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Love Letters
Love Letters

Learn English with this Valentine's Day English lesson

Date: Feb 13 2013

Themes: Holidays, Romance

Grammar: Modal Verbs


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On Valentine’s Day, many people send romantic cards and letters out to the people they like or love. But a love letter is sweet to send or receive at any time of the year. There’s something almost old-fashioned about taking the time to sit down and express to the person you love just how and why you love them.

In our modern age, many love letters are probably written on email. The sentiment might still be there, but is an emailed love letter quite as romantic as one that arrives in an envelope? Has technology taken a toll on romance? Find out what Marni and Lily think in this love English lesson.




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Marni:  Lily, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.

Lily:  Yeah it is.

Marni:  And this year, I am determined to write a love letter to my sweetheart.

Lily:  Really?

Marni:  Yes.

Lily:  That’s so exciting.

Marni:  You know, the sentiment, it’s there, I love him, and I just want him to know, regardless of all the fancy gifts or whatever I could give him, I want him to know how much he means to me, and I was just thinking, there’s nothing like getting a love letter in the mail.

Lily:  Uh huh. Expressing your undying devotion and longing for your significant other.

Marni:  Exactly. Now, I’m not gonna do like a scented paper or anything, but, those are nice, right?

Lily:  Yeah. I mean, for a guy, it might not be the best thing to get a frilly little sealed-with-a-kiss love letter.

Marni:  Right, right.

Lily:  But still, you could draw him a pretty picture. I got a picture once, and it was really nice.

Marni:  Hmm. Good idea. Now, I was gonna do this via mail. I was actually gonna send it to his work. But do you think there’s people these days who are just doing it by email? Do you think that’s as romantic as sending a letter?

Lily:  No. I think it’s nice to get something tangible like that. Email can be a little bit cold and impersonal, I think.

Marni:  OK. See, that was my thought, but now you’ve confirmed that I’m just gonna do the old-fashioned love letter.


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Marni mentions to Lily that Valentine’s Day is coming up soon. And Marni has a special plan. She wants to send her sweetheart a love letter. She could get him a fancy gift, but she thinks an old-fashioned love letter will really express her feelings for him.

Lily thinks this is a good idea. She doesn’t recommend Marni do anything too frilly, which a guy might not like, but she does think something like a picture could be nice.

So Marni’s pretty sure of her plan, but she still wonders, would it be just as romantic if she sent an email? Lily thinks she should definitely go with the letter. It’s really nice to get something tangible, that your loved one can hold in his or her hands. Email just doesn’t feel the same.

When was the last time you sent or received a love letter? Do you think email is as romantic as a letter? What do you think is the most romantic gift to give someone you love?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of



Watch this romantic movie,and promise to describe it for us, later :-)


03:21 PM Feb 13 2013 |




Tomorrow is valentine’s Day and it’s also my mom’s brithday!!So i was wonder what gift my dad will give my mom.

03:06 PM Feb 13 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of


Your eyes look like hearts, and surely you must be the lover, so no need to write anything!! Your eyes reveal you!! HaHaHaHa!!

But if you want, we can begin together now:

Morning or Night,You are Light!

Short or tall, You are All!

Young or Old, You are Gold!

Far or Near, You are Dear! and ….you can continue!

Happy Valentine’s Day My Honey!!




It is great idea, i gonna write love letter to my hubby on valentines day. I wrote it before marriage to him, it’s too long i had’nt wrote love letter to him. It will be good surprise for him :)

01:27 PM Feb 13 2013 |




Once I came across the sweetest romantic letter. I haven’t read it, but just picked up the beautiful words, there was even a poem attached. I felt very happy and proud about all of this event though it wasn’t addressed to me. But all this feelings didn’t last long unfortunately. There was a dead break up. Sometimes you stay at least friends ,but here nothing.  That’s why I’m afraid of those powerful love words that unfortunately don’t have a long life. I’m for the stable relationship, when a person maybe is not that much talkative with the words “you’ll be always in my heart, love you forever”, but he/she’s always besides you, always helpful, always reliable. Even though he/she’ll forget Valentine’s day gift, but I know who to call, who to ask help.



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I think its no matter you send your love message by email or letter!

The feelings you give to your soulmate by your words is more important!

Even a few words of love can take a lover to the sky!:)

I’d love to write long letters and I’m sure the love letters are the best!:)




i’m sorry but this lesson sucks….so poor their English class of dialog o.O if i think that i have to improve my english omg this is horrible awww

p.s. omg now looking the profile of marni aww she is a teacher o.O can’t believe what my ears have listened & my eyes r looking o.O

12:11 PM Feb 13 2013 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

happy valentine.

romantic letters?why when sb is in love in fall love a letter for her/his love?u can speak about your problem with your love.

11:45 AM Feb 13 2013 |

Ya Nina


I liked the romantic letters at school. It was magic time. It was my childhood and all things seemed miracle. I wrote the love letter and I was written the love letter. Those were always very exciting. So I waited for the love letters from object love. Every year it was very thrill anticipation because you scared whether your object love wrote you the love letter or not. If your object love wrote you the love letter, you reread that letter morning, noon and night. It was very pleasant emotional.

Unfortunately in our time to write a love letter, birthday or greeting cards to each other to consider the old-fashioned. The most of people prefer to write the e-mail, but it couldn’t be hearty letter even they put their’s heart in each word. I’m very sorry about it. One of my friend wrote me the real birthday and greeting cards every year and I appreciate it and thank her for it. And every time after that I promise myself to do it as she. Sooner or later I live up to promises…

11:44 AM Feb 13 2013 |




Seiyf, I’ve never written romantic letters and never recieved them! And don’t find it’s bad for me.

11:25 AM Feb 13 2013 |


Russian Federation

I’ve never sent or recieved a love letter. It was just a Valentine’s cards by my classmates and girlfriends.

I don’t think that email is as romantic as a letter. Email can’t express all feellings. But a letter can’t too. In my opinion it is better to say then to write about your love.

11:08 AM Feb 13 2013 |




I think that on these times of instant communications  love letters are kind of  things of the past.It´s a pity, because   nothing can replace a love letter ,the moment that you have poured out your heart writing  how are you missing your sweetheart ,anxiously  going everyday  to the mail box  to check  if  your lover´s  letter is  among the bundle deposited  in the mailbox. I have found the love letters that my father, way, way back in time have sent out to my mother, my mom had treasured  them,  neatly  kept in a tin box . They are so personal, full of respect  and love that  I didn´t want to read them through .< sigh >




 How to start a romantic letter? What should be in the beginning? I’ve never written those, but curious. Should be a name included, right, or “darling”. Any ideas?

10:23 AM Feb 13 2013 |

1 person likes this





09:56 AM Feb 13 2013 |

1 person likes this




A love letter is to define the real & true sentiments & real emotions of a person for someone, who is worth than anything else in the world. :)


09:46 AM Feb 13 2013 |




Always the thing we can touch,smell,feel is more adorable than the one we can only read on the screen.But as we live in the 21st century and have a lot of new devices which certainly make our life easier,save our time,we get accustomed   and take  them on as usual,necessary things.Moreover, we can hardly  imagine our existence  without them.Thus,it,s not a big deed for me if it,s  email and not a letter.

What about a gift- it can be any trifle that was bought or handmade sincerely and heartily plus flowers,without a doubt.

I,d like to type here one very sensitive, love goodbye letter.

 ”Dear Catherine:

My life began when I found you and I thought it had ended when I failed to save you.I thought that hanging on to your memory was keeping us both alive.But I was wrong.

A woman named Theresa showed me that if I was brave enough to open my heart I could love again,no matter how terrible I was only half-alive.It scared me and it hurt.

 I didn,t know how much I needed her till the night she flew away.When that airplane took off,I felt smth inside me tear away.And I knew,I should have followed her home.

And now tomorrow,I am going to sail to the windy point and I,m going to say goodbye to you.Then,I,m going to go to this woman and see if I can win her heart.If I can,I know you,ll bless me,and bless us all.If I can,t then I,m still blessed coz I,ve had the priviledge of loving twice in my lofe.She gave me that.

 And if I tell you I love her as much as I loved you…then you,ll know the whole story.

                                         Rest in peace,my love.


Let your love be not a trifle but a real miracle and inspiration which will follow you wherever you are…



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Love is the greatest event in life. I think when people fall in love with somebody, they try to capture all moments in time and date. Writing a letter is a way to maintain love more, remember and remind the most beautiful days and wishes.

Love letter can be sent by either Email or post office, both of them are romantic, but handwriting implies the personality of lover and it may be sweeter if you write one by your own handwriting to show your love better!

They may be deleted from your computer or thrown away, but they’ve never been forgotten in your heart for sure.

I prefer love letter and rose flower as well as smiling face, as a gift for somebody I love.


Happy Valentines day!!

Be lover




I like to use handwritten letter, when you open the envelope, read every word, will be full of love. Even many years later,when you open them, the memories are  so beautiful.




when i was in the arm 15 years ego, we were write love letter to each other, she was my first love:)   I would choose carefully the words to express my feelings best, i was spent a lot of effort  to ensure proper my hand writing.))) When they read  the names of the soldiers  who have latter,  that time my heart like will stop because  of  excitement…........




Old-fashioned ways to express feelings or send wishes are more valuable. You have to devote your free time to writting a letter and put it into mailbox in post office. It is for sure harder and more demanding than sending sms or email. And you have to buy a stamp, so it is next difficulty:) So present ways to express ourself don’t cost anything. Just click send without going outside. It is simple, no romantic and sometimes nice as old fasioned ways, but not as deep as manually written letters:)

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