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Life of Pi
Life of Pi

Learn English with this movies English lesson

Date: Dec 19 2012

Themes: Pop Culture, Travel

Grammar: You're vs. Your


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The bestselling novel, Life of Pi, has just become a movie. Directed by Ang Lee, the movie tells the tale of a very unusual journey across the ocean, featuring a young boy named Pi and a tiger. The tiger was created using special effects.

Sometimes turning books into movies is successful, and sometimes the result falls short. It may or may not be better than the book, but this movie will definitely be beautiful and exciting. Hear Marni and Greta’s thoughts in this movie English lesson.

畅销小说《少年派的奇幻漂流》 (Life of Pi) 刚刚被拍成电影。这部电影由李安 (Ang Lee) 执导,讲述了男孩派 (Pi) 和一只老虎经历的一段不寻常的海上奇幻之旅。老虎采用特效制作而成。



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Greta:  I heard that there is a movie adaptation coming out of the Life of Pi.

Marni:  Oh yeah. That was a novel back from 2001, I think, about an Indian boy who survives a shipwreck if I’m not mistaken?

Greta:  It is.

Marni:  And he’s got a Bengal tiger with him?

Greta:  He does. Yes.

Marni:  So that’s all I really know about it. I haven’t read the book and it sounds like you have, so please enlighten me. How does a boy get stuck stranded at sea with a Bengal tiger?

Greta:  The premise is that this boy and his family owned a zoo in India, and I think that they are traveling to America to start a new life, and they are going to sell some of their zoo animals to a zoo in the US once they get there. And there’s a terrible storm, and the ship goes down, and he, Pi, wakes up after the storm in a lifeboat, and realizes that the tiger is also in the lifeboat.

Marni:  Fascinating. So does it then become this, he’s trying to survive against the tiger in this boat? Or tame the tiger in some way?

Greta:  He’s trying to survive at sea.

Marni:  Sure.

Greta:  He can’t really be comfortable in the boat because there’s a tiger who is not tame at the beginning of the story. But he can’t leave the boat, because then he would drown.

Marni:  Right. It’s like the ultimate “What do you do?” I mean, you’re on a boat with a tiger, or you’re at sea with sharks. Either way, seemingly, it’s not a good situation.


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Greta says that she heard that a movie version of the novel Life of Pi is coming out soon. Marni has heard a few details about it, like that it’s about a boy and a tiger who survive a shipwreck, but that’s all she knows.

Greta fills in some more of the plot. The boy and his family own a zoo in India, and they are sailing to the United States to sell some of their zoo animals. On the way, though, their ship gets destroyed, and the boy ends up on a lifeboat with a ferocious tiger.

Marni points out that this puts the boy in a very difficult position. He must face the tiger on the boat, or the sharks in the sea.

Have you read Life of Pi? Do you think the movie sounds interesting? Have any of your favorite books been made into movies? If so, what did you think of the result?



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Seems like this one’s a “must-watch” movies :)

04:09 AM Dec 19 2012 |




Book is always better than a movie. Life of Pi  is in the a school program of grade 10. I haven’t finished the book, to my chagrin. Something distracted me. Sorry. It’s not that I didn’t want to read it, it’s a hectic lifestyle. But now, I’ll read it about this fantasy of the young Indian boy and the tiger with a strange name as Richard Parker. It’s intriguing how the tiger didn’t eat the boy.

The Hunting Games has been made into the movie. The book is better, though the main acress is a perfect match, but there’s something in the movie that makes the book more interesting.

What beats me is how they fit the great French historical novel by Victor Hugo, Les Misérables into a 2 hours movie. Well, we’ll see.

What book I want to be made into a movie is by the Canadian author Pauline Gedge, The Eagle and The Raven. Oh, the movie will be great! What Hollywood is waiting for!;) 



i didn’t speak english , help me !

02:00 AM Dec 19 2012 |



compared with this style,i like comic movies more.

01:41 AM Dec 19 2012 |




Yes, It is a very good movie. I just saw last weekend. Many people like it!

01:20 AM Dec 19 2012 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

yes i think it’s very populer,i heard to some of my friends know this movie but i don’t know really wat’s it about,some people say it’s very good movie some people say no it isen’t.but here write life with pi,it’s dangerous isen’t it?i think it is cause in many days they are very hungry or maby eat u;)

10:39 AM Dec 18 2012 |

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