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Buying a Car
Buying a Car

Learn English with this Car English Lesson

Date: Nov 12 2012

Themes: How To, Travel

Grammar: Plural vs. Possessive "S"


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Buying a car is stressful. First of all, it’s expensive. Then there are all the technical details about how a car works. Finally, there are many decisions to make: used or new? Four door or two door? The list is endless.

The best thing you can do before buying a car is to talk to your friends who have done it before. That way you can hear about their experiences, and avoid going home with a lemon. Listen to Mason get advice from Jason in this English lesson.




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Mason:  I am super worried that I might have to buy a car sometime soon. Both of my cars, mine and my wife’s, are giving me trouble. It’s no good.

Jason:  It’s kind of a game of chance, buying a car. A used car, especially.

Mason:  Sure.

Jason:  I like to buy cars from their owners, as opposed to from a dealer. I just feel like you get a better price that way.

Mason:  And you can look them in the eye and be like, “Is this car a lemon or not?”

Jason:  Right. But sometimes they just don’t know, you know, what’s about to go wrong with it.

Mason:  Well what are some of the things that you look for? Probably the price range, but what else?

Jason:  You can always look at the tires. That’s always a bonus, if the tires are in good shape, you won’t have to spend a bunch of money on that soon. And another big thing is to look for rust. You definitely don’t want any rust. So far I’ve bought two cars that way, and in one case, it went really well, and I got this amazing car that my mechanic was like, “This is in great shape!” And the other time, it was a complete disaster, and I got this car that was held together with paper clips and stuff, that I somehow just didn’t detect.

Mason:  Missed all that?

Jason:  Yeah. It made me feel real dumb. I might go to a dealer, but I’m a little bit afraid of the salespeople.

Mason:  There’s so much built up around that. They put you in this room, and make you sit there for hours.

Jason:  Yeah. It’s not my style.


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Mason is worried because he probably has to buy a car. Both of his are giving him trouble. Jason knows that buying a car, especially a used car, can be risky.

Jason shares some of his car-buying experience. He likes to buy cars from an owner, rather than a dealer, because you get a better price from an owner. Mason points out that you might be able to find out more information about the car that way, too.

Mason asks Jason for some more advice about what to look for when buying a car. Jason suggests checking the tires, and, especially, making sure that there’s no rust. Jason has had good luck and bad luck buying cars. Once, he got a great car. The other time, the car was in terrible shape, and he ended up feeling stupid.

Jason might be ready to go to a dealer this time, but he’s not sure. He doesn’t feel comfortable with everything you have to go through that way.

Have you ever bought a car? Where did you buy it? What would you do if you bought a car and it turned out to be a lemon?



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American Samoa

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12:32 PM Dec 05 2015 |



There are many resource on the Internet that can help you. A bunch of strangers won’t be able to give you everything you need. Try some of the following: used-car-advisor.com firstcarguide.com kbb.com nadaguides.com I recommend that if you are living in the United States, you buy an American car, such as Chrysler, Dodge, and Ford. Buying American cars can be really beneficial for the US economy. When buying a used car, it’s always good to take someone with you who has experience and can advise you.

03:03 AM Sep 25 2015 |



Thanks for sharing the article. It’s a good try you have added here to learn english in terms of car related terms. Buying a car is not just done but lots of responsibilities needed to be taken care properly. First of all you need to find out a good servicing center for your car and then its insurance and timely maintenance and much more. http://www.europeanmotorcarsalpharetta.com/

Well, thanks for the blog. Keep sharing.

12:15 PM Aug 17 2015 |



Nice article friend! It’s really interesting to learn English from car related aspects. Here you have not only elaborated the English learning tricks but also have added lots of info on car. The points you have mentioned here that need to be considered before buying a car are really valuable. In my concern, you need to consult a care center and inquire there which car’s engine is more efficient; then after you can make a clear decision about buying a good car. http://oriona2.com/

11:48 AM Jun 10 2015 |



Great post and now I know what to do, thank you! Actually this Blog post helped me a lot. I hope you continue writing about this kind of entry.Toyota Hilux Sale

06:55 AM Feb 15 2013 |



Hong Kong


08:53 AM Nov 26 2012 |

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South Korea

if i wanna buy a car maybe i will be die because it’s very hard to me what’s my favorite color and what car do i likeUndecided

02:24 PM Nov 18 2012 |

bryant wongSuper Member!


Before buy a car, it is better ask your friends who familiar with it. They can give you useful and honestly advise.

By the way, is “lemon’ talking about the problem for car only?

08:59 AM Nov 17 2012 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

My univercity is far from my home so I need to buy a car!Of course as nika said the color and price is important to me but another thing that is important is that the car not to be lemon…

I think its more important than its speed, size, etc.

04:50 PM Nov 16 2012 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

the men and women have different ideas about cars,usually when a man want buy a car ask:Is it fast?,is it big?,is it luxurious?

but the women asks:is it a nice color?,is it easy to park?,is it cheap?,is it safe?

understand?they have very big different ideasLaughing

10:58 AM Nov 16 2012 |



From my childhood it was my dream to make a designer like book cover design. Now I know the way how it makes. You can also know the process. To know the process just simply check out . Thanks in advance.

04:55 PM Nov 15 2012 |

faisal abdo


Ihope to buy acar

10:28 AM Nov 13 2012 |

Irene Forever


There have always been cars in my family coz it’s very convenient to go around the big city in your own car than in overcrowded public transpartation, it’s clear. There are four cars in my family including cars of my beloved man. Thus it’s good for me to be driven wherever I wish.:) I’m not into driving. I can’t explain why I don’t like it. Moreover I have never dreamt about having my own car to drive. Many women nowadays are great at doing it and they deserve my respect. Maybe I’m afraid of heavy traffic, or polismen, or pedestrians running here and there. I can’t say it exactly.

So it had beter not to allow me to drive a car coz I’m a good-for-nothing driver.:)




heheh I know you’re right troy17. 

I said that cause i don’t like cars and i’ve never bought it.  i love so muck walk and to cycle. ;)

08:57 PM Nov 12 2012 |




I prefer bicycle: ecological, inexpensive and healthy;)

08:27 PM Nov 12 2012 |




I have bought three cars so far and i’ve bought from the owners.

My recent car is not a new model it has got me trouble sometimes but i like it.

08:15 PM Nov 12 2012 |




My parents had bought used car one time after 2 or 3 years we had many problems with it. Fortunately, it was bought from us and we could buy a new car. It was 8 or 9 years ago and we have had a few problem yet. It doesn’t have rust.

07:28 PM Nov 12 2012 |

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My car is a lemon! lol

06:10 PM Nov 12 2012 |




I  agree with OLA, if you must  buy a car , go  for a Toyota , Honda ,WW , they are very reliable and not as pricy as a BMW ,not to mention a Mercedes, In America most of brands  are from japanese  manufacturers.  Unfortunately, in my city , as in any other  big cities ,driving a car is a nightmare ,the road ways and freeways are so congested that is nerv-racking the daily grind of driving  back and forth  to work.  I have seen pictures  of many    well dressed people in Holland   going to work  on a bicycle , they  don´t polute the enviroment ,do exercise, and save a lot of money on gas. Smile 

04:57 PM Nov 12 2012 |




Julito, you must be having very good friends letting you drive their cars ;) I agree with Moriza, that before buying a car it’s worth of doing a good research of on the Internet. With this, you save thousands of $ buying a used car in a mint conidtion rather than going for a brand new vehicle. The dealership guys will always try to sell you extra stuff and blow the small cadget like Electronic rust protection ( which is good only on ship) out of propotion raising the value of the car a couple of more thousands. Should be always on guard to filter what is worth and what is not. Knowledge here is a power and your money as well.

Driving a car is a necessity, it’s a lifestyle, though I also prefer walking, but I don’t like public transportation :) As for the car brands, I prefer Toyota or Honda manufactures. They make pretty reliable cars, will serve you years and with a pretty big mileage on them as from the mechanical point of view and the metal body parts as well. Well, BMW is the best, but it’s too rich for my blood :)

04:10 PM Nov 12 2012 |

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