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Reading In Bed
Reading In Bed

Learn English with this bedtime English lesson

Date: Jan 11 2013

Themes: Hobbies

Grammar: Modal Verbs


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It’s time to go to sleep. Do you reach for the light switch, or reach for your book?

Many people find that reading before bed helps them calm down, relax, and get sleepy. Also, it can be hard to fit reading into our busy, modern lives, so bedtime can be a good opportunity to get some time with your book.

Learn reading English and find out what Jason and Vanessa’s bedtime reading habits are in this English lesson.





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Vanessa:  Say, Jason, I’m looking for a new book to read. Do you have any recommendations?

Jason:  I just finished Crime and Punishment and I think it really lived up to the hype.

Vanessa:  You know, I’m sure it’s good and all, but I mostly like to read before bed and I’m not sure if I want anything that intense.

Jason:  Oh yeah, that might not make for the best dreams. That’s when you do most of your reading, before bed?

Vanessa:  I do, yeah, I find it relaxes me after the day and calms me down. I love reading in bed. I got a special little lamp that goes beside my bed that I can turn over and switch it off and go right to sleep!

Jason:  Oh yeah. I don’t know, I feel like bed isn’t the most comfortable place to read sometimes. Sometimes I get really excited by what I’m reading and I feel like it would actually keep me up.

Vanessa:  I think reading in bed is fine. I guess I just turn over on my side and read the book for a while…I think you have to choose what you read before bed pretty carefully, though.

Jason:  Yeah. Well, I just started reading The Aeneid, so maybe I’ll find something a little lighter for bedtime reading.

Vanessa:  Well, it seems like that would put you to sleep pretty easy though!


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Vanessa asks Jason if he has read any good books lately. He suggests a very serious Russian novel. Since Vanessa typically reads before bed, she thinks that might not be the best choice.

Jason doesn’t like to read in bed. He thinks it’s uncomfortable and might keep him up. Vanessa loves it though. She likes to read until she’s sleepy, then turn out the light, roll over, and fall asleep.

Do you like to read before bed? What kind of books do you think make good bedtime reading?



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United States

for me reading in bed has never worked because I fall asleep

07:48 PM Jan 11 2013 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of


07:05 PM Jan 11 2013 |

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    I do most of my leisure readings during my public transit commutes, to and from work; I skim a couple of articles from magazines or newspapers- that’s my way of finding my own space and tranquility. If anything else, it shortens the travelling distance and makes it worthwhile, it’s better than watching passengers that stare but never  speak : )

      Did I ever tuck in a book just to lull myself to sleep?, well, there’ve been times while coursing through the pages of an interesting novel  I felt that my eyelids are getting heavy, I always snapped out of such hypnoses and do everything in my means to stay awake. I’m not a bookworm but I could sacrifice my precious recommended 6 hours of sleep for a really magnetic book :). Similarly to what Jason said, I hate to cut short in a middle of a juicy reading, doing so can keep my mind so preoccupied that it’s hard to fall asleep even when my eyes are closed :).

      Also, I discovered that reading around bedtime, sometimes, leads me to all sort of distractions. For example ,if I stumbled on something unfamiliar ( particularly, a name reference of a place or a person )while reading, I could jump out  of my bed ,turn on my computer and looked it up, and 50  mouse clicks later  I recall that I was supposed to be reading a book not surfing YouTube. But, by that time, it’s already minutes shy of 3 A.M :).

     I can understand people who believe that reading books can wind someone down to sleep very quickly. I think Vanessa is right on the matter of choosing the right nighttime book, and it varies depending on personal preferences.   In my case, a textbook is the cure to insomnia. It doesn’t matter what subject it is about, or the significance of my exam in the morning. I feel drowsy quite rapidly just reading a textbook in bed .I’d shut that book up and slumber the night away, with no remorse : ) although it’s a different story if I’m studying at my desk, I can pull an all-nighter there, very easily.  

     Let’s see … What else would send me on a nice night trip besides textbooks?    Ah!  Of course! I’d have to be clad in my crisp pajamas after a late shower, then coil myself  under my puffy comforter in a fetal position with my face buried in a downy pillow, while a fan  is gently sweeping the air in my dark room , quietly  all over me . That whole romance can make me purr myself to sleep in record time, Or! I could have just gulped down half a bottle of brandy before hitting the hay in my work clothes and black out! Kidding   :)




Hey U : ghost.w0506 : WHAT DO U MEAN : (what kind of human is that ??)

In general , what is the benfit of reading books ?When i asked this Q , already i know what is the benfit !!I asked this Q to my brother Baset and not U ( IT’S NOT UR BUSINESS),I  asked this Q to Baset : because : I like baset’s words too much , I like the way he talks !!

05:25 PM Jan 11 2013 |



United Arab Emirates

I very like reading books but I dont like my university books cuz for me they seems boring. and when I reading some book on the bad about in 5 min I feel sleepy. mostly I like reading books which I choose to me very interesting. and I can read one book at night if its realy exciting:))))))))))

04:48 PM Jan 11 2013 |



ya very nice way to sleep soon 

03:56 PM Jan 11 2013 |

1 person likes this


Saudi Arabia

the topic was a nice i remeber i was reading a book on the bed but unfortunately directly makes me sleep _ but really was a nice day when u reading i prefer a wisdom books and poet actually there are many books i like them but what would i say anything give u a cultures read it thats it ..

03:42 PM Jan 11 2013 |

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I usually read during the day not before bedtime but i’m sure reading helps a lot to make you go to sleep fast and i recommend people who have insomnia to read right before bedtime, this way they wouldn’t need to take sleeping pills anymore it’s very nature and beautiful way to go to sleep fast. I think the best books for good bedtime are romantic and funny books.


03:17 PM Jan 11 2013 |



mmmm it depends on what am I supposed to read, but personatly i prefer to watch tv since i can share it… reading a book is kind of isolating…

03:17 PM Jan 11 2013 |



Russian Federation

If i cant sleep well,always read a book to sleep soon

02:28 PM Jan 11 2013 |

i love life

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

Very nice article , I totally agree with this topic , Always I prefer read before the sleep and I love read everytime , there’s nothing equal when you enrich your culture , I should Improve my education specially these days , we have to decide change our system Because we have no much time to do everything , everyone is looking for enhance his culture , For me I do my usual things , The read is very precious things when you educated yourself .

our lives has contains many nice things , Everyday I’m reading my books , I love reading some specific books , my favorites books are the revolutionary books , my hero is Mohammoed darwish and Jubran Kaleal Jubran and Jabreal Markize

I love read before the sleep specially in the winter , these days I seldom read a book mostly of my reading on the Internet .

Life without reading isn’t  enjoyable , life without education never Interesting , life without Internet isn’t wonderful .

We are educated people , the truth is our lives has become more enjoyable with the Internet  , everythig is available now


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i love read book everyday and before i want sleep i do it too but some times i’m very tired and i sleep and when at morning i get up see my book is down:D

02:00 PM Jan 11 2013 |



i do it in my all nights it’s wonderful and i never understand the end of the book:)

01:46 PM Jan 11 2013 |




Just like apple pie, reading is my favorite thing to do in life. And reading in bed makes me feel like I am in paradise and singing a soft song that touches my heart, brain and soul with the company of cheerful and beautiful muses surrouding me. :) 

Once I am absorbed in a book in bed, I can never stop myself. I see the sunrise with the book in my hand and still I keep reading. Yeah, I am addicted to reading. :)



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I loved to read book before bed , but I didnt read book because I wanted to sleep better!

I was a bookworm and sometimes I didnt sleep to finish a new book!

Nowadays I seldom read a book!

I read everything I need by Internet now!

I know its not good but I have a mini laptop and its with me everywhere ,specially in my bed!:)

It took place of all other kind of media and hobbies in my life! Book , TV , Satelite , .....

I’m on ebaby and Fb before bed and when I decide to sleep , I simply sleep!:)

Nothing can usually keep me up!

Oh with this subject I’m missing my books now!:(

I’d love to read all of them again!


Russian Federation

I read a books very often. But, before bed, I prefer listerning to music :)

11:44 AM Jan 11 2013 |




I used to read in bed,: as most of you guys  have said ” food for the mind and soul,” but  now  I prefer to watch TV ,although ,  all of a sudden  , a new intruder is catching my  attention during bedtime , and  runs by   the name of  ”tablet” , light, sleek,  handy .  My books are on the coffee table  feeling abandoned, the  TV set  is most of the time on hold,  I think that they understand , is what happens when a new baby  arrives  home. :)))     



I love reading before bed. I prefer interesting books, sci-fis, for example Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones. 

10:50 AM Jan 11 2013 |




Totally agree with Irene about Baset,s comments.It,s difficult to add smth,maybe only this:

while reading we widen our scope,develop imagination,begin to think about everything,get interesting information,learn how to behave ourselves,lose in dreams,learn the history of different countries,learn smth interesting about persons character and people in general…

“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.”

“Reading is a vital form of communication with all of mankind and wisdom of many ages.”

To talk about reading and books I can endless.It should be mentioned  that they are our real friends like animals.And I think that books are one of the greatest inventions of mankind(for our mind).

Reading in bed is one of the convenient ways to do it,though we should remember about some dangers Baset so nice described below.

Books are like sandwiches: between the front and back is smth good,but not food writers and poets often pack.



Hong Kong

reading in bed may be good….It got me the glasses though T T…....

09:53 AM Jan 11 2013 |

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