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Holiday Decorations
Holiday Decorations

Learn English with this holiday English lesson

Date: Dec 22 2020

Themes: Holidays

Grammar: Adjectives


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In the United States, many people decorate their houses for the Christmas holiday. They get a Christmas tree, and put ornaments on the tree. They might put a wreath on the door, or put up some lights outside. The decorations reflect the festive feeling of the holiday season.

When a couple comes from two different religions, it can be hard to come up with a solution for holiday decorating. Hear how Mason and Greta have dealt with this issue in this holiday English lesson.




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Greta:  Before we moved in together, you never had a Christmas tree. Is that right?

Mason:  That is correct. I was very against Christmas trees. I felt that the Jewish folk who felt the need to have a Christmas tree were weak and insecure.

Greta:  And now, I was raised on Christmas. But I think we’ve done a pretty good job of bringing the two traditions together, so that, you know, we have a holiday spirit that is both representative of Hanukkah and Christmas.

Mason:  Sure. Our color schemes…

Greta:  It’s true. So we do only blue and white on the tree, and you have a big Star of David on your stocking.

Mason:  What’s so funny is that, you know, really no one else in the neighborhood has the holiday spirit and decorates. We’re kind of the only ones.

Greta:  It’s true. And you put up Christmas lights every year now.

Mason:  I’m not so excited to put the decorations up this year, because we’re gonna be out of town for most of the time.

Greta:  You will definitely put the Christmas lights up, because we have the timer, and so they can go on at night and off in the day, whether anyone is home to turn them on or not.


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Greta points out that Mason never had a Christmas tree before she and he moved in together. This is because Mason is Jewish and, though some Jewish people have Christmas trees, he was critical of doing it.

Since Greta is Christian, though, they’ve figured out a way to compromise. They have a Christmas tree, but use blue and white lights (which are associated with Judaism), and Mason has a Star of David (a symbol of Judaism) on his Christmas stocking.

They also put up Christmas lights outside their house. This year, they’re going to be out of town during the holidays, so they won’t get to enjoy their decorations. Their neighbors will, though, because Mason and Greta will put their lights on a timer to go on and off, even while they’re gone.

Do you celebrate any holidays in December? How do you decorate for the holidays? Have you ever dated someone of a different religion? If so, what kinds of compromises did you make?



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I not lier I like the light and decoration because seem beautiful and amazing but them wait all year to deserve one wishes but we all day deserve wishe and evry our every prayer and them just prayer in Christmas and them give the givet for another just one day in year we give another givet evry day  by good word and best smile but we see how many tree dies evry year we have protect the environement but we have to know we celebrate all years because have people love us and themTake care  about us

10:58 AM Dec 29 2012 |




we not celebraty by this occastion we have just 2 eids in the years but

07:37 PM Dec 28 2012 |




This lesson is so true to life. You don’t even need to be of different cultures. Someone wants the lights and in big amounts, sparlking, shining so many of them that the whole neigbourhood electricity is knocked out for a second. Somebody wants nothing or just one string of lights hanging from the roof.

I like when there’re lots of lights. My favorite decoration is a big Christmas tree with colorful twinkling lights and moving deer around. That’s what I’m going to do next year. Well the hydro bills go up. It’s ok. It just once a year! :)

11:55 PM Dec 27 2012 |

Bilal Ahmed


We are not celebrating Christmas basically. eventhough this year I celebrate Christmas with my friends who are all Christian. I really enjoyed.

10:14 PM Dec 27 2012 |



Yes, I celebrate the Christmans.

This Year I rise a christman’s tree, and put some ornaments as lights, little gifts, balls and a star on top. Also I put a Santa’s Cap in the window, in the door I put an angel. And at the home I put many Santas, snowmen and many candles.

I love decorate my house for the celebrations!!

03:22 PM Dec 27 2012 |




Our Christmas is on January 7th as we are Orthodox. So firstly we are celebrating New Year, then Christmas, then on January 14th, the old New Year. It` s a folk holiday meant the new year by old calendar, which was before the great October revolution 1917. In the evening Jan 13th children walk from house to house singing carols and having sweets or money for it. Telling honestly, this is a big business for children, as they can get enough money to by themselves a good present.

02:11 PM Dec 27 2012 |

GrammaristSuper Member!

United Arab Emirates

I can see the decoration wherever I go in this period of time because of the celebration being held for Christmas. It is unusual for us to celebrate this occasion in my country, but it has been totally made for western people, coming from long distance. 

01:47 PM Dec 27 2012 |


YuciSuper Member!


I’m a Japanese and am not Christinan but I celebrated Christmas this year. One of my friends invited me to her home party and I enjoyed it. We said “Merry Christmas”(in English) together.

In Japan Christmas is not a religious event. Some people hold a party with friends and other people date with girlfriend or boyfriend. Houses are decorated and gogeous cakes are sold well. Christmas is a cool event I think.

03:50 PM Dec 26 2012 |


yuminagaSuper Member!


I do nothing  in December  ,I am lookding forward to the Spring festivel coming soon 

12:10 AM Dec 26 2012 |

Its Jenna

Its Jenna

Saudi Arabia

Muslims do not celebrate this occasion. We have two Eids only. Yet I wish you all a merry Christmas!!!

11:38 PM Dec 25 2012 |



just a holiday of the year

05:22 PM Dec 25 2012 |



we celebrate 25 dec because its a birthday of our national hero who is the founder of pakistan ‘quaid e azam muhhamad ali jinnah’ its a holiday all over the country. we decorate our buildings with the huge billboards of our national hero. we salute him by organizing different programs in order to commemorate his efforts for the country. we pay our thanks to him by sininging songs in praise of him and his hardwork he made for the country. we being a muslim wishes a very happy christmas to all our christition brothers and sisters and people around the world merry christmas to all. i like the way how people decorate their houses for the christmas event, i like the stockings hanged at the mental shelf of fire place and wreath at the door and i love the beautiful trees lightes and ornaments hanged on. the tredition of exchange gifts is amazing which amplifies the felicity of the day. speciall dinner meals are the treat for pie holes. its good to join friends and family at the day.




happy new year everybody

02:53 PM Dec 25 2012 |



Here in Brazil (the main religion is Roman Catholicism) we celebrate Christmas. It’s a time not just to decorate houses with ligths, pretties and Santa Claus images, but it’s a time to meet the family and friends around a tasteful supper, change gifts and remember the birth of Jesus and all the things He believed and preached: peace and love. 

02:05 PM Dec 25 2012 |



I appreaciate Eleniya, I wish everyone  could be sensitive like her. If every family chop down a tree for their house, can you imagine the total amount of trees which would die in a week. That’s terrible. Artificial trees are the best. 

Irene, thank you for your nice wishes to all English, baby members.

I am a Muslim and I don’t celebrate Christmas. But I wish all Christian friends a very happy Christmas. So Marry Crsitmas to all..


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i am intresting a gift for you

01:38 PM Dec 25 2012 |



hi everyone have a good day!

today ,i haven’t holiday , in china Christmas isn’t important day! But recently some young people like this holiday,all of them go to de lively place with friends having a crazy day!

01:21 PM Dec 25 2012 |


South Korea

I’ve lived in Jakarta since 2010. As you know, Muslims don’t want to celebrate Christmas day because they believe in that Messia didn’t come yet. However, we got a trip with all employees instead of celebration. We visited a rural area during the holidays. We stayed at the hotel. To get a special event, all of them went to outside of the town in the evening. We enjoyed many Sates, pieces of meat roasted, and traditional songs with street singers. I thought it was a kind of compromise with people of a different religion. It was a successful Christmas holiday.

12:21 PM Dec 25 2012 |


South Korea

In the Republic of Korea, many people decorate their house for the Christmas Day. There are no Christmas holidays. However, some Christians get an artificial tree, and put ornaments on the tree. To celebrate Christmas, they go to church with their family. Most of the church put wreaths on the wall, or put colorful lights outside. 

I wish you a Merry Christmas!

11:43 AM Dec 25 2012 |




Dear IRENE, best Christmas wishes sent back to you and all EB members♡♡

11:34 AM Dec 25 2012 |

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