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Love Letters
Love Letters

Learn English with this Valentine's Day English lesson

Date: Feb 13 2013

Themes: Holidays, Romance

Grammar: Modal Verbs


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On Valentine’s Day, many people send romantic cards and letters out to the people they like or love. But a love letter is sweet to send or receive at any time of the year. There’s something almost old-fashioned about taking the time to sit down and express to the person you love just how and why you love them.

In our modern age, many love letters are probably written on email. The sentiment might still be there, but is an emailed love letter quite as romantic as one that arrives in an envelope? Has technology taken a toll on romance? Find out what Marni and Lily think in this love English lesson.




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Marni:  Lily, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.

Lily:  Yeah it is.

Marni:  And this year, I am determined to write a love letter to my sweetheart.

Lily:  Really?

Marni:  Yes.

Lily:  That’s so exciting.

Marni:  You know, the sentiment, it’s there, I love him, and I just want him to know, regardless of all the fancy gifts or whatever I could give him, I want him to know how much he means to me, and I was just thinking, there’s nothing like getting a love letter in the mail.

Lily:  Uh huh. Expressing your undying devotion and longing for your significant other.

Marni:  Exactly. Now, I’m not gonna do like a scented paper or anything, but, those are nice, right?

Lily:  Yeah. I mean, for a guy, it might not be the best thing to get a frilly little sealed-with-a-kiss love letter.

Marni:  Right, right.

Lily:  But still, you could draw him a pretty picture. I got a picture once, and it was really nice.

Marni:  Hmm. Good idea. Now, I was gonna do this via mail. I was actually gonna send it to his work. But do you think there’s people these days who are just doing it by email? Do you think that’s as romantic as sending a letter?

Lily:  No. I think it’s nice to get something tangible like that. Email can be a little bit cold and impersonal, I think.

Marni:  OK. See, that was my thought, but now you’ve confirmed that I’m just gonna do the old-fashioned love letter.


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Marni mentions to Lily that Valentine’s Day is coming up soon. And Marni has a special plan. She wants to send her sweetheart a love letter. She could get him a fancy gift, but she thinks an old-fashioned love letter will really express her feelings for him.

Lily thinks this is a good idea. She doesn’t recommend Marni do anything too frilly, which a guy might not like, but she does think something like a picture could be nice.

So Marni’s pretty sure of her plan, but she still wonders, would it be just as romantic if she sent an email? Lily thinks she should definitely go with the letter. It’s really nice to get something tangible, that your loved one can hold in his or her hands. Email just doesn’t feel the same.

When was the last time you sent or received a love letter? Do you think email is as romantic as a letter? What do you think is the most romantic gift to give someone you love?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

first, valentain day is for iranian in hakhamaneshi empaire, but it is nt seem this,

on this day man showed love for their wife and do everything and wife do noting on this day. and day in ESPAND  month. and name is Esfandgan, i think.

AND i write the love poem, but i have never send for any girl, because my love is one,and i just read the  love poem for my love,!!!!!!!!!

07:34 AM Aug 27 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i write some letters but i have never send them.they are in my heart all the time.but i love  to hear that s.o is love me not read that!!!

best wishes for all lovers

11:42 AM Aug 20 2013 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

 ihavent ever sent those kind of letters or emails..actually letter is more romantic.. but i have not that experience  ..i think im not old enough to be in love with some one .so now it s better for me to just stick to my study :)

11:26 AM Aug 20 2013 |



Love Letter is still the best way to express love and feelings, I consider it a very precious gift that any lover can ever give or get.
Its not like emails and new technology it has a special taste.. You can’t put a perfume on an email or keep it in your secrets box.
I remember the first time I get a love letter , it was at school when a charming boy borrowed my book and when he returned it back to me I found that he drew a heart and wrote our first letters in it : ) that was soooo cute.

07:06 AM Apr 25 2013 |


Palestinian Territory, Occupied

I really love this website too

11:53 AM Feb 24 2013 |

kevin tran

Viet Nam

I really love this website . It offers me many useful knowledges. Thanks toeveryone.

02:50 AM Feb 21 2013 |

1 person likes this

Sweet Cake


in my opinion the old fashioned love letters are more romantic than emails , I think there are things technologhy can’t destroy !! :)

02:56 PM Feb 17 2013 |

1 person likes this




I believe that everyone has their way to express their feelings to the one they love..it doesn’t matter if it was by mail or e-mail..the most importent thing is that you make it romantic..to show your lover how much you tried to make it perfect for them..how much they really mean to you..not by words!!..by the feelings behind these words..and your lover will certainly appreciate that..I’m telling you!!.. with a little bit effort you can make any way romantice..!!!

................”HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY EVERYBODY”................

12:55 AM Feb 17 2013 |

1 person likes this



The email turned a practical communication tool, but it is so impersonal, specially when we want express feelings. Seending a letter was a lovely process for me. The chose of the paper, the rough versions until write the letter out, the post office and the wait for the answer… I miss it.

It’s been a long time since I sent or received a love letter. But I keep in a special place the letters I received. 

11:04 PM Feb 15 2013 |

Irene Forever


My love letter is very short and devoted to my beloved man.

I love you.







Writing a love letter is one of the best sentiment that you could send to someone who loves her/him. Some people think that sending this letter by mail is old-fashioned and it belongs to the past. In my point of view, it is tangible and you are able to transfer your longing and undying feeling to your lover easily. However, technology has changed our communication and has taken a toll our relationship by mail. Try your best to send a love letter to your lover whatever you like because Valentine’s day is around the corner.

Happy Valentine’s day everybody 



I agree that something tangible will really make it happy than anything frilly.

03:01 AM Feb 14 2013 |

1 person likes this




I sent letter with picture to my boyfriend two days ago. I hope, he will be very, very happy when he will receive it :)

10:38 PM Feb 13 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

love letters seem to be gone in the new world .peaple hAVE FORGOT  the real love and theire love is in fact money . its  a mess! 

10:20 PM Feb 13 2013 |




Valentines day  is good time to express your great love to your sweetheart.And its better to see each other and exchange a some present than to send e-mail on this day.Its known well that it takes place once a year and its not romantik to send a simple letter by e-mail.

09:19 PM Feb 13 2013 |



This  is  game.

07:53 PM Feb 13 2013 |

Sajjad Monti

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Of course I have received many of love letters from different girls!!
you know, they are wasting the time,
they can’t deceive me!!!
I never pay attention to these girls ;)))

07:23 PM Feb 13 2013 |




mmmm i haven’t got or sent any love letters yet :D.well letter is more romanic than email .it means alot and it’s easily reached :)

05:16 PM Feb 13 2013 |




Valentine ´s day is love time :) I think that love letter is very nice and your love will be happy :) Letters , chocolates or for girls rose are nice present but we must love show every day :)

Happy Valentine ´s with your dear . ;)

03:57 PM Feb 13 2013 |




Damavand :) thank you

Seiyf, I just wanted to say that if you didn’t get one, it’s not that bad as you always can have some chocolate :)

Happy Sweet Valentine’s! Let the arrow of Love will find you for sure!! ;)



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