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Life of Pi
Life of Pi

Learn English with this movies English lesson

Date: Dec 19 2012

Themes: Pop Culture, Travel

Grammar: You're vs. Your


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The bestselling novel, Life of Pi, has just become a movie. Directed by Ang Lee, the movie tells the tale of a very unusual journey across the ocean, featuring a young boy named Pi and a tiger. The tiger was created using special effects.

Sometimes turning books into movies is successful, and sometimes the result falls short. It may or may not be better than the book, but this movie will definitely be beautiful and exciting. Hear Marni and Greta’s thoughts in this movie English lesson.

畅销小说《少年派的奇幻漂流》 (Life of Pi) 刚刚被拍成电影。这部电影由李安 (Ang Lee) 执导,讲述了男孩派 (Pi) 和一只老虎经历的一段不寻常的海上奇幻之旅。老虎采用特效制作而成。



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Greta:  I heard that there is a movie adaptation coming out of the Life of Pi.

Marni:  Oh yeah. That was a novel back from 2001, I think, about an Indian boy who survives a shipwreck if I’m not mistaken?

Greta:  It is.

Marni:  And he’s got a Bengal tiger with him?

Greta:  He does. Yes.

Marni:  So that’s all I really know about it. I haven’t read the book and it sounds like you have, so please enlighten me. How does a boy get stuck stranded at sea with a Bengal tiger?

Greta:  The premise is that this boy and his family owned a zoo in India, and I think that they are traveling to America to start a new life, and they are going to sell some of their zoo animals to a zoo in the US once they get there. And there’s a terrible storm, and the ship goes down, and he, Pi, wakes up after the storm in a lifeboat, and realizes that the tiger is also in the lifeboat.

Marni:  Fascinating. So does it then become this, he’s trying to survive against the tiger in this boat? Or tame the tiger in some way?

Greta:  He’s trying to survive at sea.

Marni:  Sure.

Greta:  He can’t really be comfortable in the boat because there’s a tiger who is not tame at the beginning of the story. But he can’t leave the boat, because then he would drown.

Marni:  Right. It’s like the ultimate “What do you do?” I mean, you’re on a boat with a tiger, or you’re at sea with sharks. Either way, seemingly, it’s not a good situation.


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Greta says that she heard that a movie version of the novel Life of Pi is coming out soon. Marni has heard a few details about it, like that it’s about a boy and a tiger who survive a shipwreck, but that’s all she knows.

Greta fills in some more of the plot. The boy and his family own a zoo in India, and they are sailing to the United States to sell some of their zoo animals. On the way, though, their ship gets destroyed, and the boy ends up on a lifeboat with a ferocious tiger.

Marni points out that this puts the boy in a very difficult position. He must face the tiger on the boat, or the sharks in the sea.

Have you read Life of Pi? Do you think the movie sounds interesting? Have any of your favorite books been made into movies? If so, what did you think of the result?



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It’s an interesting story but i prefer older real stories which inspired this novel such as the Rihla(the travels) of Ibn Battuta, The Autobiography of Malcolm X, The Road to Makkah (by Leopold Weiss aca Mohamad Assad).e.t.c.
Or to the lowest level, lets talk about One Thousand and One Night which has very similar stories of pies. 

09:27 PM May 15 2014 |




Just finished the book. Wow, what a story. Very inspirational… The art of Literature is to live sth good for the rest of your life that you would be coming again and again asking questions going through details applying them on your patterns of life story. It’s like a token for you, a role model even though it’s fiction. Amazing story combining everything – encyclopedic knowledge, fiction, psycology, thrill. Unbelivably awesome!


03:02 AM Apr 12 2013 |




Thanks iRENE for your  review of life of Pi.  

04:11 PM Jan 26 2013 |

Irene Forever


Yesterday I watched Life of Pi. To tell the truth, some of the moments weren’t seen by me as I had closed my eyes and murmured,”  No, no,no….!” Thank God I wasn’t alone. It was realy frightening. In the whole I liked the movie as it was extremely impressive: tragic situations,  unusual and very bold ideas, life of Indian people, stunning effects, incredibly beautiful animals, fantastic views, stormy ocean with amazing creatures. Just Wow!

It’s definitely a must-see movie.

The next one I’m going to see is Anna Kareninа, a screen version of Leo Tolstoy’s novel.

03:18 PM Jan 26 2013 |




Amazing movie,really left a deep impression in my mind:D

12:56 PM Jan 19 2013 |



Russian Federation

Awesome movie! I would say it’s the best movie I’ve seen after “Titanic” came along. It’s absolutely worth seeing it.

02:26 PM Jan 09 2013 |




Its amazing film…i’ve seen it with my girlfriend and after this film we were pleasant!!!

04:26 AM Jan 09 2013 |

1 person likes this


United Arab Emirates

I didn;t see this movie..but hopefully i will see someday…

10:52 AM Jan 07 2013 |



Russian Federation

I’ve recently seen that film and I’m still deeply charmed with its magic atmosphere. I wish I had read the book since I can’t compare and find out what is better. So, what can I say? Here goes some features I admire most of all.

First of all, the script is totally outstanding. This truly overwhelming story telling us the events, that seem simultaneously unbelievable though incredibly sincere and trustworthy, is extremely amazing and touching.

Spectacular views of surrounding ocean and fantastic gorgeus creatures delight my eyes with clean genuine but dangerous beaty. It’s very suitable for 3d therefore. I was utterly excited.

Finally, I was won by unique sweet atmosphere of these picturesque oriental Indian streets and their kind residents as well as their highly spiritual lifestyles and way of considering different things.

Thus, I’d say it’s a huge attractive must-see film one just can’t miss a chance to watch. In a nutshell – very deep, touching and extraordinary. 

P.S. Sorry for the excess of theatrics in my speech +)

01:43 PM Jan 06 2013 |

Andressa Holland


Usually not just me but people in general prefer the book that the movie and think that the book is better and the movie is not as good as expected and that have lot of cuts and everything, but I really think that it won’t happen with Life of Pi. I saw some things and I think that sounds really good and interesting and I’m excited to watch it. High expectatives ‘cause I’ve heard really good things about it and all the critics are giving lot of praises because of the special effects. I don’t think (and I hope) that the results will fall short.

06:37 AM Dec 26 2012 |






I saw this movie last week it is not that goodI think it’s more like an animal word movie~

08:39 PM Dec 23 2012 |

GrammaristSuper Member!

United Arab Emirates

The most incredible moment happening was when the whale broke the surface of the water and flew to the sky and returned back to the enormous ocean with a big splash.  

07:41 PM Dec 23 2012 |



I saw this movie last week~ it is not that goodI think it’s more like an animal word movie~

08:55 AM Dec 23 2012 |

GrammaristSuper Member!

United Arab Emirates

I saw this movie yesterday!! For me, it was shocking!! It could have been better. The special effects mentioned were just a few. The story was rather poor and predictable. Knowing that the guy PI was alive and the storyteller made me feel bored since what might befall in the lifeboat was 100% foreseeable that he would be unharmed throughout his adventure!! However, some people do not mind J .as the movie went on, many people left the cinema. I did not hesitate to stay till the move ended because I would feel guilty of spending money on something I did not complete it!!


Next time, I will read more reviews about the new coming movies.

Speaking of the adaptation, I do not know but this might differ from person to person. Some people like to visualize or create things in their own way; some love the ready-made pictures through which they do not need to busy their minds.

09:42 PM Dec 21 2012 |




I can’t really say I like the movie or story. Basically  it seems so unreal. I prefer movies based on true stories. Of course, it may sounds boring since it is our daily life but on the other hand it may inspire us in many ways by just watching someone’s experience.

04:25 PM Dec 20 2012 |

Irene Forever


It sounds attractive for me to watch Life of Pi tho I haven’t read the book of the same name. So I’m looking forward to see it.

My favourite book is Gone with wind, and I’ve watched the screen version several times. It’s impossible for me to stop being amazed by the great actors and actresses starring in the movie. Vivien Leigh was amazingly beautiful actress who was a real diamond  in the cinematograph of that time and will never be forgotten.

No doubt, every book cannot be made into a movie successfully. It depends on many factors. I guess, the first thing that must be taken into consideration is talented actors who can make a candy from even bletcherous scribble.

02:15 PM Dec 20 2012 |

princess kay


i haven’t seen yet this movies,but sounds interesting.i will watch this movies soon if I can have time.

01:51 PM Dec 20 2012 |




I haven’t seen the movie yet, but got extremely curious about it, I guess the novel must be more complete and easier to undestand this complex idea of surviving in the sea with a not-tamed tiger beside you, I saw some parts and the Cold Play song (Paradise) in the back ground and loved, I wnt to watch it for sure!!

12:04 PM Dec 20 2012 |



Peace upon you

09:58 AM Dec 20 2012 |



very cool!I find a lot of funs by these movies English lesson

05:36 AM Dec 20 2012 |

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