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Traveling Alone
Traveling Alone

Learn English with this travel English lesson

Date: Dec 07 2012

Themes: Travel

Grammar: Present Perfect Tense


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When you travel, whether it’s to a new country or just the forest outside your city, you see and experience all sorts of exciting new things. It’s fun to have someone there to say, “Wow, look at that!” or to remember your trip with later.

But traveling alone has it’s advantages too. With no one else to please, you can do and see exactly what you want to. You can make new friends more easily since you’ll talk to strangers to avoid loneliness.

Sara recently took a solo trip. Listen to her discuss it with Vanessa in this travel English lesson.





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Vanessa:  A friend of mine just went camping this weekend, but she went all alone. It seems really weird to me. Have you ever taken a vacation by yourself?

Sara:  I have. I’ve never camped alone, but I’ve driven cross-country by myself a few times and I really liked it.

Vanessa:  Really? I think I might be a little nervous to be traveling alone, especially if I was going to a different country or something.

Sara:  Right. I think what was cool when I was driving cross-country, was I would stay with people that I knew in different places every night. So even though I was traveling alone, I wasn’t entirely by myself in a way.

Vanessa:  I see, so you had people who knew where you were and if something went terribly wrong, someone would notice.

Sara:  I just think it’s really cool to totally be in charge of your agenda and your itinerary and not have to worry about what anyone else wants to do.

Vanessa:  You can set your own pace, and sightsee, and…

Sara:  Listen to your own music, you know?

Vanessa:  That is very important! Maybe traveling alone isn’t such a bad idea. Maybe I’ll start small and take a day trip by myself!


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Vanessa was surprised to learn that when her friend went camping over the weekend, she went alone. She thinks this is weird, and asks Sara if she has ever gone on vacation by herself. Sara has never been camping on her own, but really likes driving cross-country alone. She has done it several times.

Vanessa thinks traveling alone, especially to another country, would make her nervous. Sara explains that she met with friends in different cities each night of her trip, so she wasn’t always alone. There were people who knew where she was in case something went wrong.

When you travel alone, you can be totally in charge of your itinerary. Sara points out you can listen to your choice of music, too! Vanessa agrees that that is very important. She says maybe traveling alone isn’t a bad idea, and maybe she will start off with a day trip alone.

Do you enjoy traveling alone? Is it acceptable to do where you live?



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American Samoa

I like the idea of traveling alone, I would like to observe much of the world, savannahs, jungles, forests, villages … We will see if I ever dare to travel with backpacks.

03:07 PM Dec 17 2018 |



I think it is good idea where you can kearn alot from anyone you just knew and so it was kinda of fun thing when know body knew you know whats going on. What you are doing . May be it is good way to feel the happiness on your own. 

01:09 PM Dec 16 2018 |



Russian Federation

Travelling alone is a good thing. I like it so much. Just completely free. No need to arrange a time and the plans with someone else. I can meet more new interesting people. If it’s a new town or city I just go where my eyes see (with map too) or aimlessly and I’m surprised when I find new interesting places I didn’t expect to find :), taking pictures, enjoying being with myself and my thoughts, feelings in a new place.

But on the other hand travelling with your friend, family and so on makes you feel in the company. You can share every impression and thought with them, enjoying it all together. It makes people closer to each other.

05:12 PM Oct 08 2014 |



Russian Federation

I like to travel, and when somebody from my friends or relatives returnes from a journey to a new place, I always ask to show me photos and to tell everything.

At the age of eighteen I went to the first long trip to the Crimea with my friends, and before it I used to travel with my parents only. There were three of us, and we were looking forward to have a good time. But in reality it was not exactly like that. We happened to have different preferences for spening our time, that’s why we quarreled a lot about what to see and where to go, and I always compromised, as it seemed unsafe to me to be apart from others in unknown place.

But it is pleasure for me to travel alone now. I like to stroll somewhere with a good guide- book in my hands. And if I know about a place, which can be interesting to me to see, I always try to find it’s location, even it is too far or lays aside from common tourist ways. Some people think , it is difficult to travel with me becouse of it. So that why I like to make my own itienarary of a journey, and not to depend on someone’s preferences.

However, when taking difficult hiking trips to remote places, I have no choice but to reli on somebody, who is more experienced in it. Some places are rather wild, and it would be risky to go there alone. Fortunately, I have many friends with the same interest, so it is not a problem for me to join them.

There is one more reason, why I like to travel alone so much. It is a good way for me to find some rest from everyday communication with other people. Sometimes I feel myself really tired from it.

So it is pleasure for me one day to pack up my bag , to say ”goodbye” to everybody and  leave away for a new journey.


09:13 PM Jul 18 2013 |

Son of English

Hong Kong

If you travel alone, you can go exactly where you want every day. You don’t need to compromise.

It’s not that dangerous anyway. You can meet people to hang out with in hostels, if you’re lonely. I guess these people are strangers so they could be dangerous…but none of the ones I’ve met have ever tried to kill me or sell me as a sex slave, so most of it’s probably just hyperbole from the media.

03:10 PM Dec 27 2012 |



I have never camping ore traveling alone.. But I’ve went culture tour by my sister and and 

my nephews.I lake share everything.

It seems realy weird to me. I might be a little nervous to be traveling alone.


07:40 AM Dec 27 2012 |




No. I don’t enjoy travelling alone, because It’s not fun and unsafe. It would always be fun to travel with your family, friends or love ones to enjoy the beautiful sceneries, delicious food to share with them and the experiences that everybody can talk and laugh with. I wanna travel to Paris <3 :)

10:41 PM Dec 26 2012 |


YuciSuper Member!


always alone, me too! X(

I love traveling or shopping alone but sometimes I feel loneliness.

04:11 PM Dec 18 2012 |



If you travel alone you are in …THE BEST C O M P A N Y.

09:13 AM Dec 14 2012 |

lily li

lily li


i love traveling alone. i enjoy Loneliness

You can temporarily forget all the troubles

01:50 PM Dec 13 2012 |

1 person likes this



forever alone


10:33 AM Dec 13 2012 |



forever alone


10:33 AM Dec 13 2012 |



Saudi Arabia

i teavling alone sevural time

11:25 PM Dec 12 2012 |




I love travelling alone. Saying alone I mean together with my family. I don’t like travelling with friends or people who can possibly start irritating me – that’s not a pleasure but a disaster…

09:37 PM Dec 12 2012 |




ive been traveling alone once in Australia. i enjoyed it, meet strangers or ppl I never knew them. and some made me grow up than ever. learnt to live by myself. I love it!

05:02 AM Dec 12 2012 |



What I like most about traveling alone is the opportunity of discovering and knowing things about yourself that you didn’t even know existed before. Sometimes people who knows you has got you tied on what they think you are.

07:33 PM Dec 11 2012 |

2 people like this



sometimes is good cause u can meet a new person or a new friend but i don’t like this travel.

06:26 PM Dec 11 2012 |



I never traveled alone, but now I am in the mood!!! Yes, in my country this kind of thing is ok..

11:57 AM Dec 11 2012 |

herish zaxoy


i never travel alone

i want to travel with my beloved

and i wanna go to the london united kingdom there is great city and actualy perfect

05:05 PM Dec 09 2012 |



travelling with friends is a great thing and we feel fervent due to frenzies of having fun. we use to plunge at some plan with our dears and nears but i don’t even feel lonely when i use to travel alone because i usually keep a very fine book to read in my rucksack. keep watching the fleeting roadside views is another intresting thing if you are by road. a stream of profuse thoughts always glide in front of me and its amazing of being alone with a crowed all around some times. i had spent many red letter days of travelling and its great to travel. i am also very fond of travelogues and it takes you in some imagionary world where you even have not visited yet. the beautiful tales about the specific territories. pakistan is full of beautiful areas of hills jungles vellies rivers and thousands of tales which echoes all over.

04:58 PM Dec 09 2012 |

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