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Facial Hair
Facial Hair

Learn English with this fashion English lesson

Date: Jan 02 2013

Themes: Fashion

Grammar: Present Perfect Tense


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Mustaches, beards, goatees, soul-patches. There are many options for men who want to sport some facial hair. Facial hair has become so trendy that there are even contests to see who can grow the best mustache or longest beard.

Not every man wants to go the hairy-face route, though. Some men find beards itchy. Others don’t like worrying about getting food caught in their mustache. But it’s not as if shaving’s all that great either. Find out Mason and Jeff’s thoughts on facial hair in this fashion English lesson.




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Mason:  Jeff, have you heard of the Movember tradition?

Jeff:  Uh, what is that? It sounds familiar.

Mason:  Well, it’s where many gentlemen will agree to grow mustaches, ostensibly to support awareness for male cancers, but mostly it’s an excuse to grow a mustache.

Jeff:  I noticed it looks like you’re in on that.

Mason:  Yeah. But I feel like my mustache isn’t really that great.

Jeff:  I’ve tried the same thing before. Not for Movember, but I don’t know, I have pretty heavy facial hair…

Mason:  Yeah, you look like you could grow a mighty beard.

Jeff:  I can grow a beard, but the mustache is a little lacking. I have grown a beard, but let me tell you, I don’t like it.

Mason:  Why not?

Jeff:  It’s uncomfortable. I don’t know.

Mason:  You can’t get past the itchy phase?

Jeff:  I’ve gotten past the itchy phase, and I’m not a fan. But I also hate shaving. Isn’t it a pain?

Mason:  It’s a total pain. And yet, have you ever gotten a shave, a professional shave?

Jeff:  I have not. But I’ve been looking into it.

Mason:  Let me tell you, my friend. There is no greater pleasure for a man on this earth than getting a professional shave from an old dude in a dingy barber shop.

Jeff:  That’s a bold statement.

Mason:  I know it sounds terrible, but it’s amazing.


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Mason asks Jeff if he’s heard of a tradition called “Movember.” It turns out that it’s a combination of “mustache” and “November,” during which men are encouraged to grow a mustache for a month. Jeff notices that Mason is participating.

Jeff has grown facial hair before, too, though not for a particular reason. He’s had a beard, but he doesn’t really like it. He finds it uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, Jeff doesn’t really like shaving, either. Mason asks if Jeff has ever gotten a professional shave. He hasn’t. Mason strongly encourages Jeff to get one. He thinks it’s one of the best experiences he’s ever had.

If you are a man, do you like having facial hair? If you’re not, what do you think of facial hair? In your country, is it popular for men to have beards or to be clean-shaven? Do you like having a professional shave or haircut?



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I loved dating men with a well-groomed beard. They’re more manly, masculine and sexier in every aspect. Facial hair also indicates a healthy level of dihydrotestosterone. Beards are so hot and sexy.

02:45 PM Feb 06 2019 |




Just like Jeff, I could grow a REALLY mighty beard. I’ve tried it a few times, but I realized that I can’t get past the itchy phase. It sucks! However, on the other hand, I don’t like shaving everyday either, because it hurts the skin – A LOT! Mine grows too fast and I have to deal with it. That’s why I rather to shave every other day. 

In Brazil people don’t really care about your facial hair (on men). I mean, of course you have to take care of your apperance, but they won’t get down on you just because of it.  It’s really up to you if you’re going to have one or not.

11:51 AM Feb 17 2014 |

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this makes me think of one of my foreign teachers-Hitt. he has a facial fair that adds his attactiveness in my perspectve. he is a good man and a good teacher, he always tell us the funny storys about himself in the U.S. and sometimes his facial fair seems has covered all his chin which make him look so funny…

02:26 PM Sep 25 2013 |

La Princesse de la vie


In my country, there are some people believe that a man mustn’t shave his mustache. They see that it’s a mark of manliness.. My brother wants to keep his mustache, but not due to the same belief :D.. most young men nowadays here see that it’s trendy to be clean-shaven or just to have a small goatee, but there’s a common habit that a man starts to keep his mustache after marriage and some keep their beards..

10:28 PM Feb 08 2013 |




Ladies,what you,ll say about this man? Do you like him?Do you want to have him in your male admires group? Just look at him—he is so funny.

07:37 AM Jan 29 2013 |




I don’t like shaving because my face is like a child’s after that. I shave twice in a month. Only my mother complaints about it. She says it’s stinging.

05:31 PM Jan 09 2013 |



United States

To beard or not to beard?

I certainly love my man’s five o’clock shadow and that not only on the weekends.

Look at all the babyface actors in Hollywood. Don’t they look sexier with those stubbles?

04:40 PM Jan 05 2013 |

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Irene Forever


I propose all men who want to have a pet on his face to wear false mustache. At least, you can let it out any minute.:)

07:53 PM Jan 03 2013 |



there are guys that looks really handsome with beard, I think mustache and beard represent the masculinity of each man. But yeah I have to recognize that some guys didn’t care it as well as they could do it. 

06:38 PM Jan 03 2013 |

Irene Forever


Adat, true. When I see a man with mustache, I see rather a walrus. It’s absolutely out of date.:)

08:16 AM Jan 03 2013 |

1 person likes this

Irene Forever


I M P E RI V M, actually all men without facial hair  look handsome for me.:)

08:13 AM Jan 03 2013 |


Costa Rica

Personally i think the mustache is out of date at least to me. When my bf has just shave his skin is so soft as a baby’s skin, but a little later it’s growing again. I always complain that men don’t usually care so much about their appearance as we do but shaving is their part of the duty :-)!


United States

Dont be too harsh on men who have mustache Irene! I think men who are handsome (like me) look cool without or with facial hair it adds an air of madurity. Yes for some men it is not favorable

10:17 PM Jan 02 2013 |

Irene Forever


Julito, I can only imagine that beauty.:)

Here’s what Anita Wise ( actress) said about mustache,” It’s like having a little pet for your face.”

What a cute imagination!:)

08:26 PM Jan 02 2013 |




 IRENE,  I have known of a woman who had mustaches and beard , she worked in a circus jejeje.   I see  that you and Mahtab would freaked out  if you  had to kiss a man with  mustaches . LOL  I agree with  you both, thanks God I am a man  and the circus and the woman are no longer in town….... jejejeje   

08:09 PM Jan 02 2013 |

Irene Forever


Friendlover, right. Methinks, you look great without them.

05:55 PM Jan 02 2013 |

Irene Forever


Mahtab, not me.:)

05:52 PM Jan 02 2013 |

1 person likes this



Ok Irene, I won’t tell anyone..Wait a minute, everybody saw that :))

I heard some women have mustache but I have never met any of them. I hope I will never meet. It must be hard for a woman. Women care about their appearance much more than men. 

I learnt that from this lesson, wemon don’t like men with facial hair. So I will never have facial hair anymore :)

05:48 PM Jan 02 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Yes Irene,

I’m agree with you too!

Who likes to kiss an emery face!:))

05:39 PM Jan 02 2013 |

Irene Forever


Friendlover, yes, women are lucky not to have that problem, but you know some women …..don’t tell anybody… have mustache. :)))

05:25 PM Jan 02 2013 |

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