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Writing Papers
Writing Papers

Learn English with this school English lesson

Date: Feb 08 2013

Themes: School

Grammar: Verbs with "-ing"


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Writing a paper is one of the times when you get to be truly creative in school. Your paper can say whatever you choose. It’s up to you to write it, using whatever process works best for you.

Some people brainstorm, do a lot of research, write a rough draft, and finish their papers well in advance. Others like to get in a flow and stay up all night before the paper is due. Both strategies can turn out great or poorly.

In this school English lesson, listen to Sara and Jason talk about an upcoming paper assignment and how they are planning to tackle it.





1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Jason:  Hey, have you started that paper for our history class?

Sara:  Yeah, I’m kind of nerdy about that kind of thing, I started it a couple of weeks ago.

Jason:  Woah! A couple of weeks ago?

Sara:  Yeah, we got the assignment and I happened to be at the library, so I started thinking about topics and taking some notes. Just brainstorming a little bit.

Jason:  Do you have a rough draft yet?

Sara:  I’m actually on my second draft.

Jason:  Wow! Oh my gosh!

Sara:  I’m just not a last-minute kind of person. What about you?

Jason:  I might make an outline today. I mean, writing a paper isn’t all that stressful for me a lot of the time. Once I have the outline…once I know what I’m going to say, saying it is easier than figuring out what to say.

Sara:  Right, but I do think writing and thinking kind of go hand in hand. You sort of need to be writing to help you think. I mean, that’s what I believe.

Jason:  I see. Well, maybe I’ll try that. Maybe it will help me come up with ideas for papers more easily.

Sara:  You know, I’ll probably be done with this paper tomorrow, so if you need me to proofread yours or anything I’m happy to.

Jason:  OK, awesome!


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Jason is surprised to learn that Sara started the paper for their history class a couple of weeks ago. She started brainstorming right away and is almost done with the assignment.

If he’s lucky, Jason will make an outline today. He doesn’t work very far in advance. He thinks the hard part about writing papers is figuring out what you’re going to say. For him, the writing is easy.

For Sara, thinking and writing go hand in hand. She doesn’t do one without the other, which is why she started so early. Since she’s almost done, she offers to help proofread for Jason if he needs it.

What is your approach to writing papers?



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Irene Forever


Julito, good for you. I always do the same. Sometimes I need corrections because my fingers with beautiful manicure think the other way.:) There are some good programs which can help us to check our spelling in no minute. It’s very convenient. If I write much, I can use it, but not often.

I never use Microsoft Office Word for preparing my comments. Tho all the corrections can be done there. If you sometimes see somebody’s comment in a very strange style, it can be as long as a page, with incomprehensible symbols, it was definitely made in Word, then copied and insert here. It’s something! :))).

09:50 AM Feb 09 2013 |




Writing papers are mostly the great entertainment for me. Although, I prefer to brainstorm and make an outline for my any draft in advance, I amn’t kind of nerdy about my papers. I always write a rough draft for any academic style writing and at the end, I proofread my paper because I want it to be perfect. however, for ordinary writing is up to me what to do for my writing. I think it is the best way to improve our writing skill in English as well!!

07:51 AM Feb 09 2013 |




My papers are those that I need to post on EB. I have noticed that  my hands work faster than my mind . Thanks God, I am in the habit  of  proofreading  my notes before hitting the send button and thenceforth  making the necessary corrections .:  ))))))   

11:24 PM Feb 08 2013 |

thewaytoyourhartSuper Member!


I don’t really like writting papers, cos I cannot concentrate on the topic for long; my thoughts and ideas are flowing away like the leaves in a slight breeze. And because I like to be more perfect in writting I cannot progress well, cos I can’t really express myself good, not finding the right word, so I often think about them for long.  On top of that I often need to proofread my writting esp. in English to eliminate the grammar and spelling mistakes. 

10:36 PM Feb 08 2013 |




I like writing and writing whatever goes in my mind after I edit and proofread the most important thing is to write what I feel

09:51 PM Feb 08 2013 |




I like writing papers. First I write a draft and sometimes I write by inspiration, you know, like when I know what to write and when I already have that idea in my head. I’m more like Jason, for me writing is easy but to find a good idea to write is the hardest thing. And like a good brazilian I’m used to do things in the last moments!!! hahaha


01:07 PM Feb 08 2013 |

Irene Forever


In fact, I like writing papers in English because it makes me work hard at the  subject  which I tend to learn and research. I start brainstorming in advance in order to make an outline. Of course, no paper can be done properly without  rough draft.  For me thinking and writing go hand in hand as I prefer to write my ideas down immediately. After  having my paper done I always proofread it  as there can be typing or grammar errors.  




Actually writing papers in English is very hard task, although I did it two times but I have an American proofreader who helped me out with these two papers. My strategy in writing exactly what Sara told, that thinking and writing go hand in hand, therefore I put my ideas right away on papers as a first rough draft and then tight it up afterwards. Sometimes I think in my own language and put outlines so quick as brainstorm and try to convert it in proper way to English afterwards. The continuity in writing in English improves the writing process dramatically as well as reading the good papers for native people writers.    



It happened sometimes that i left my papers undone till the deadline. and i would be freaking out then。

So, i will try my best to put it right and devolop good habits. 

09:52 AM Feb 08 2013 |




I am like Sara:) I like to start work on paper earlier and do it in parts. If you leave all job for last time your will spend all night on writing. I don’t like to work much in one time and in night. Divided on parts work is in my opinion more efficient and more polish.

06:29 AM Feb 08 2013 |


United States

I always start doing “those” papers a day before they are due… I always say never again but the circumstances repeat!

05:54 AM Feb 08 2013 |

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i like to get  in a flow and improvise offcuff.

01:15 AM Feb 08 2013 |

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