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English Vowel System

Date: Mar 01 2013

Topic: Pronunciation

Author: eliaslaura


Do you know the total number of different vowel sounds in English? 

Beginners often think the answer is “five”, because there are five vowel letters in the alphabet. Of course, anyone familiar with my blog knows that each vowel letter has at least one Long-vowel and one Short-vowel sound. So is it ten vowels total? Nope! The answer is… fifteen different vowel sounds!

The English vowel system is complex, and almost every learner of English has trouble with at least a few of the vowels. The vowel system is the most difficult part of figuring out how to pronounce new words. So, mastering the vowel system can make a huge improvement in the way you sound in English, and it can help you be better at figuring out how to say new words.

See the complete list of vowels in "Overview of Vowels" -- http://pronunciationcoach.wordpress.com/

It includes links to how to pronounce them!


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this is more helpful to me for knowing vowels sound…tks!!

06:32 AM Mar 02 2013 |

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