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Air Travel
Air Travel

Learn English with this travel English lesson

Date: Mar 06 2013

Themes: Travel

Grammar: First Conditional


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Flying through the air at high speeds in a giant machine is pretty crazy when you think about it. Air travel is kind of a miracle. But the details of flying on a plane are silly and annoying. You have to arrive early and check your luggage, take off your shoes and go through security, sit in a cramped seat and eat tiny bags of peanuts.

Worse yet, your flight can be late and you can spend hours in the airport. Other than the fact that you can cover thousands of miles in a matter hours, air travel isn’t usually a great experience. Of course, if you have enough money for first class, things are considerably better. But no amount of luxury can fix a fear of flying!

Greta recently took a very long flight. Listen to her discuss the life of a coach passenger with Sara in this travel English lesson.





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Greta:  I love the fact that air travel gets you to amazing places. I don’t particularly enjoy the actual experience of being on a plane.

Sara:  How come?

Greta:  You know, if you’re going for a two-hour trip it’s one thing, but in a couple of weeks I’m going to Greece, and it will take me about 48 hours with my connections to get to Greece. I’m really not looking forward to spending that long in airports and on planes.

Sara:  Do you get scared?

Greta:  No. I know all of the statistics, that traveling in a plane is safer than traveling in a car, so I don’t really get scared. It’s just uncomfortable.

Sara:  Yeah. Do you get kind of claustrophobic or something?

Greta:  Yeah, I get claustrophobic. I hate the whole thing at the airport of having to take all of your liquids out and pull your laptop out. It’s just such a hassle.

Sara:  Isn’t there something kind of nice, though, about just getting to sit back, then the flight attendant comes down the row and you can have some ginger ale and everything like that?

Greta:  I think it’s nice if you’re not sitting back for a really long time, and I think it’s probably lovely if you travel in first class and you have all that space and you can just relax and sort of enjoy the trip, but coach is a different experience.

Sara:  I agree.

Greta:  The one thing I have learned though is to keep your luggage to a minimum. If you can only do carry-ons your travel experience will be much better.

Sara:  Cool! I’m going to take your tip next time I travel.

Greta:  Good.


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Soon, Greta will take a 48-hour plane trip to Greece. She is glad that airplanes exist so that she can get around the world so fast, but she finds the experience of flying to be kind of annoying.

Sara doesn’t mind flying too much. After you check your bags and then take your carry-on items through security, you can sit back and enjoy the flight. That is, if your seat isn’t too cramped.

Both Sara and Greta agree that flying first class would be great. For now, though, they’ll be stuck in coach.

What is your favorite and least favorite thing about flying?



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I have flown 4 times with stop-overs, to a very far country, and it was the only travel outside my country.  it was very fun and confortable because of the company i’d chosen that was one of the best in the continent. but in the return, the flights were so bad and unconfortable…
my favorite means for long trips is plane, and for less than a thousand miles trip oversea than taking a boat in te mediteranean or the arabian and west african seas.
i was shocked when so many guys who are  used at travelling on plane almost every week told they cannot stay on sky 10 hours which i simply did in my first flight. lol.

it was a nice experience but not as worth as traveling around the world in 80 days! 

10:50 AM Jan 18 2014 |




I have flown 6 times and the last time about one week ago. It’s not so many but I can say what is my favorite thing about flying and what I hate.

Especially, on the airport irritate me a check-in because in each country it works in different way and I’m always in stress. The next thing is of course delay and no information how long could it be.

But my favorite thing is picking up speed the plane on a runway and going up to the sky-I love this feeling :)

04:03 PM Apr 14 2013 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

to be honest i have never been in airplanet،however i know goining through security or being kept waiting is realy annoying.on the other hand who can stand  the claustrophobic atmosphere of the airplane for houres.

but flying in a first class and sitting back in amore space is really enjoyable. i hate of travelling in a car. i wish i tried air plane.

10:34 AM Mar 15 2013 |

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thewaytoyourhartSuper Member!


I’ve never flown in my life, but I feel like to try it out. In my childhood I wanted to be a pilot surprisingly..;) Unfortunatelly my school grades were not good enough to make my dreams come true. One thing I’d like to add: since 9/11 (terror attack) the security controlls at the airports became much stronger, which made the flights more uncomfortable and annoying. Who likes to wait long hours in a row for checking..?

On the other hand: looking down at blue clouds or ocean from the plane bellow must be more than magical..


09:07 PM Mar 11 2013 |



Hong Kong


08:52 AM Mar 11 2013 |



United States

I wish to travell by best plane in the world. I wish!

04:52 AM Mar 08 2013 |

emaa sha

emaa sha

Saudi Arabia

Ihope to travell by plane all over the world and enjoy the sight seeing and learn much more

08:31 AM Mar 07 2013 |



South Korea

when I am stuck in coach for 10 hours, I sort of feel like a stick up still there.

I am afraid of being on board in a flight first off, before starting for somewhere by plane. fortunitely, I got a first class before, it was fantastic experience for me, i can stretch out , moving freely sitting in there. I became known the fact that people like that seat. in a coach area, we are cramped , no space to move. 

what a poor fat man!!!  i can imagaine it.

if a person is claustrophobic, how could we  imagain the fear in a plane.

07:39 AM Mar 07 2013 |


Saudi Arabia

I love the take off and the landings :D

12:32 AM Mar 07 2013 |

david yun

South Korea

Well, in my case, I like air travelling. I mean, I love flying on planes. At the beginning of flying, I have an earsick but still, I like it. Now let me find something good and bad about flying to me. My favorite thing is just floating on the air. Humans cannot fly in the sky by themselves as you know. So, flying makes me feel fly in the air. On the other hand, my least favorite thing is the seat cramped. From all my air travel, I did not have much money so I had to take an economic seat on plane. I don’t get claustrophobic but it’s a little hard to move freely.

11:31 PM Mar 06 2013 |




When I had my first travel by airplan in 1986, at take-off a cover of the cabin lighting detached by itself and some dishes where not fixed and flew through the cabin …. ulgs  :)

But nevertheless, my favorite about flying are the take-offs and the landings…... and of course to see our beautifull planet from above!!!

09:43 PM Mar 06 2013 |

janb mohtaram


this lesson is fantastic i learned new meanings of words that i knew before well and very surprised usage of familiar words like check, connection and coach in this context.

05:06 PM Mar 06 2013 |

Teacher PaulinaSuper Member!


I’m living in a city with my family, basically I belong in a village.  During the summer vacation we go to the village for 3 months.  We’re living far away and for this reason we travel by airplane.  I like it because it’s less time-consuming and very comfortable compared to other kind of travel.  For this reason I get home in only 2 hours in a relaxed and happy mood… Ha, ha, ha!

My mom and dad always fly 1st Class but… not me! Ha, ha, ha!

04:35 PM Mar 06 2013 |



i m living in city with my family basically i belong to village. during the summer vocation we go to village for 3 month. we r living longe distance and in this reason we use journey in airplane. i like bacause it,s very less time consuming and very comfortable compare other source of journey. in this reason i reach only 2 hours in my home with very fresh and happy mode hahaha..

my mom and dd always use 1 class seat .. not forme no hahah.


03:45 PM Mar 06 2013 |

farooq ahmed


Airplane is the best choice if I have to go long distance place or have short time but for trip I prefer bus , travel though bus makes trip more joyfull then air plane.

03:00 PM Mar 06 2013 |


South Korea

Whenever I go to a long-distance area in Indonesia, I usually take a plane. As you know, the territory of Indonesia consists of many islands about 17,000 and  more. It is not easy to move other islands with public transportations like train, bus, and other vehicles.  Many people prefer to take a flight instead of ships because of time limitation. Hence, there are many domestic airlines in here and also, airfare is not expensive if you choose cheap airlines. However, attendant service quality is not good. Some airlines do not provide food and drinks with customers in order to maintain low air cost. Occasionally, domestic airlines are often delayed from 30 minutes to a few hours on departure time or arriving time. Everyone knows about it in Indonesia. I have a business schedule on long distance area next week. I really hate to go outside of Jakarta because of many inconveniences.

02:56 PM Mar 06 2013 |




In my last journey with a plane, it was really really bad experience for me. Because of the weather conditions. I was really frightened. When I got off plane, quite honestly I wanted to kiss ground. But actually travelling by plane considerably quick and sometimes echonomic way for transport. 

My favourite thing about flying is undouptedly duty free.When I go to abroad, especially I spend more time in duty free. 

02:53 PM Mar 06 2013 |




GRETA,  I totally agree with you . The problem with cheap tickets is that  sometimes the plane  has several stop overs   at different airports  ,   making  unnecessarily long  a  journey  that otherwise would have taken  less than halve the time required  to reach our final destination.


02:42 PM Mar 06 2013 |




My sister always fly only with business class or frist class seat on airplane to Switzerland on and on.

02:16 PM Mar 06 2013 |



when u see the matter it can be crazy when u try it it can be fine

01:45 PM Mar 06 2013 |

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