-stop mayhem. My work was timed and I was being inspected by cameras in every corner- “Snoopy, you’re killing us, you have to keep up the pace man!” (That’s what I’d hear our foreman squeal whenever I show sign of fatigue). The conditions were brutal and my work was never rewarded no matter how hard I tried to earn my boss’s recognition at how quickly I accomplished them.

My boss’s callous ways and the harsh labor were undermined by the physiological tolls I was suffering. The year and a half I spent in this job saw my health deteriorate at big strides and the generous paychecks I was amassing weren’t enough to make me happy at this job. As soon as I was able to save enough for an apartment and tuition for a term, I offered my resignation and for the first time, I realized that my boss was a human being not a humanoid slave-driver. He felt that a hardworking employee was slipping away from him; he looked dismayed by my request and told me he admired my courage and commitment to my job. Too little, too late.

Had he encouraged me, the job wouldn’t have seemed so hard, who knows, maybe I would still be one of his employees. Sometimes it’s not the tasks that make a job difficult; it’s the absence of humanitarian support that   makes a workplace so dire. But unfortunately, many people due to financial obligations that must be met have no choice but to work at certain places to go home to their families and recount how terrible their days have been at work ( I never once did that)

I’m always extrinsically motivated at whatever I do, and on the long run I got what I wanted from this job- I was able to enroll in school – that was rewarding enough for me, instead of calling it the worst job I’ve had I’ll look at it as a big sacrifice I had to make. I’ll do it again if I have to, but I must admit that these types of jobs aren’t my prime targets in the classified ads in the newspaper anymore ;)




Prior to my current job, I used to work as a teacher again, but I was at a different school, and it was by far the worst experience that I had gone through. The reasons why it could be regarded as the worst one were countless. To begin with, I I would rather have had a job with good salary, friendly collegues, long holidays, a good boss, job security, felixible working hours, opportunities for travel, opportunities for promotion, holiday pay, on-the-job-training, sick pay, and what not….The list goes on and on… However, I had nothing to say, but I wish…I wish…I wish… I had to stay there despite all those adversities since I was madly in love with my job, and I am still crazy about my teaching job. Oh THANKS TO MY ALMIGHTY GOD, I have a great job now! 

02:22 PM Oct 29 2012 |




I am working as an English teacher currently but this is not my dream job and where I would like to be. I like my co-workers, the principal of the school and my students, but every time I lecture, I feel like, “Oh, this is not the place where I am supposed to be. This is not what I dreamt.” Teaching is a great feeling. Seeing students watch you attentively, scrutinize you, your clothes, mimics, gestures and everything with complete attention inspires me a lot. However, I received a good education in English, English Literature and Translation. In addition to that, all those years I tried so hard to be very good in my field, so just teaching grammar to high school students is beyond my expectations and dreams. I can’t say I am unhappy there, but I am not happy, either, because I always seek for higher. I want to be a simultaneous interpreter, but before that, I have got to get some experiences and more importantly, pass some crazy exams. Unless I attain my goals, or at least, try my best to attain them, I don’t feel happy, so I have to go for it.

Oh, God, I guess I have to confess that I don’t like my job, not much. Undecided




Seiyf, I used to work with people getting a whopping salary and not smiling at all. I don’t know they were always serious :) And I know some who does a very hard floor job and has some energy left to crack jokes. It depends on a person. I like to hear a good joke. It quite brightens your day :)

12:30 PM Oct 29 2012 |




Everything has been changing. All the high sarary jobs are gone because of many businesses are moving to the countries where the labour cost is much cheaper. Some colleges give more graduates than real jobs are available on the market. The smart economists suggests to shut the enrollment for a year or two. And, case in point, as the other day i heard a young promissing candidate who has just graduated from the University and has been having quite a hard time to find a job. And that job is with a good pay, but will a person get the number of hours, full time job? Will a candiadate find a job at all – that’s the question.

As Julito said “to put up with the job” – that’s how it must be. Even if it’s not your field, make it interesting, be a professional in it, discover new options. The most important thing at the job is to be happy what you’re doing, to have a good co-workers relationship.

About low salary. Well, that’s how it is right now. Service jobs are gaining its strength and popularity and that’s the new field of making money, not that big, but more stable and less stressful.

12:20 PM Oct 29 2012 |

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