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Garage Sales
Garage Sales

Learn English with this organization English lesson

Date: Jun 01 2021

Grammar: Past Progressive Tense


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Stuff has a way of piling up. Even if you have a lot of storage, you will run out of room eventually. Everyone has some things they could get rid of. But how?

You don’t just want to throw your stuff away. That would be wasteful, and it’s got to be worth something to someone. Time for a garage sale!

A garage sale, also known as a yard sale or tag sale, is when you put all of the things you want to sell on your lawn or in your garage, put price tags on them, and sell them for a day or two. Shopping at garage sales can be a great way to find used furniture, electronics, and all sorts of fun surprises.

Jason is thinking about having a garage sale. Listen to him discuss how to clear out some junk with Sara in this organization English lesson.






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Jason:  I’m going through all my storage and I have a lot of stuff to get rid of.

Sara:  What are you going to do with it?

Jason:  Well, I’m trying to decide if I should have a garage sale or if I should just sell it individually online.

Sara:  It’s kind of fun to have a garage sale.

Jason:  Yeah, I was thinking if it’s a nice day, my friends could just drop by and we could just hang out on the lawn, kind of waiting for people to come buy things.

Sara:  I think it’s cool, whether it’s your neighbors coming over, or someone who saw a sign that you put up a few blocks away, you just get this interesting accumulation of people who want to come look at your weird stuff.

Jason:  That’s a good point. Although, I’m worried that I won’t make as much money at a garage sale. I think if I put it on Ebay the whole world will have a full week to find it, instead of just the neighbors and random people that see the sign.

Sara:  It’s true, but I think that if you’re moving away you might want to have that experience of having a really nice community moment before you go. Maybe save some of your most expensive things to put on Ebay, but all your junk? Just have a garage sale.

Jason:  Sounds like a plan.


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Jason has a lot of stuff he needs to get rid of. He’s thinking of having a garage sale, but he thinks he might make more money selling his stuff online.

Sara agrees that your junk may sell for more if you post it online, but she still thinks Jason should have a garage sale. She says it’s fun to hang out in front of your house and meet the people who drop by to buy some used stuff.

Have you ever had a garage sale? Do you like to shop at garage sales? What is the best way to get money for your old stuff?



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Russian Federation

I have never had a garage sale,  as it is not common here.  But there is a large open air market in Peter , where everyone can rid of  an old stuff or to buy something necessary. It is opened every weekend and is always overcrowded as attracts people  from all parts of the city.

 It is possible to buy  almost everything at this sale,  and some items are very old and unicum, so collectors, restorers and tourists are usual visitors there as well.

I like to hang out at this market from time to time, as it is really interesting, and when something catches  my eye ,  I ask about its priсe.The last time  I bought a wooden pencil case  there.  

08:56 PM May 25 2014 |

Talia Do

Talia Do

Viet Nam

I have never had any garage sale before. And I do not want to buy things from garage sales. Since things on sales are used items, in other words, second-hand stuff so to me I do not think they are hygiene or safe enough to be bought and reused. Still there may be some exception ie if you are an addict of collections, you may find some obscure things that are missing in your collection. And you find the things that you have been looking for all the time a pock athleteamong stuff at a garage sales. In that case, there would be no reason to stop you from buying those things.
But if the junk is garment, be careful when you decide to take it or be sure that the clothes are washed and cleaned properly before using in order to prevent skin diseases.
Here in Singapore we often put junk at a void deck on the ground floor at the foot of each building for other people in need come to collect if they are interested in. Some people often pick things up and resell to earn some extra money for their hard living.
Another way to clear up old stuff around our houses here is to gather old clothes, used papers, used newspapers and other useful things that we do not use any more, put them all in a bag and just leave at the front door. A collecting staff will come and take the bags and classify before transferring to people who need them.
For those who want to get most money from old stuff, I think the best way is to post your most valuable stuff among the junk on some social network, on the websites that support personal advertisement. Most of them normally allow customers to post their advertisments within one month for free. It is quite a long time for your stuff to get reach the buyers.

01:32 PM May 22 2013 |



I’m a fan of used stuff and second hand markets. I focus most of the time on buying banknotes to add to my collection. Besides, Here in Morocco a garage sale is not a common phenomenon the way it is mentioned in the introduction and the dialog. However, A person may have a garage sale of used items he has alreday bought from other destinations to sell them…this is common. Moreover, selling individual stuff online is spreading out.

11:11 AM Mar 13 2013 |

david yun

South Korea

Well, in my coutry, there is no garage sale at people’s private house. I mean, we can have a kind of garage sale like that but this is a garage sale cooperated with others. Usually, a community gathers used stuff, sets up the date to sell that, and meet together on that day. It’s hard to enjoy this sale since it rarely happens in my place, but I’d just like to look around there if I have a chance to get.

well, I don’t have an experience to make money for selling my old stuff. Someday, I want to try it.   

10:56 PM Mar 12 2013 |




that was my first lesson and that was awesome.

06:07 PM Mar 10 2013 |



I’d never had a garage sale so far.so in my opinion i dont support idea of selling old stuff as garage sales.i know that there is a fact i’d reach less people.one of golden rule in marketing you must reach large of number people.if you really make money on your old stuff.i’d rather put them on E-bay etc.if i want only get rid of them from myside,i’d give them whose needed these things.

12:28 PM Mar 10 2013 |




May be its fun to sell used things but as for me I never buy or take things that possessed to someone. Every thing has its own energetic field accumulated from the owner and when you buy something you never know what the energy it has….whether it positive or negative so its better to refrain from it

08:31 AM Mar 10 2013 |




No I never had garage sale. If I have some junk I just give to someone who want it. If nobody want I just throw away :( I know it is waste of money but I dont have garage becouse I live in blok of flat.

09:49 PM Mar 09 2013 |




In our country peoplebdon’t use this kind of oppurtunity to sell their old stuff. We rather sell them by using websites. I think this way is more useful than garage sale. If you don’t have time you will just advertise online and the buyer will call you, so you don’t need to be next to your stuff all day.

09:53 AM Mar 09 2013 |




we havent such tradition in our country to orginize garage sales.But if we have some junk we can give them to our relatives who need them,or we can announce about it through internet.But I think its an interesting idea to have garage sales because it helps to earn some money by easy way and get rid of old things.

09:20 AM Mar 09 2013 |


South Korea

There is no garage sales custom in Korea. Sometimes, I use Internet shopping mall to sell or buy old items with cheap price. I think that it is a very convenient system to buying and selling items. Shopping mall host gives a guarantee to both sides. I have had an experience to sell 1,500 books because of moving. After sales, I purchased a round flight ticket from Korea to China using sales income.

01:56 AM Mar 09 2013 |




I’ve never been a garage sale. Probably it could be nice occasion.Especially when you hang out in your neighborhood.It could be a good chance admittedly for socialize. When your stuff is being sold, you can spend nice time with your friends or neighboors.

As a matter of fact, the real world is more different from that..Because we’re living in high buildings and we have a small garden, at the same time we have to share it lots of people..İf we want to buy a thing usefull or useless..we can use the internet. Everyday lots of products are produced relentlessly by multinational corporations. Naturally it’s not possible to catch up the new tecnology..After all we’re always hassling for the latest tecnology..

All in all who wants to buy a old junks?? I have lots of used stuff and I want to get rid off..if you want, ı can sell :)))))))))   By the way I believe to soul of old stuffs:)))

11:56 AM Mar 08 2013 |




I have  many times visited sunny California. One of the things that attracted me most  was on a sunday morning  walking around the neighborhood  in search of garage sales, agree that there are a lot of junk ,however ,if you drop by early  you can find  good  stuff  and bought  them for a few dollars. The reason for a garage sales is that people need to clear up the attic, or maybe are moving to another state or divorcing . I am still using an old  bakelite radio that i bought for one dollar  ( big spender … lol) .Sometimes the owner´s kids seriously join in their parents  selling limonade or orange juice for a quarter of a dollar. I love to see  their innocent and smiling  faces .  

This is my advice when you have decided to go to a garage sales ..” the early bird catches the worm”  

11:13 AM Mar 08 2013 |



i have onece had a garage sales when i was leaving my university, but it is my classmated convinced me to do that, ‘cause at least i could do some help to him, maybe just stayed there and when somebody drop by and asked for the price, i could tell the information when my mates were not there. 

in fact, most of the stuffs were books, ‘cause is was not easy for us to get them back home or working place for far distance, even if we could use the delivery service, the price was too high to buy the new ones. so we just had to take out the garage sale plan, lol.  and we could get some pocket money for meals, haha.

05:09 AM Mar 08 2013 |

Ngubo Sixtus

South Africa

i do like to buy from garage sale because you sometimes you get used stuff but still alright to be used for many years.

05:00 AM Mar 08 2013 |




I have never had any garage sale so far. Also, I don’t like to buy something from garage or yard sales because many of those stuff are junks and people are pilling up them during long time of living. I think people who want to throw away some of their used things which are useless, they put price tags on them in the yard to sell those stuff. However, in some occasions you are able to get some items with reasonable price when you drop by these garage sales. If I want to purchase any old stuff, I prefer to find them online from Craigslists, Ebay or Amazon which are easy and convenient option for me since I am sitting on the couch and buying them.

09:51 PM Mar 07 2013 |

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