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Credit Cards
Credit Cards

Learn English with this finance English lesson

Date: Feb 04 2013

Themes: Travel

Grammar: Simple Future Tense


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It’s almost rare to see cash these days. Why carry around all that money when you can use your card for almost everything?

Not only do most businesses accept credit cards now, many businesses offer their own credit card which gives you special rewards for using it when you shop.

The difficult thing about credit cards though is when you swipe your card, it doesn’t feel like you paid any money. It’s easy to get behind on the payments and go into debt since credit cards have high interest rates.

Mason loves to use his credit card, but Sara is more cautious with hers. Listen to them talk about the benefits and risks of plastic in this finance English lesson.






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Mason:  I’m super excited for my trip to Europe this winter because I got the tickets using airline miles from my credit card.

Sara:  Woah, so you bought enough on your credit card that then you had enough miles to buy a ticket to Europe, is what you are saying?

Mason:  Absolutely! It’s totally the way to go. I buy everything with my credit card because I get the points, and then I can use them to get stuff. I just pay the credit card off every month so I don’t get any debt.

Sara:  So, you go to the convenience store and buy a couple of bottles of soda and you just swipe your credit card and that contributes to your European vacation?

Mason:  Basically, yes. I will even sometimes pay the extra fee to use my credit card when I have cash because I get the extra stuff.

Sara:  You know, I have a credit card but I barely ever use it. I think I’m just just afraid of going into debt.

Mason:  Well, it’s the kind of thing that I know a lot of people save for a rainy day but it’s just really about, do you have the discipline to say, “This only represents real money that I have,” not, “Hey, this is magic money that I’ll take care of later.”

Sara:  Right, it’s a different kind of magic money that allows you to go to Europe!


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Mason is taking a trip to Europe soon and he is excited because he got the airplane tickets for free from using his credit card. He pays with plastic whenever he can so that he can get lots of airline miles.

Sara usually pays with cash. She is worried that she won’t pay the credit card off on time and will owe a lot of money in interest. Mason tells her that if you can be responsible with your card, there’s a lot you can do with the points you earn for using it.

Do you have a credit card? Do you use it often? Have you gotten any rewards for using your card?



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Beyond the own use that we have over them, we shouldn’t overlook that credit cards have a hudge importance not only in the national economy but also the international one since its use helps to develop them; the consumers have more facilities to get assets and services making the demand of different sectors in the market grow. Everytime we swipe a credit card as well as a debit card, we should keep in mind that we have the responsibility over the money we are using. To me, using plastic is a way better than cash because unfortunately I live in an area where robberies are common so it gives me security to know that my money is safe somewhere.

03:35 PM Apr 13 2013 |




i prefer to use debit card if i have to go shopping in large amount and the discount plastic as well of course. In small amount, i prefer cash. I still need a credit card to pay in-life and online memberships that require credit card only for payment.

Recenly i’m thinking that maybe i would change my internet payment method from credit card into voucher that is bought by cash because i heard that they ever manipulated the credit card user bills. So cash is safer in particular situation. I use credit card if really there is no option left. That way i can stay sane and be aware of the money i spend

06:44 PM Mar 15 2013 |




no, credit card still not that widely used in China, we still prefer cash to pay face to face , or the bank cards connected with our bank acount . since everything is conveinent , why do we need a credit card. so the credit companies can only find its market on some teenages who is trying to splurge behinds their parents back , not until the bills are piling up these sort of companies would let their parents know, and the boy next door is one of the victims ,and he even talks about it like some advanture…and some ppl may ask a third company to withdraw a large amount of money from the credit card in an illegally way , skip all the processes from a bank to brrow it for a while …

09:43 AM Feb 12 2013 |

i love life

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

I Usually use my credit cards when I want to got on my salary , I prefer use it often , I seldom go to the bank for take my salary , lots of advantages you can save your time and you didn’t waste your stuff , I never got on any special rewards .

for me the most thing cause the financial crises is credit cards , the financial facilities  should to be more safety  , for saving our money from the stolen .

10:48 AM Feb 05 2013 |

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yuminagaSuper Member!


I d like to do everything  as virtually  as possible ,I dont like take money with me so I like credit card very much ,pay with it  and pay off online,Its really convenient.

12:11 AM Feb 05 2013 |




I can´t denied the advantage of  a credit card ,but I am also well aware that if  it is  use  compulsively  it may lead  in the long run  to maximise it beyond ones means . ,   I know of cases,  in which  credit card users  were forced to pay  the minimum permited  by the bank. in this case, the  applicable interests are  much higher, to the point that the overall debt is increased like a snowball falling down a mountain. The only way out was to file  for bankruptcy.      Grin…...

11:58 PM Feb 04 2013 |

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I really think that credit cards are usefull..but I strongly disagree with the idea of using it everywhere like Mason does even if it was for the extra points..one should be reasonable..besides, if we thought a little bit about it we’ll find that the money needed by your plastic to win a ticket is nearly equal to that you actually buy a ticket with!!!

11:14 PM Feb 04 2013 |




we rarely use credit cards in our country,but I think they are comfortable for use if I can control myself and pay the credit card off in time.

09:03 PM Feb 04 2013 |




I agree with Jason, you need discipline to have a credit card and you have to buy just what you can pay. In my country most of citizens’ debts are from credit cards because they can’t control themselves or they just pay half and then it becomes a snow ball…. There is a movie “Cofessions of a shopaholic” that talks about it in a very funny way. I recommend it!! :)

06:30 PM Feb 04 2013 |




I Have A credit Card … And My Dad Sends Mee Money Every Mounth Throught it $$$

>>> So I Love It Soo Much <3<3 =D !! 

04:44 PM Feb 04 2013 |



i don’t use credit card cause’ i think that cannot control myself while spending it instead of my money i have. When i spend my money i treat more cautious. If i use my card i’m afraid of overcome my limit.

04:15 PM Feb 04 2013 |




I use my credit card sometimes, and although I use them, I always just buy  things I need. The card or the convenience of using them never enticed me to buy things I don’t need.

03:37 PM Feb 04 2013 |




Since I can pay everything with my bank card in Germany and Europe without interest I don’t need a credit card. The amount will debited within 3 days from my account, so I can keep control of my account balance. For paying things outside Europe or when I am in vacation for example in Morocco I use a VISA credit card from my bank to shop or take out money and I don’t get credits for using it. The money will debited within 2 weeks. There is no interest for shopping or paying via internet but for taking out money outside Europe there is a small interest. Basically I find it is kind of useful to use credit card if we are aware that we pay with our own money as Mason said. Otherwise we could get into a deep debt that we can’t get out of.  

01:51 PM Feb 04 2013 |



Russian Federation

I prefer credit card and very glad. I have without percent period by 50 days. Every month I can control my outgoings by bill extract.

12:35 PM Feb 04 2013 |

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from my point of view using a credit card make you more likely to spend more many than you really have.

by using cash there is only one problem – do you have enough money or not. :)

09:50 AM Feb 04 2013 |




In Canada, using plastics are so popular especially if you prove the Credit card company like VISA or MASTERCARD that you are able to pay the credit card off on time. After only one year, different banks and stores will send you credit card applications which sometimes is unmanageable if you accept all of them. I have five plastics that I get airmiles with two of them. I buy everything when I need with swipping them in order to earning more airmiles. Last year, I got enough points from my credit card and bought a ticket to Las Vegas with my airmiles points which was awsome trip. Anyways, you should be very careful because if you aren’t responsible and you aren’t able to pay the plastics off on the due date, you should pay high interest to the Credit Company later.

09:45 AM Feb 04 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

We hardly ever use credit cards in Iran,in replace we usually use Debit cards in most of shopping that we do,both of debit cards and credit cards are very useful if POS systems are always active and you never forget to take carts or miss the password.reviving the lost cards is another problem and maketroubler most of time,after all, using credit cards are efficient and economic in modern world at least we  don’t need to count money or pay with cash.

08:57 AM Feb 04 2013 |

Irene Forever


I don’t have  a credit card as no need to have much money on me every day. If I gonna do big shopping I take more money  and keep my eye on my tight-filled purse in order nobody could steal it.:)

I prefer to pay with cash as the procedure of payment in the supermarkets  is longer by using a credit card. I don’t feel like I want it.

I have forgotten to mention that I have my purse full of plastic discount cards. Thus I don’t need another. I always spend time on looking for the one I need.:)

07:36 AM Feb 04 2013 |


United States

Death to the credit cards who opress our brothers after they seduce them to buy stuff on 17.54 or higher interest rate!!!

07:28 AM Feb 04 2013 |

single juan


when i read all thr comments ,most of them said “no plastic”“don’t have one”,but i own a plastic, but i amvery coutious with it, and In China, credit card is very conveinent,we have no rate about 25 days, and not everything we use credit card, just breakfastm if you have one , do you use it just for breakfast of 5-8CY,I think , the answer is no!

However, everything has two sites, just like the kife, so we have to back the bill of plastic when time is over, we have to earn more money to pay our bill, if not, you would have to go into debt!

So we can own a credict card, but we can’t use it random!

Good luck!

06:59 AM Feb 04 2013 |

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