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Date: Mar 20 2013

Themes: Celebrity

Grammar: Simple Present Tense


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Regular people can’t help but wish they were celebrities sometimes. Undoubtedly, celebrities find themselves wishing they were normal people occasionally, too.

Few celebrities have more drama or success than Rihanna. The singer, who was born in Barbados, has released seven albums since 2005, and all of them have gone gold or platinum. But her romantic life is less steady. She was famously beaten by boyfriend Chris Brown in 2009. They broke up, but now, she might be back together with him. Or is she the reason Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez broke up?

In addition to being a great artist, Rihanna seems like a good person, too. Her fans want her to be happy, because she makes them happy. Listen to Greta and Amanda talk about Rihanna’s exciting music and personal life in this English lesson.


很少有名人能像蕾哈娜 (Rihanna) 一样拥有如此戏剧性的人生和成就。这位歌手出生在巴巴多斯,自 2005 年以来已经发行了七张专辑,所有专辑均取得黄金或白金级销量。但她的感情生活并不稳定。2009 年,她遭到男友克里斯·布朗 (Chris Brown) 的殴打,此事被传得沸沸扬扬。他们因此而分手了,但他们现在可会重归于好。或者,她是否是贾斯汀·比伯 (Justin Bieber) 和赛琳娜·戈麦斯 (Selena Gomez) 分手的原因?



1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Amanda:  Did you see Rihanna on the Grammys?

Greta:  Did she perform?

Amanda:  Yes, and I think she needs to eat a sandwich!

Greta:  Oh, I did not see her performance, I just saw her sitting in the audience. She was sitting down so I didn’t really see anything besides her pretty dress and all of that.

Amanda:  She’s a pretty dynamic celebrity. She’s got talent and she can certainly sing, but there’s so much drama in her personal life!

Greta:  I agree. It seems like there’s always a scandal going on around Rihanna.

Amanda:  Always! The latest is with Justin Bieber.

Greta:  Really?

Amanda:  Yes, and she is robbing the cradle.

Greta:  Wait, she’s not dating Justin Bieber.

Amanda:  They’re not dating but they’re…you know…”hanging out.”

Greta:  Oh that’s weird! I have to say the extent of my knowledge is that she’s a pop star, I know she’s had some chart toppers, but beyond that, I know she’s beautiful and she sang that “Umbrella” song, right? Is that Rihanna?

Amanda:  Yes.


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Amanda saw Rihanna perform on the Grammys. She thought the singer looked skinny. She’s a big fan of Rihanna’s but thinks the poor woman has too much drama in her life.

Greta isn’t as big a fan as Amanda, but likes Rihanna’s music and agrees that scandal seems to follow her, like when Chris Brown was arrested for assaulting her.

The latest news, Amanda says, is that Rihanna might be dating Justin Bieber. But even Amanda can’t keep up with all the news around Rihanna. She is back together with Chris Brown and recently said she plans to have a baby with him.

Is there a celebrity whose personal life you follow? What is your favorite song by Rihanna? Do you think she and Chris Brown can put the drama behind them?



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I know Rihanna and she’s a great singer.

06:14 PM Jun 11 2020 |




I’m not interested in personal life any celebrity.

Actually..I don’t know Rihhana so well to speak about her but She has really big voice. I like a lot of her songs but the latest is “Diamonds” and “Stay”.

I have to admit that I didn’t like her before and I don’t even why.

Her voice is unforeseeable and that’s why I value her :)

03:06 PM Apr 14 2013 |



poor Selena:(
I love Jelena more.

05:05 AM Mar 23 2013 |




i like ‘umbrella’ by rihanna…...

10:06 PM Mar 21 2013 |




I am not interested in anyone especially celebrities personal life. Even though she is a dynamic person who got some Grammys and her songs went platinum several times like “Umbrella” which was a chart topper,  her dramatic life and scandals decreases her reputation among people in different parts of the world. Worse than all of that, hanging out with Bieber and returning to Brown again are  unacceptable with many of her fans.

08:16 AM Mar 21 2013 |




I became to know Rihanna when the first time she sang Umbrella, she has very unique voice. We should admit that there is no reason for anyone not to like such a beautiful voice… Am I right? I like her but not huge fan or her, about her personal life I don’t really care much. It’s hers… and it’s not important for us, just normal life you know no matter whoever she is, but she also human being and always have to face what it calls LIFe. Ok….no big deal about it…. But I still hope everything is always fine with her :D :D :D

04:33 AM Mar 21 2013 |

1 person likes this



i’m not fan of Rihanna but i know her. I don’t know her song but if i hear her’s sound i know this song is her song. 

01:33 AM Mar 21 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i like all of her songs,they’re really wonderful!

08:48 PM Mar 20 2013 |




i’m big fan of rihanna :) she is a talented singer and i love all her songs espacially unfaithful. And i don’t think chris brown is the one for her and i don’t think he will change and that he could be a better person!

08:46 PM Mar 20 2013 |


jodatrailSuper Member!


If I had any interest to follow the personal life of a celebrity, I would follow the life of Andy Partridge (XTC). I wonder, why he hasn’t gone on stage anymore since he had a break down before a concert.

XTC have a nice song called “1000 umbrellas” :)

Listen to the CD “Skylarking” Tell me, what you think about it.

08:31 PM Mar 20 2013 |

zhaleh hoor

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

personally I’m not interested in following celebrities. I just like beautiful songs with great lyrics no matter what characteristic the singer has, the personal life of them is not important 4 me at all.

07:11 PM Mar 20 2013 |




I follow my own life. Unfortunately, some celebrity doesn’t show a traceable life. I don’t like her songs but some rock/metal band made good Rihanna covers: “Umbrella” by Vanilla Sky and “Only girl” by Leander Rising (note: these songs have sick videos).

05:50 PM Mar 20 2013 |




Rihanna is not an  exemption  concerning  singers  with an extrordinary talent, beauty and hug  fans turned up at their concerts , and on the other side of the scale leaving a personal life  full of misery, alcohol and drugs. Is this the  prize they have to pay to be famous and rich  or is it their past issues with life  that  are hard to deal with  without  alcohol and the likes? 

05:00 PM Mar 20 2013 |

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Well, I don’t follow no one and my favorite Rihanna’s song is Umbrella =D

03:49 PM Mar 20 2013 |




I follow Snoop Dogg !

My favourite song for Rihanna is : Hate That I Love You ft. Ne-Yo

03:41 PM Mar 20 2013 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i like stay,one of her song.is very nice.

i don’t like her new hair.

03:20 PM Mar 20 2013 |



I like ur pics Mrs. Rihanna, I will like u to add me as a friend if u are on this site as a member. Thanks

02:34 PM Mar 20 2013 |



Actually, i have no much words for Rihanna because i dont like her songs.she could be a decent person but i interested people who makes good music i mean which has to define my taste.

02:07 PM Mar 20 2013 |




It’s so bad thing for Rihanna to be such a talented singer and her personal life news are so much bigger than her musical career news.

01:55 PM Mar 20 2013 |




Doing some grammar exercises, I remembered a phrase, ” Abused children commonly exhibit one or more of the following symptoms: rebelliousness, withdrawal, restlessness, and depression”.


01:31 PM Mar 20 2013 |

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