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Go Overboard
Go Overboard English, baby! Video Lesson

English Lesson about Go Overboard meaning

Date: Oct 23 2012

Themes: Soap Opera

Grammar: Contractions and Abbreviations


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Ships might seem big, but they can only hold so much. If you keep filling a ship with stuff, something will eventually go overboard and fall into the water. To go overboard means to do too much. Going overboard, even with a good thing, can make other people upset.

Amanda recently learned she has a lot of work to do before Mason will take her back. She has a plan to get back into his good graces with favors and gifts. Will the plan win him back, or is she going overboard?



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Mason:  What the….There is no dirt on this mop. What gives?

Devan:  Don’t look at me. It was Amanda. She took out the trash, too.

Mason:  What?

Devan:  And dusted.

Mason:  What? Lemon. She remembered.

Devan:  She sure is going overboard to show you how much she cares.

Mason:  I do not clean back here often enough.

Amanda:  Hi, Mason.

Mason:  Hey.

Amanda:  Um, so I know you’ve told me that you’re not ready for a relationship, and I completely respect that, but I still really want to give you this.

Mason:  Wow.

Amanda:  So, here.

Mason:  It’s not even my birthday. You shouldn’t have. Here, hold this.

Amanda:  OK.

Mason:  Oh wow, a watch! And it’s real? Amanda, this is awesome, but I mean, why?

Amanda:  Well, you’re always telling me how you need more time before you can let someone back in there. So that’s what I’m giving you.

Mason:  Time, watch, I get it. I get it. That must have cost you a fortune though. I kind of feel like you’re going overboard with a gift like this.

Amanda:  No. Shh. Mason, no, no, no. Just stop talking and take it.

Amanda:  Mason, wait. Hey!

Mason:  Hey, Amanda.

Amanda:  I just wanted to tell you that I have a car waiting for you around the corner. Maybe not so much a car as it is a limo. Just in case the chauffeur doesn’t recognize you from the picture that I emailed him earlier, you should let him know that…

Mason:  Amanda, stop. Seriously you do not have to be doing all of this. You’re really going overboard.

Amanda:  I would go overboard for you, Mason. I would literally jump off a ship, dive into the ocean and do whatever it takes to tell you and prove to you that I love you.

Mason:  Amanda you’re…you’re not understanding me. You don’t have to do anything. You just have to be you.

Amanda:  What do you mean?

Mason:  I mean I’m crazy about you, Amanda.

Amanda:  I’m crazy about you too, Mason.

Mason:  Then you better come here.

Amanda:  OK.

Amanda:  Wow. You sure you don’t want to catch that limo ride?

Mason:  Only if you’ll come with me.

Amanda:  OK.


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Mason comes to the office and finds all his work has already been done. Devan tells him that Amanda has cleaned everything. She says Amanda seems to be going overboard to show Mason that she cares.

Later, Amanda presents Mason with a gift. It’s an expensive watch! She explains that since Mason said he needed more time before he trusted her, time is literally what she is giving him. Mason understands the joke, but worries that she spent too much money and tells her not to go overboard.

As Mason is leaving work, Amanda runs after him and tells him she has a limo waiting to drive him home. Mason tells her to stop going overboard, because he is already crazy about her. Amanda happily says she feels the same way, and they go take a limo ride together.

It looks like Amanda’s plan worked! Do you think she was going overboard? Have you ever gone overboard to express how you feel or get what you want?



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Amenda surely was going overboard to be again together with Mason. But in this context it is a normal act from Amenda since she once cheated on him and she constantly want to do anything to show him her regret and that she still loves him.

10:34 AM Oct 23 2012 |




Today’s lesson of soap opera has brought many useful  idioms to my vocabulary. :)

Mason is an awesome guy and a good actor ;) He plays naturally. Seems to be he is a kind-hearted guy. He deserves “the obverboarded”( sorry for the pseudoword) attention from girls.

Amanda does everything right except a limo. The limo around the corner is over the top I think.

They are a lovely couple. There feelings are genuine as I can see. Smile

05:35 AM Oct 23 2012 |

Ngubo Sixtus

South Africa

amanda was right to show that how much she loves manson

02:43 AM Oct 23 2012 |



I surely want to go overboard to be affluent in English. <3

02:36 AM Oct 23 2012 |

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