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Study Habits
Study Habits

Learn English with this studying English lesson

Date: Nov 30 2012

Themes: School

Grammar: Gerunds vs. Infinitives


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Have you ever been studying for a test in a library and suddenly found yourself asking, “What’s that noise?” It turns out the person at the desk next to you is blasting music through her headphones. It’s driving you crazy. You ask her to turn down the music. She says, “But I can only study with music on!”

People can have very different study habits. Some of us need complete silence, while others need noise. Some of us get distracted if there are other people around, while others can’t focus when they’re alone. Get the room just how you like it to study English and learn about Jason and Vanessa’s study habits in this English lesson.




1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Vanessa:  Hey, what are you doing over there? Are you studying?

Jason:  Uh, yes. Yes!

Vanessa:  Do you mind if I put on some music?

Jason:  I actually would prefer if you didn’t. I find it easier to study in complete silence.

Vanessa:  Really?

Jason:  Yeah.

Vanessa:  Wow. You sound pretty particular about when you study. What else do you need?

Jason:  I try not to be too hungry, or too full. I like to be by myself. I don’t like to study in a library or anything. There’s even too many distractions for me in a library you know, people walking around. What do you do?

Vanessa:  Well, usually I’ll just pull an all-nighter, you know? Just try to cram and get whatever facts I can in before the sun comes up. You know, I’ll make flashcards, but if I’m just studying for one night that doesn’t happen.

Jason:  That sounds kinda crazy! I try to stay ahead of the game, you know, study things…Maybe if I’m studying for a test I’ll start a few days before the test and just brush up at the end.

Vanessa:  Hmm. It sounds like you have more discipline than I do when it comes to studying.

Jason:  Speaking of… I think I’m gonna get back to it.

Vanessa:  Oh. Alright.


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Vanessa asks Jason what he’s up to, and if he’d mind if she turned on some music. Jason does mind, because he’s studying, and he prefers to study in complete silence.

Vanessa is surprised by this, and she wonders what other study habits Jason has. He likes to make sure he’s eaten just the right amount of food, and he doesn’t like to study in a library, or any place where there might be distractions.

These are very different from Vanessa’s study habits. Vanessa usually just studies the night before. Jason can’t imagine studying so last-minute. He’s very disciplined. In fact, he’s so disciplined that he wants to quit talking about studying and get back to work.

What are your study habits? What do you do if someone interrupts you when you’re studying? How would you like to change or improve your study habits?



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Russian Federation

I usually listen to music while studing. And I always do everything at the last minute.

I don’t like my study habits, but I can’t change myself..

04:22 PM Dec 01 2012 |

hun ratha

hun ratha


Whatever if you think it is good it good, if you think it is not good it not good. Also studying if you think you can do well, you’ll get better.

02:27 PM Dec 01 2012 |

disaster girl


also i perfer to study alone but some time i like to study with my friend ..to share the information..^^

01:23 PM Dec 01 2012 |

disaster girl


for me i can’t study in noisy place …

01:08 PM Dec 01 2012 |




I always focus on what’s important such studing habits in english lesson when i were alone at home ,Requires research by the Internet , creativity & working well is  to  keep away from crowded places &  atmosphere whichserounded u seems calm 

12:08 PM Dec 01 2012 |




Pulling an all-nighter is how i rolled!!!

11:23 AM Dec 01 2012 |

BBoy Roty

BBoy Roty


I can’t sutudy in anywhere,i prefer study at home or in a library. If someone interrupt me,i’ll ask her/him if we can talk later… I’d like to improve my time studying,because i usually don’t spend a lot of time. u

10:39 AM Dec 01 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I can study in  any where becuae I habit to study in crowd place but for study math or like that If that place be silent is better

08:43 AM Dec 01 2012 |


United States

I like to study spontaneously by having reading and small writing instruments with me at all times.  You’d be surprised how much progress can be made reading during times that you have to wait for something.  For example, while waiting and riding in a bus, train, or car. Ten minutes here, fifteen minutes there. Chopping away section-by-section of the assignment. 

Everything goes from small to big, small can exist without being big, but big cannot exist without being composed of that which is small. 

Therefore, a big homework assignment, when reduced, becomes smaller over time.



My study habis is in my room. I feel bad because this person is distract me.

I don´t think about it yet

04:09 AM Dec 01 2012 |




I don’t like any noise accompanying me while I’m reading and trying to comprehend something. It’s not that it distracts me, it just exhausts me. Noise makes me easily tired. But, in spite of that, I mobilize all my focus attention and get what I want. But it’s an effort.

In a quiet environment, I can’t say I’m totally productive as well. It’s so perfect for me, that I’m just enjoying the silence and fall into tranquil state of mind forgetting about studying :), I start thinking about something else but not about learning. There’s no obstacle (like noise)  for me to surmount and I’m just blissfully contemplate on the ways of life.  

The pictures are very helpfull for me in studying. I’m trying to visualize what I’m reading, putting the objects into cartoonish characters if the subject is not too tragic, of course. I also, underline the tricky and interesting phrases and try to make the logical chain story from them, if i want to memorize something.

Well, no sweet without sweat :)

La Princesse de la vie


I think I can study anytime, anywhere and anyhow… But it dpends on the subject.. When it comes to high comprehension-needy subjects, like physics or maths, I do as Jason does… I also have the super ability to study in front of TV, but just in case of practicing maths problems or drawing bio graphics…

Mostly, in exams, I just study the night before, but that doesn’t get me the desired result..

If I’m able to change something of my study habits, I will work on that last one concerning studying just before the exam.. 


yuminagaSuper Member!


learning i is fun . just do what you want learn and make more fun to study through  means of teaching  such as SKYPE,or the like 

12:09 AM Dec 01 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

very good ,thnx

09:33 PM Nov 30 2012 |



I study best if I’m in the right mood and if I’m not to tired. I prefer quiet places for studying where I feel comfortable.

When these conditions are met I’m able to make some good progress and impress things best.

09:13 PM Nov 30 2012 |




    Studying in immaculate quietness is my hypnotic spiral, this’ll induce me to sleep very quickly. That’s why I don’t like settings like librairies– I only go to there to print out heavy documents from the web :), but not to study. My room is the ideal environment, when I want hit the books and cram. But If I feel outdoorsy I might go to a nearby park and pace around under a tree for a nice unhurried study session and people watching for breaktime ;)

     I’m yet to meet anyone with the ‘exact’ same studying habit as mine. I like to read out loud what I’m studying and then type up or write down anything that I highlighted : ). This is an old trick that traces back to when I was a child. My guardian would have me follow her like a duckling around the house while I’m reading from my textbook, over and over again. Then she insisted that I write down the lines that she thought might be on my exam and know them by heart ;). I can almost hear her now “ ah! very important, write that down, you’ll thank me later” . So I pretty much retain that same studying method and I don’t think I will ever change it. It works like a charm for me ;)

     Regarding distraction. I’m not very sensitive to noises when I’m studying. I could be in a steel factory and still find a way to zone out the noise and focus. But what I don’t like is when I’m trying to assimilate something for a test, someone’s in my face and sidetracking me. Sometimes I don’t have the courage and the tact to tell people off for fear of hurting their feelings. That’s why I usually barricade myself in my room to avoid those kinds of awkward situation. I pride myself as a multi-tasker, but I cannot study and hold a conversation at the same time : ).




ı like to study with flashcards.environment that ı study doesn’t matter wherever ı have no loss of concentration

ı want to paste a funny image but ı couldn’t :)



ı study like a teacher tell students

04:35 PM Nov 30 2012 |



Being a student i want to bury myself in a den of books ,                                     i like to study in complete silence                                                                     because i think no fine work can be done without  concentration.


Czech Republic

Every day is different for me. One day I prefer music while I’m studying but next day I can’t listen to music because I’m angry or little sad. Of course I prefer study when I ‘m alone because I more concentrate. 

03:15 PM Nov 30 2012 |

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