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Reggae Music
Reggae Music

Learn English with this music English lesson

Date: Mar 11 2013

Themes: Music

Grammar: Adjectives


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Even someone who isn’t a reggae fan can identify the music instantly by its signature beat. Thanks to artists like Bob Marley, the island sound is now a global phenomenon.

Of course, there’s more to reggae than one artist. There’s a history to this music and many different subgenres. From the fast and exciting dancehall, to the often instrumental and more simplistic dub and ska, reggae is a diverse musical culture that’s about more than just dreadlocks and marijuana.

Sara recently discovered that she likes reggae. Listen to her and Jeff discuss the Rasta vibes they like best in this music English lesson.

即便不是雷鬼音乐迷,也能根据节奏立刻判断出雷鬼乐。正是有了像鲍勃·马利 (Bob Marley) 这样的艺术家,岛屿音乐现在才得以风靡全球。


萨拉最近喜欢上了雷鬼音乐。在本节音乐英语课上,听听她和杰夫讨论他们最喜欢的音乐拉斯塔共鸣(Rasta vibes)。


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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Sara:  So, you know, when I was a teenager I really didn’t like reggae music. I found it just annoying and I thought annoying people listened to it, but I’ve really changed in the last couple of years.

Jeff:  What brought that about?

Sara:  I guess it’s because I discovered old reggae music, like older reggae and ska and dub and I just like it a lot more.

Jeff:  I like that stuff too. I think once people figure out that reggae isn’t just about, you know, Bob Marley, it becomes a lot more interesting.

Sara:  Who are some of your favorite reggae artists?

Jeff:  I like a lot of old ska stuff. I like Augustus Pablo. He plays the melodica, instrumental stuff.

Sara:  Cool.

Jeff:  I like the more mellow stuff, not quite the upbeat dance hall scene, really.

Sara:  Yeah. There’s a lot of cool production values on a lot of that stuff, like the way they use echo and all that stuff.

Jeff:  Yeah, and how they did it on a low, low budget. With almost no money, they made something original and great out of living in a poor, poor situation. None of those guys had very much money, but they were very innovative.

Sara:  I guess that’s why reggae is cool.

Jeff:  It is.


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Sara used to find reggae music annoying. She thought it was all about marijuana and dreadlocks.

Recently, she started to learn about older kinds of reggae, like dub and dance hall. She likes the production value of old reggae recordings.

Jeff is a big reggae fan too. He especially likes mellow reggae songs.

Do you like reggae? What is your favorite subgenre of reggae? What makes you like or dislike a kind of music?



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I enjoy Manu Chao and russian artist Roma V.P.R.(Рома В.П.Р.) Manu Chao has magic lyrics and I like his melodies. And what concerns second singer, his music is really funny and relaxing.
I like reggae because it creates a good mood for me.

03:25 PM Apr 01 2013 |




look good

05:24 AM Mar 24 2013 |




Reggae,old or new,the beats are so harmonious and delightful, I really like this genre

08:04 PM Mar 11 2013 |




No women No cry :)

06:22 PM Mar 11 2013 |

1 person likes this




I hear reggae music very seldom, and don’t know much about the subgenres. But if I listen to a reggae song, often it generates a little holiday feeling.

04:24 PM Mar 11 2013 |




This is not my favourite music genre. I like rock rather than reggae. 

When I was teenager, I listened “Buffalo soldier” in radio by Bob Marley. Althogh I didn’t know the song’s lyrics, I found it really good.

04:05 PM Mar 11 2013 |

Ngubo Sixtus

South Africa

reggae music is alright to me, it’s remind us about our culture and make us aware about our history.

03:54 PM Mar 11 2013 |




yes i do  luv reggae music my favorite is reggae hit , the reason is the rythem that kind of music….

03:48 PM Mar 11 2013 |




I find the reggae is different and interesting.

10:14 AM Mar 11 2013 |


Saudi Arabia

I don’t listen to music often .. when I want to, I just sing myself :P

09:37 AM Mar 11 2013 |

david yun

South Korea

I don’t like reggae that much. Actually, I don’t know about reggae, the singers, and subgenre of reggae. Usually, I don’t enjoy a kind of music which makes noisy sounds. I rarely listen to that kinda music. I like music anyway, but it depends on what kind of music is.

02:33 AM Mar 11 2013 |



United States

Just for Baset and Joy Lee ! please , enjoy with this :



01:59 AM Mar 11 2013 |




I am not a big fan of Reggae music like dub or ska. I like to listen light musics because I love the signature beat of these songs which make me relax.

10:10 PM Mar 08 2013 |

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