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Apocalypse 2012
Apocalypse 2012
2012 世界末日

Learn English with this apocalypse English lesson

Date: Dec 21 2012

Themes: News

Grammar: Comparatives and Superlatives


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What does the date December 21, 2012, mean to you? If all you can come up with is that it’s the winter solstice, or that it’s four days before Christmas, then you’ve been out of the loop. This is the date when the calendar used by the Mayans, an ancient Central American people, ends. And that’s got some people convinced that it’s also the end of time.

So what that means is that lots of people are freaking out. They’re convinced that an apocalypse is coming. Zombies, superstorm, who knows what form the catastrophe will take? For all the believers, there are plenty of skeptics, too. Find out whether Marni and Greta believe in this English lesson about the apocalypse.

对你来说,2012 年 12 月 21 日意味着什么?如果你只是将这一天当做冬至,或是圣诞节前的第四天,那你一定听过新闻吧,这一天是中美洲玛雅古人历法中的世界末日。而且这种观点得到了一些人的认可,他们认为这一天将是时间的尽头。



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Marni:  I’ve been preparing. Because you know what 2012 is.

Greta:  It’s the end of the Mayan calendar.

Marni:  That it is. And I saw this great comic that was two people talking, two Mayans talking, and he had this Mayan calendar and he’s saying, “I only had enough room to go up to 2012.” The other character says, “That’s really gonna freak people out someday.” And I laughed, and I thought, I hope that’s true, you know? But yeah, a lot of people are really preparing for the end of time. So what do you think about that?

Greta:  I think it’s a little silly. What form do you think the apocalypse will take?

Marni:  When I think about things like huge storms and, you know, monsoons and typhoons and all those crazy natural disasters, I sort of think about, is this the end of times? When I think about those things happening. But, you know, it seems like it’s happening a lot more, but then things settle down, and we all sort of get back into daily routines, and I don’t know.

Greta:  I’m hoping, if there is an apocalypse, that it’s a zombie apocalypse. I feel like I’m the most prepared to deal with that kind of apocalypse.

Marni:  Really? Well, I’ll have to get some tips on how to survive the zombie apocalypse.


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Marni tells Greta that she has been getting ready for the big event at the end of 2012: the end of the Mayan calendar. Marni describes a cartoon that she saw in which two Mayans realized that ending the calendar would probably scare people. She thinks the cartoon was funny, but she also doesn’t know what to think about the end of time.

Greta thinks the whole thing is pretty silly. She asks Marni what kind of apocalypse she predicts will happen. Marni brings up all the extreme weather that’s been happening recently. She thinks the apocalypse could look something like that.

Greta takes a more humorous approach. She says that if zombies arrive for the apocalypse, then she’ll be ready.

Have you heard about the theory that the world is going to end on December 21? Do you believe it? If the world was going to end, what would you do to prepare?



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Russian Federation

I heard about this theory,but I don’t believe in this.Nature is unpredictable,so nobody can say when it will be the end of the world,u know.It was funny to read about people that bought tickets at the Noah’s Ark.Most of people are very trustful and going crazy.
Anyway,yesterday nothing happened and all of us are still alive :]

12:01 PM Dec 22 2012 |



I heard about the theory that says the world is gonna end on December 21! However, I do not believe! ^^ Do you think I was born yesterday! How come! How can anybody expect that the world is gonna end on a specific day!! Excuse me! If you believe that, you’ll believe anything!

I want to take this chance and say “Merry Christmas for all my christian friends!” Enjoy your time!


09:53 AM Dec 22 2012 |



Joyce Rose don’t believe scientist they do what has to do.unless it happen 6 billions years later.nobody can accused of them.even their foresights wont pursue during 6billion years.i’ve read smth about mayas even a man who is involved about mayas.he doesnt believe mayas  calendar.he asserts it’s apocryphal of westerners.he was right.because nothing happened yesterday.

i meant ‘nobody knows when it’ll happen’ only God can know when it’ll happen.and i know one thing,i wont see that time so i dont care.i gonna live my life

09:40 AM Dec 22 2012 |

GrammaristSuper Member!

United Arab Emirates

Adding to your knowledge, the events occurring before Al-Qiyamah are divided into two groups—the minor signs and the major ones.

The major signs:The consumption of alcohol, lifting of knowledge and prevalence of ignorance and immorality—these are examples of minor signs prophesied by our Prophet Mohammed. Most of these minor signs have appeared while some are occurring and some will appear with major signs.

The major signs:The following hadith was narrated by Hudhaifa ibn Usayd that the Prophet said, ‘The last hour will not arrive till you have seen ten signs. He then mentioned the Smoke, Dajjal, Beast, Rising of the Sun from the place of it’s setting, the Descent of Isa, Ya’juj Ma’juj, Three Landslides, one in the East , one in the West and one in the Arabian Peninsula after that a Fire would spread from Yemen and drive the people to their place of gathering.’ (Muslim)

enjoy learning :)

09:23 AM Dec 22 2012 |



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04:05 AM Dec 22 2012 |





 As Baset told me :In Quran ,The end of time does not happen overnight and
There will be Major Signs(sequence of events) before the Day of the end of time !

A major catastrophe that will kill 2/3 of the world’s population. The continents will move and due to the massive changes plants, animals and human life will die off in large numbers. There will be not much food.

10:22 PM Dec 21 2012 |





There is so much going on in Baset’s head and he needs someone to sort it out !

I think : Baset is speechless without you !


10:17 PM Dec 21 2012 |

GrammaristSuper Member!

United Arab Emirates

So, today is where the winter solstice takes place, isn’t it ?

as soon as dayes, which are very long during the night, pass, i feel so excited !! heh ..
I like the breez drifting everywhere in this time :)  

Enjoy your time 

09:58 PM Dec 21 2012 |

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Baset , why u didn’t comment in this lesson ? u should say something about it ?


09:29 PM Dec 21 2012 |




You know what Julito?  you just gave me a  very bright idea  : )… I should treat myself to something nice and burn this paycheck like it was my last. I haven’t been on a shopping spree since I was 14, it’s time to swipe my credit card until it gets razor thin, not worrying about bill collectors : )


08:59 PM Dec 21 2012 |




Snoopy ,  and I should add, with snoopy´s pay check , the beginning of a shopping spree  to celebrate Christmas .  :))))

08:51 PM Dec 21 2012 |

cheer manal


Apocalypse is an absolute thing that ’s gonna happen one day…but what day ? i think no one knows. maybe tomorrow or maybe next year…i’ve never been convinced  that i’ll take place in that date.

It’s a quite frightening event. Actually,we all want to live longer it’s a human nature and the last thing we think about is death or Apocalypse. I’d rather enjoy my life than thinking about apocalypse….and stuff. 

When it comes it comes!!

08:49 PM Dec 21 2012 |

Irene Forever


Thanks a lot Bellaboo.:)

08:48 PM Dec 21 2012 |

Sajjad Monti

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I don’t believe in apocalypse, I’m sure that I can’t see the end of the time, Because it may happen in 2000000012, It’s a really comic story :)

Just more money for some people in Turkey, France, Mexico …
safe places in 2012 end of the world :)))))

08:45 PM Dec 21 2012 |




Lesya, I found an interesting passage about the apocalypse too. It reads:

“NASA confirmed that December 21, late afternoon, the sky will be very dark. It is a very interesting phenomenon called “night” …” : )


Nothing to worry about ,folks, today is only the End of my working week : )



Iran, Islamic Republic Of


08:17 PM Dec 21 2012 |



It just means the fake end of the world. You only live once !

07:59 PM Dec 21 2012 |




I don’t think about it much. I just live.

07:49 PM Dec 21 2012 |

GrammaristSuper Member!

United Arab Emirates

I faithfully believe in Holy Quran. Every verse implies and bears real things happening in our reality. I can tell from what I have read that the end of the world is decided by Allah who’s created this world!! And no one knows when it ends except Allah. If we get deeper to this matter, we might eventually end up hurting other people’s opinions and beliefs unless we respect those ideas. I hope you can share your memories, life, and love with all people who truly give you these things back at the same time.

07:00 PM Dec 21 2012 |

Joyce Rose

Joyce Rose


dreadslayer,the scientist know that the world will end after 5 billion years.It said that the sun will hit our earth ,because the sun become bigger and bigger,it’s very very  hot with fire.Then the real world’s end are coming,but we humans can move into other planet at that time.We would have dead in so many years later,cause we have no chance to live in other planet,like Mars.Dont’ you think it’s a pity?

06:19 PM Dec 21 2012 |

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