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Date: Jan 25 2013

Themes: Family

Grammar: Gerunds vs. Infinitives


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It’s strange to think about how every person you know was once a baby. Some animals have offspring that are born walking. But human babies are so helpless. They seem very different from adult humans.

Babies are very cute, but also loud and always a handful. Some people these days live lives that don’t have a lot of babies in them. If you live in a city and mostly hang out with adults who don’t have children, you might not see babies very often. If you don’t have a lot practice, it can be hard to know what to do and how to act when you meet a baby.

In this English lesson, find out how Jason and Vanessa feel about babies.





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Jason:  My friend just had a baby and she offered to let me hold it, which was awesome because he is really adorable, but I realized I don’t know how to hold a baby. Like, she had to explain it to me.

Vanessa:  How could you not know how to hold a baby? What about your little cousins and stuff? Didn’t you hold them when you were a kid?

Jason:  You know, there weren’t a lot of babies around when I was growing up. I guess I was one of the younger members of my family so I wasn’t old enough to hold any babies when they were babies.

Vanessa:  Oh, wow. Well, I guess we’re different. My family is pretty big and I grew up with baby cousins all the time. And you know, I’m a girl, so I was always interested in giving them baths and feeding them and holding them. I guess maybe if you didn’t grow up doing that, it might be a little intimidating to hold a baby.

Jason:  They’re a little bit scary! I don’t know what they’re thinking, what they’re going to do. Obviously you can’t talk to a baby and reason with it.

Vanessa:  Well, I don’t think they are thinking much. But they are small and they do seem pretty breakable.

Jason:  Yeah! That’s what I was worried about, was that even if I held him wrong it would hurt him somehow. He seemed so fragile, but that is part of the appeal.

Vanessa:  That’s the good thing about babies though, they definitely let you know when they’re not happy.

Jason:  I see, yeah, that’s good to know.


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Jason recently realized he doesn’t know how to hold a baby. His friend had to show him how to do it. It was intimidating for him because the baby seemed so breakable.

Vanessa is surprised that anyone would not know how to hold a baby. When she was growing up, she held lots of babies.

Do you like babies? Do you spend a lot of time around them? What is your favorite or least favorite thing about babies?



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Babies, from the time they are concieve is mysterious, from fetus it develop into a baby inside a woman’s body.

02:46 PM Jan 25 2013 |



I like babies , that is  one of the mysterious thing in human being  ,the  desire to have children in one’s life  when I met my lovely husband I  wanted babies from him.

I  have two  sons  that were babies , it wasn’t an  easy task to hold them but they had and still have  this magic thing that keeps you on form and ready to give them love ,hapiness, best education,..  well the world if you could.

azho azhen

azho azhen


i am so happy in my life becauce i have three baby thay bourn togeather, thay are the light to me, babies forgive you all probems. it is so nice

02:13 PM Jan 25 2013 |



I didn’t before, but now i do like children after i have my own son.  i knew little about children and i thought they were noisy and naughty. now i take after my son every day and i see the lovely nature in child.

02:02 PM Jan 25 2013 |




i grow up with my twin sister. and we were going to school together from kindergarten to high school and at the same class. so my teachers can’t distinguish us :P   but now we are in the different university. 

and i think i am not alone growing up with my twin sister. so i hope i will also have a twin children, which is interesting! :P

01:56 PM Jan 25 2013 |




I don’t have one but i would, despite a handful!!

12:14 PM Jan 25 2013 |




i like babies but i dont think i like to have one lol

11:52 AM Jan 25 2013 |




I grew three children myself,and Y know definetly how it is difficult and responsible.Its necessary to look  them after  and know theirs demands which are exspressed in cries and shouts and so on.But children are flowers of our life as its   spoken.Look at my little daughter,she is beautifull,isnt she?

11:36 AM Jan 25 2013 |


yuminagaSuper Member!


i hv to admit  babies are cule but sometime can be annoying, they are stubborn

11:09 AM Jan 25 2013 |

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Babies are little angels.  It is true that they need a lot of care  and sacrifice from  parents, but by  fulfilling this duty  Mum And Dad  can also grow  more  into  better persons, by having to think  less on  themselves  and more  on their child wellbeing. If you like babies, come to my country, it´s amazing  how  many pregnant young women  you can see in the streets  and strolling their babies as well .I was told that in Europe the  rate of new born babies is low. MESS, I agree with you  ,holding a baby  in our arms  is without words to express our feelings.  




I didn’t like babies as much as I want before. But now I have my own baby and I totaly changed my thoughts about motherhood and babies)

11:02 AM Jan 25 2013 |




Seyif, if we look at it from that angle you might be right but a woman cannot get pregnant by herself, so we cannot ignore the man’s contribution. :)))

09:49 AM Jan 25 2013 |




Irrelavant of the context of this discussion but what is the most stunning gift a man could give to a woman?

The answer is an adorable baby.

One of my friends, a very sweet mother, brought her a-year-old baby girl to the school earlier today. The moment I stepped into the teacher’s room, I gave a little shout out : “OMG, OMG, OMG!” :) I saw a beautifully dressed lady in front of me in pink clothes. She was more like a princess. I grabbed her immediately. I felt truly amazing when I took her on my lap. That’s the grandest feeling a woman can ever feel. :)




i like babies, but i don’t have a lot of experiences with them, but i aways take every chance to take care of them for a while , babies are like the best dolls for me , u can dress them up and play house with ... they are dolls with emotions and movements… the worst the can get from a baby is he or she  pukes, pee, poop on you , so be prepared , take off the nice clothes u r wearing .

06:39 AM Jan 25 2013 |




i love babies

06:31 AM Jan 25 2013 |




I love babies.I am so exciting and expecting that my niece or nerphew will come this year.So i will have a lot of time around baby.Frist,i will kiss he or she,touch him little hand and so on..wow..exciting think it.

06:01 AM Jan 25 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Yes babies!

The little monsters!! :))

I spent a lot of time with my nephew when he was a baby!!

Yes they are handful but I’m ok with that because I used to do that!

When they are happy and calm they are adorable and I really enjoy of caring them but when they cry and you dont know why , oh my God!! its awful!

It seems babies like me more than me, I always have this situation that babies on the bus or in other places smile to me and want me to hug them!!!!

I dont know why but I try not to look at the babies of strangers in public places!!:))


United States

Babies are always cute! even if they are noisy and fat! I cant believe some women kill them!




Yes I like babies. Meanwhile my baby is 18 years old so he will never disturb my sleep at night :)

03:04 AM Jan 25 2013 |




Babies are always cute and adorable _ they have nice smile even when they laugh.. But physically they seem weak so you must hold it carefully :D 

02:30 AM Jan 25 2013 |

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