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Reading In Bed
Reading In Bed

Learn English with this bedtime English lesson

Date: Jan 11 2013

Themes: Hobbies

Grammar: Modal Verbs


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It’s time to go to sleep. Do you reach for the light switch, or reach for your book?

Many people find that reading before bed helps them calm down, relax, and get sleepy. Also, it can be hard to fit reading into our busy, modern lives, so bedtime can be a good opportunity to get some time with your book.

Learn reading English and find out what Jason and Vanessa’s bedtime reading habits are in this English lesson.





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Vanessa:  Say, Jason, I’m looking for a new book to read. Do you have any recommendations?

Jason:  I just finished Crime and Punishment and I think it really lived up to the hype.

Vanessa:  You know, I’m sure it’s good and all, but I mostly like to read before bed and I’m not sure if I want anything that intense.

Jason:  Oh yeah, that might not make for the best dreams. That’s when you do most of your reading, before bed?

Vanessa:  I do, yeah, I find it relaxes me after the day and calms me down. I love reading in bed. I got a special little lamp that goes beside my bed that I can turn over and switch it off and go right to sleep!

Jason:  Oh yeah. I don’t know, I feel like bed isn’t the most comfortable place to read sometimes. Sometimes I get really excited by what I’m reading and I feel like it would actually keep me up.

Vanessa:  I think reading in bed is fine. I guess I just turn over on my side and read the book for a while…I think you have to choose what you read before bed pretty carefully, though.

Jason:  Yeah. Well, I just started reading The Aeneid, so maybe I’ll find something a little lighter for bedtime reading.

Vanessa:  Well, it seems like that would put you to sleep pretty easy though!


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Vanessa asks Jason if he has read any good books lately. He suggests a very serious Russian novel. Since Vanessa typically reads before bed, she thinks that might not be the best choice.

Jason doesn’t like to read in bed. He thinks it’s uncomfortable and might keep him up. Vanessa loves it though. She likes to read until she’s sleepy, then turn out the light, roll over, and fall asleep.

Do you like to read before bed? What kind of books do you think make good bedtime reading?



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Andressa Holland


I always try to read a book before I sleep, because is the moment when the house is calm and silent and I can pay atenttion in what I’m reading, but when I try to do it when I’m very, very, very asleep is just a fail ‘cause I can’t understand what I’m reading and I start to space out and I just give up and go to sleep XD

03:13 AM Jan 13 2013 |


yuminagaSuper Member!


reading in bed is fine, I dont tipically read in bed though for me, I mostly read something  like news about  electric  with iPad  until i am sleepy  actually it s almost  10~15 minuts ,turn out the the light that gose beside my bed ,roll over ang fall asheep.

11:41 PM Jan 12 2013 |




I would be taken sleep befor finish reading one line.

08:54 PM Jan 12 2013 |


Saudi Arabia

it is nice topic

08:20 PM Jan 12 2013 |

azho azhen

azho azhen


i like to read books befor bed

04:23 PM Jan 12 2013 |


United States

j.gs/1lR9 please click :)

02:50 PM Jan 12 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i don`t used to read befor sleep because i don`t go to my bed till i can`t keep  my eye up and when i go to bed i`m so exhausted

02:31 PM Jan 12 2013 |



I always red my emails before go to sleep

02:14 PM Jan 12 2013 |

blake chocolate


I always read my friends dairy in QQ qzone.

12:46 PM Jan 12 2013 |




it’s may habit to read in bed before going to sleep.

12:42 PM Jan 12 2013 |



Viet Nam

Yes, I enjoy reading in bed. I usually like to read in quite place or the music for soul. I feel relaxing, comfortable … Its great ! I love to read novels or English books and can absorb a lot of knowledge, too.

12:03 PM Jan 12 2013 |

1 person likes this



i love to read before bed and usually i do but i’m a kind of bookworm most of the time books impels me to pull an all nighter. so i start and set my clock for an hour, after an hour i set my clock again for another hour to satisfy my reading hunger. reading keep me up so i oftenly have a good nightcap to sleep tight. i like light and lively stuf to read on bed but its a fine time in solitary to read some rechrche type of things because we can concentrate more rather then in the day with the cacophony all around. like snoppy i like to read while travelling and its great on a long journey to have some fine books. we people as like sleep overs share some reading nights with friends too specially before exams students try to study en masse with friends for sharing views and bettar understanding of some difficult topics. this combined study helps alot and by the way in brakes yummmmy snackes for the tummy make these expectional.

09:23 AM Jan 12 2013 |



Saudi Arabia

it’s really good habit and helps me to relax but lately i just check out of my black berry and sleep ^^“

02:36 AM Jan 12 2013 |


South Korea

It’s very hard for me to read something before bed. I usually get sleepy in a minute after preparation of reading. Sometimes I try to improve my English skills by using MP3 with earphone. After I wake up, I usually check my improvement. However, my listening skills are same before, and also I didn’t remember what I read last night well. In my opinion, reading in bed is not fitted for me. It rather hindered my deep sleep with stress. Do you have any experiences like me? 

02:14 AM Jan 12 2013 |


yuminagaSuper Member!


I read some news with iPad before bed ,I cant read a long long books

12:41 AM Jan 12 2013 |

1 person likes this



i agree it is sweet habit , it even helps to be more intelectual

12:19 AM Jan 12 2013 |

cheer manal


long time ago i was taking reading books for granted. it wasn’t something entertaining for me. to tell you the truth I started reading many books but it was rarely when i finished them, i know it sounds weird but it’s what i used to be like .I had a tendency to read magazins and watching movies instead. I started to read novels and short stories by the time i went to university…and then i got used to the habit of reading. Now i’m fond of books. Actually, i like to read before bed it makes one feel relaxed and confortable especially after having a long day when i read a book in bed i just sleep like a baby :)

10:37 PM Jan 11 2013 |

Bilal Ahmed


I never read while sleeping.

09:39 PM Jan 11 2013 |




Raisa,  I agree with you that after a hectic day who wants to carry the problems  to the bed , a  book is  like   a source of  fresh air  that cools off  our worries . Of course , nothing related to conflicts and wars. In my case, when I went through  times of great distress  reading the bible at bedtime was  of great help.    

09:20 PM Jan 11 2013 |



Yes, I love read before bed. All kind of book makes me fine to sleep very well.

Read before bed is much better than whatch tv, and you rlx ur body, ur eyes, ur mind think over good things and turn off from the reality, the matters , etc.

It’s a good recommandation.

09:05 PM Jan 11 2013 |

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