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Traveling Alone
Traveling Alone

Learn English with this travel English lesson

Date: Dec 07 2012

Themes: Travel

Grammar: Present Perfect Tense


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When you travel, whether it’s to a new country or just the forest outside your city, you see and experience all sorts of exciting new things. It’s fun to have someone there to say, “Wow, look at that!” or to remember your trip with later.

But traveling alone has it’s advantages too. With no one else to please, you can do and see exactly what you want to. You can make new friends more easily since you’ll talk to strangers to avoid loneliness.

Sara recently took a solo trip. Listen to her discuss it with Vanessa in this travel English lesson.





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Vanessa:  A friend of mine just went camping this weekend, but she went all alone. It seems really weird to me. Have you ever taken a vacation by yourself?

Sara:  I have. I’ve never camped alone, but I’ve driven cross-country by myself a few times and I really liked it.

Vanessa:  Really? I think I might be a little nervous to be traveling alone, especially if I was going to a different country or something.

Sara:  Right. I think what was cool when I was driving cross-country, was I would stay with people that I knew in different places every night. So even though I was traveling alone, I wasn’t entirely by myself in a way.

Vanessa:  I see, so you had people who knew where you were and if something went terribly wrong, someone would notice.

Sara:  I just think it’s really cool to totally be in charge of your agenda and your itinerary and not have to worry about what anyone else wants to do.

Vanessa:  You can set your own pace, and sightsee, and…

Sara:  Listen to your own music, you know?

Vanessa:  That is very important! Maybe traveling alone isn’t such a bad idea. Maybe I’ll start small and take a day trip by myself!


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Vanessa was surprised to learn that when her friend went camping over the weekend, she went alone. She thinks this is weird, and asks Sara if she has ever gone on vacation by herself. Sara has never been camping on her own, but really likes driving cross-country alone. She has done it several times.

Vanessa thinks traveling alone, especially to another country, would make her nervous. Sara explains that she met with friends in different cities each night of her trip, so she wasn’t always alone. There were people who knew where she was in case something went wrong.

When you travel alone, you can be totally in charge of your itinerary. Sara points out you can listen to your choice of music, too! Vanessa agrees that that is very important. She says maybe traveling alone isn’t a bad idea, and maybe she will start off with a day trip alone.

Do you enjoy traveling alone? Is it acceptable to do where you live?



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If it,s a single person then travelling alone is a normal thing .Single means the freedom to choose your own style of holiday,flexibility to spend your time as you please and the opportunity to meet a whole set of like-minded people.

Moreover,married people who don,t share their spouse,s interests are also getting in on the solo act.

These types of holidays are all about interacting with other people,and one of the great thing is that you meet people from different walks of life and from across the country.

 ...You may go to the south,to the east or to the west,                                   

    Pack the luggage,take the rucksack,choose the route you will like best.




Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I at all do’nt like travel alone on the other hand when you travelig whit your friends you can know them better 

07:48 AM Dec 07 2012 |




I’ve never travel alone ,may be i can have a try,i think it’ll be a wonderful experience.

07:44 AM Dec 07 2012 |




Solo trips are weird in my understanding. I’m not a lone wolf, I’m a  social butterfly. When circumstances deprive me of society I fall into the deep depression. To be on my own is the contraindication in my case. ;)

I never sick & tired of people or of my family. I’m ready to follow the itinerary of my friends. I will glady rely on their opinion about the sightseeing. 

I have never been going to the theatre, cinema, nightclubs or  other places all along not speaking about the travelling alone. :) 

So, guys travelling alone is a rocket science for me :)




i havent had traveling alone yet but when i become off certenly i do it. i d like have cross-country.  i wana camping in ur city our friends. hahaha

06:26 AM Dec 07 2012 |




Travelling with a freind can be fun,  if you’re getting along and wherever you want to go, your friend is a good company. Especially in an unknown city. But if your friend doesn’t want to go anywhere, you don’t have to be depended on it too. It’s awfull, to be in an unknown city and not to visit the places of interest. In this case you start traveling on your own. Here might be a danger or luck to meet some strangers who might be a good company or who might be “who knows”. In both cases, you’re not relaxed and always on guard :) So, I prefer a good friend to travel with and one day of the trip to spend alone.




Kudos   to Sara and Vanessa that in a nutshell covered the pros and cons of traveling alone or with company. Here is my thread to the topic.  I set off along   with a friend on a short visit to New York, I was so excited about my first trip to the Great Apple that upon arrival I requested my friend we might walk along Broadway street towards Times Square, he blatantly told me…hold on Julito !! I have my own agenda. Needless to say that I am not a pushy guy, therefore I hasn´t been expecting  from him that kind of  replied, I had to blow off steam and understand that I was on my own in an unknown city .bummed…...

Is not that happens all the time but is a reality we should be aware of,especially women,there had been “and still are” cases of men that were mugged and women raped while  traveling alone, my advice is: don´t trek off the beaten path, much less alone.

jolefrancaisSuper Member!


I never travel alone cause I have a family and I like sharing things with my childs and my wife.I suppose traveling alone depand on if you’re really alone. My family won’t accept that and they’ll be right.I coudn’t be happy without them or perhaps get just a day trip alone it could be possible.

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