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Starstruck English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English with this celebrity English lesson.

Date: Dec 11 2012

Themes: Celebrity, Soap Opera, Work

Grammar: Modal Verbs


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Have you ever gotten close to a celebrity you admired? Maybe you’ve been waiting for hours to get an autograph from him or her, and you’ve been rehearsing the perfect thing you’re going to say. But when it’s finally your turn, you find you can’t say a word. You’re starstruck.

Famous people hold such power over us that we call them “stars.” And to be struck is to be hit hard by something. Maybe hit so hard that you’re struck dumb, or unable to speak.

Amanda’s bringing in a new spokesperson for Americandreamd8.com, and she’s a really big deal. In this English lesson video, we’ll learn the meaning of the idiom “starstruck,” and find out who is, and isn’t, susceptible to the power of a star.




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1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.











Mason:  Hey, guys.

Amanda:  Hi.

Jeff:  You’re all dressed up.

Amanda:  Aw, this old thing?

Mason:  Wait. Come on, you didn’t tell them?

Amanda:  Not yet.

Marni:  Tell us what?

Amanda:  OK guys, guess what? We have a very special celebrity coming by the office today.

Marni:  Really? I know we had talked about getting a celebrity spokesperson, but we never…

Amanda:  Well, it all happened super fast. And I got on the phone yesterday with a big-time Hollywood publicist, and nothing’s official yet, but Greta Vanderlake will be coming by the office today.

Marni:  Wow.

Jeff:  Oh my god. The Greta Vanderlake? The Hollywood actress? The romantic comedies?

Amanda:  Yup. And she may become the official face of Americandreamd8.com.

Jeff:  What? I can’t breathe.

Amanda:  Big fan, huh?

Jeff:  Of course! She’s only the smartest, sexiest actress of our time.

Marni:  Look at how starstruck you are! Even though she’s famous, she’s still a person. She’s gonna come in here and, you know, be normal, right? She just could potentially save a failing Internet company with one word from her beautiful lips…oh my god. I think I’m getting a little nervous.

Mason:  Wait, Marni, you too? I can’t believe you’re getting starstruck.

Marni:  Well, you never get starstruck?

Mason:  Not really. I mean, there was this one time that I met this really great comic book artist, and I was so starstruck I could barely breathe. But I mean, in general, I don’t really pay attention to famous people.

Amanda:  It’s true. He doesn’t. He didn’t even know who Greta Vanderlake was until I told him about her coming by today.

Jeff:  You’ve got to be kidding me.

Mason:  I don’t really like movies.

Amanda:  OK guys, you know what? Let’s get ready, let’s get professional. On your tiptoes. She’s gonna be here.

Greta:  Sorry, I’m a little early.

Amanda:  Oh, you are just fine. It’s so nice to meet you.

Greta:  I know.

Amanda:  You’re fabulous. OK, well come on in. Guys…Greta Vanderlake.

Jeff:  I…I…charmed.

Greta:  Right back at you. Hello. Hello.

Amanda:  OK. How about you and I jump in the conference room.

Greta:  Great.

Mason:  Breathe, dude. Breathe.


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Mason and Amanda arrive at work for the day, and Jeff notices that Amanda is dressed up. It turns out she’s wearing a nice outfit because she has big news: Americandreamd8.com might be hiring famous actress Greta Vanderlake as their new spokesperson. And she’s coming in to the office today!

This is especially big news for Jeff. He is a huge fan. He gets so excited he can’t breathe. At first, Marni makes fun of him for being so starstruck, but then she realizes that she is starstruck, too. Mason still doesn’t get what the big deal is. He doesn’t follow pop culture, and the only time he got starstruck was for a comic book artist he admired.

Then there’s a knock at the door, and the famous Greta Vanderlake arrives! Everyone is pretty starstruck. Amanda tries to make things comfortable for Greta, and suggests they go speak in the conference room.

Have you ever met a famous person, or someone you really admired? Were you starstruck? If not, what do you think would happen if you met a real celebrity?



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I didn’t meet a celebrity. But I remembered when I was a student in middle school, I always shouted and responsed to teachers, with sitting on my seat; however, once the teacher asked me to stand up to reply, it’s for sure for me to be starstrucked. 

04:29 AM Dec 18 2012 |



United Arab Emirates

yes I met but I never has been starstruck
celebrities are people just like us

07:31 PM Dec 17 2012 |



they are dont know how to play in videos.

10:20 AM Dec 13 2012 |




if you addicted music or movies you are absolutely fall in love with actress or singer.. etc, I also fell in love, I loved all things about famuse singer (woman :d)

I was loving her voice, style, clips, songs… everythings, she seemed perfect to me, but one day I met her then day after day I closed from her and I sow a lot of bad things she hid them far from her fans, in the interviews she seems like angel but in reality she’s very different

I stay away from her now and I just love her songs not more :d

10:44 PM Dec 11 2012 |

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I havent met with a famous person and I think I wont starstrusk if I see one.They are as usual as everybody.

08:56 PM Dec 11 2012 |




How can people get starstruck with “celebrities”??? hey common! they’re people just like you!!!

04:46 PM Dec 11 2012 |




I like to see famous people (i.e. Ebaby cast members) blushing over another celebrity! ;)

I have never met with a famous person. I only got to rub shoulders with some up-and-coming local disc jockeys that gig at wedding and birthday parties, if that counts  :’)

     If luck favors me and I get the opportunity to meet someone with prolific fame, chances are that I would not be start struck, not even Jessica Alba can have me hyperventilate : ). Not only that, but the encounter has to occur by chance, I will not pilgrim to a  crowded place where a celebrity is rumored to be, hoping  to get a glimpse of him or  to touch his  healing cloak ;).  But if I meet a celebrity in a more relaxed setting like at the petting zoo or on an airplane, kidding :) anywhere he’s not under the pressure of paparazzi baying for his blood, I might supplicate for an autograph and pose for a cheesy photo to immortalize the moment, if and only if I know and approve of what that person is a famous for ;). What I would admire most is if I got a chance to have a moment to acknowledge the achievements of that person and receive an instant response. I’m talking about any celebrity from any background: film, technology, media and news coverage, athletes and socialites, public figures, etc.

     One thing to keep in mind is that even celebrities have feet of clay. Their personalities, behaviors and overall facades may differ from your expectations. I don’t say! eh? Case in point, there’s someone I know who told me that her biggest fear would be to meet Jacob from Twilight and realize he isn’t as nice and fit in real .Really!?(I thought) after a couple of seconds of embryonic breathing to ease my nerves ;) I reminded her that even he has his defects and that she should not define him by his looks or the roles he’s been paid to portray in front of cameras.  On other occasions, I’ve read some self-proclaimed “biggest fans” posting dire comments about celebs they once worshiped because he or she had scorned their requests to sign autographs. I know that they can’t sign every 100,000 t-shirts and bare chests at every corner they turn, but some of them are really full of themselves and tell their fans flatly that they won’t sign a thing.  


04:44 PM Dec 11 2012 |

jolefrancaisSuper Member!


Thanks to my work I could meet some famous person.Frankly I have never been strarstruck. If I run into them by any chance, I think to myself oh this is ….. but I’m not the person who’s gonna yell and asking a autograph.

04:34 PM Dec 11 2012 |



yes it happens usually when we use to intract with some celebrity by chance or at some planned event, we get nervous or rapt. we ought start babbling abruptlly or some people get wet with cold sweat. its a human body response at some uncertain things or starstruck. its so parvasive. i’m not too much influensed by stars but there are some other people who matters alot to me and its so sad many of them have passed away and some are ailing so lots of prayers for their health and may Allah bless them with life . all are great guys with brain and exceptional in their feilds. it ll be a great pleasure to me whenever i ll meet some of them but i’m sure i ll not flutter or freez up with startle. it would be a vivifying experience certainlly.

04:26 PM Dec 11 2012 |



I haven’t met a famous person yet but I know I meet one of them I will be excited. And If I meet someone I really admire I won’t be able to talk. Maybe like Jeff, I won’t be able to breath too. Yes they are also a humanbeing just like us but their fame make us excited. Look at Marni, she says there is nothing to be starstruck but she gets nervous too. 

02:09 PM Dec 11 2012 |




Moriza,  I didn´t want to mention that  sadly he passed away  and don´t blame me,  I usually don´t  overcharge labor,   hehehehe

10:39 AM Dec 11 2012 |




Julito,I wonder why that actor didn,t become your friend.Usually,for all topics you have suitable friends and this time you had only coffee together.What a pity!

10:33 AM Dec 11 2012 |




I respect and admire show business personages and up to that i go with them,but why so many  are   excited or starstruck  is something  that has always caught my attention.After all, they are not the pope that devotees   are supposed to bow heads and kiss his ring. Several times I was called in to the house of a famous actor to fix some plumbing problems  ,going to the hardware store with him, people effusively  greeted him,  I knew this man ,even have coffee together and yet never crossed my mind  to pry into his personal life about his latest romance with the fashion model  that was tabloid fodder  at that time. Maybe I like to swim against the current , ..who knows ? 

10:19 AM Dec 11 2012 |


evieeeSuper Member!


I have met a few celebrities many years ago. They were having a autograpgh session in the front of HMV. I remenbered that i was so excited, but i wasnt starstruk at that time, probaly because im not a bif fan of them. lol!! But I can imagine that when i have the opportunity to meet my favourite artist who i really admired, i definately get starstruck.

07:42 AM Dec 11 2012 |




If I meet a real celebrity, I will totally forget the meaning of words, the name of the oceans, rivers, cities. Once I was entitled to present the flowers to a local celebrity. Well, the flowers never riched its destination. They were thrown in the bush and I was totally a mess. Now I’m laughing, but that time I was crying.

My first encounter in a club also made me “starstruck” even though the people were just common people, I just couldn’t utter a single word and said only one word :) – “What?” but that was in Ukrainian language :))

I think, Jason is the right person to give advice how to keep calm when taking a conversation with a celebrity. He looks like having fun from that experience and stays cool :)


02:08 AM Dec 11 2012 |

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