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Going to the Vet
Going to the Vet

Learn English with this pets English lesson.

Date: Apr 05 2013

Themes: Pets

Grammar: Present Progressive Tense


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It’s hard enough to take care of ourselves and our loved ones and children, but what happens when a pet gets sick? When that happens, it’s time to go to the veterinarian, or vet, for short.

Unfortunately, most animals don’t enjoy going to the vet. They might run for cover when you get out their pet carrier. Or they might growl at or try to attack the vet when you get there. And even worse than the experience at the vet is the experience when you see the vet’s bill. Unfortunately, a trip to the vet can sometimes break the bank. Find out about Marni and Lily’s experiences at the vet in this pets English lesson.




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Marni:  My dog’s vet bills are out of control.

Lily:  Oh jeez.

Marni:  I have been giving him acupuncture for years now, to deal with all kinds of ailments. And it’s just crazy how much money I’m spending on him. I mean, I would like acupuncture. I can’t even afford it for me.

Lily:  Do you have insurance for him?

Marni:  I don’t. I always thought, man’s best friend, you just sort of wing it, and just pay the vet bills as they come, but maybe I should’ve looked into that.

Lily:  Yeah. Because my mom is a veterinary technician, and so we’ve always gotten our vet bills for a lot cheaper, but now that I’m away from my family, it can be steep, that’s very true.

Marni:  It’s very expensive. And, you know, you love your pets, you pay the bills, you do what you can, but really, I’m starting to rethink this whole thing.

Lily:  Oh yeah.

Marni:  Vaccines are important. You’ve gotta go for that. And certainly there’s things…

Lily:  You want to protect against rabies…

Marni:  Absolutely.

Lily:  ...especially if your animal goes outside. My cats go outside all the time, and they get into who knows what. With a dog, I’m sure it’s even more.

Marni:  Absolutely. And he hates going to the vet. It’s like torture for him, and then I’m spending all this money, and I just keep thinking, “Really?”


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Marni is stressed out because the veterinarian bills for her dog are very expensive. She gives her dog specialized treatment, like acupuncture, but can’t even afford those treatments for herself. She doesn’t have insurance for her dog, so she must pay all the bills herself.

Lily’s lucky, because her mom worked at a vet’s office. Their vet bills were cheaper because of that. Lily knows, though, that for most people the bills are very steep.

Because going to the vet is so expensive, Marni’s trying to figure out what medical expenses are most important for pets. She and Lily agree that vaccines, at least, are very important.

Do you have pets? Do you take them to the vet when they get sick? How do you deal with the high cost of vet bills?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

oh pets! yeah, i have a wonderful duck in my house, he is very important for me . he doesnt eat anything except Macaroni ! could you beleive that? a duck eats macaroni ? have you ever heard that ? when he was younger i mean 5 months ago ate baked potato, after that baked rice and now Macaroni ! 

however i havent brougt him to the vet because he`s not been sick till now but i think the price of his food is a little high :) 

07:20 PM Dec 23 2013 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i don’t have any pets,so i don’t need going to the vet:)

09:46 AM Apr 26 2013 |



For me nothing better than petting, holding and scratching my cat, che’gemok when he visit me. I used to stay in the same apartment with che’gemok but i have move out to another apartment  next door. I still contribute money for food, litter and rent. There just so many cats in my previous apartment (happened to be next door) so i have decided to rent a second apartment for my sister and me.  I love most of the cats. But my fave are three of them, my baby, chegemok and itamputeh. They are just like kid always meowing and naughty… so i kinda miss them now.

06:04 AM Apr 09 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

keeping an animal especially a dog as a pet is so effective and beneficial for our own health and it can even extend our lives. this can reduce our stress and blood pressure so we can feel better. after few day’s they will be a member of our family and we will treat them like our own child so as a veterinary student i should say that keeping a pet for companionship is the best practice for having a nice life.

06:01 PM Apr 08 2013 |

1 person likes this

zhong yulu

zhong yulu


i don’t have pets. i can’t take good care of myself, how could i care for the pets. Leave the pets to those who can really attend them well. i don’t want to see the little creatures suffer on my hand.

03:14 PM Apr 08 2013 |

1 person likes this


MasbararSuper Member!


If the pet is sick,you have to spend money without thinking how much the cost to be.Because the priority is to cure him.And veterinarians know very well that how you care him.They understand the psychology of the pet’s owners.I spent one time like that.I didn’t ask how much does it cost.He was knowing that I was caring him.So I paid a very expensive bill.For the second I will not do the same mistake.I will show myself as its not so important thing to cure the pet and the cost is very important.And I will ask to min three veterinarians.Competence is always good.

08:40 PM Apr 07 2013 |




Fortunately, none of our dogs have been sick, so we haven’t needed to pay too much price for them. They get the vaccines every year/half-year. Unfortunately, it is expensive to medicate pets.

04:25 PM Apr 07 2013 |



i do not need to worry about going to the vet, Cause i do have no pet. sometimes i had the idea to get a puppy, but i did not have time and energy for it, it need to much time to take care of it.

12:54 PM Apr 07 2013 |




Actually i don’t have pet but if i had i would definitely take good care of him/her cause it’s a big responsibility and since it’s okay for me to own a pet so i have to take responsibility for him/her especially he is completely helpless like a little baby and of course i would try as much as possible not to spend a lot.

10:20 AM Apr 07 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i love cats but due to their hair and other signs of allergy they have, i should forget about these lovely creatures, but i have had fish or ducklings or chicks for several times, but unfortunately all of them passed away, i tried my best to keep them , but for a lot of reasons they died, 

08:16 AM Apr 07 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I love pets cuz I love all sorts of animals.

06:14 AM Apr 07 2013 |




I love pets both of cats and dogs!

04:56 PM Apr 06 2013 |




            I love pets especially cats!

            I don’t care about insurance!

            I won’t get rid of them in the street,

            for money and bills!

            I’ll try to care about them every minute,

            from ailments!

                                           soooooooooo cute!

03:54 PM Apr 06 2013 |




A heart-warming meeting of a lion with his rescuer. People said the lion wouldn’t recognize a woman but everything gone just the opposite.



11:15 AM Apr 06 2013 |



Before 2 year i had grown a one pet near by only 1 year. i was very happy with them.i every day play with them but actually my pet was female. thrrefore my mother dont like female pet. she every morning bit them and also me. last time my pet condtion was very bad. but i did’nt think about anyone and send the doctor and immediatly treatment and when she feel good then i gave to them my friend for ever.

07:44 AM Apr 06 2013 |


South Korea

When I was in Shanghai China, I had grown a dog, hush puppy. My son really liked her. We called her Jina. She gave a great joy to our families. However, one day she got a sickness because of bad weather. I went to the vet to check her health condition. After a check up and medical treatment, I astonished at the vet bill which he was claimed for. It was too expensive to make a payment. It’s not easy to grow a pet for a long time. Building management often bans  to grow pets in a house. If you want to grow pets, you have to consider many things like dog meal, pet toys, and taking vet. 

04:32 AM Apr 06 2013 |




Nowadays I don’t have a pet. When I was a child, though. I remember that I had a god called “Charlie”. My mother always paid for its vaccices and I didn’t have any idea about the price of them. In the end, when I let Charlie go out of my house, he was hit by a car and passed way. Since then I haven’t had pets!

01:25 AM Apr 06 2013 |

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South Africa

Nuh! I dont have pets at home..

08:34 PM Apr 05 2013 |




Well, I have 7 cats, and a lot of birds , I just like spending time with them and I can say that’s a sort of passion,I can’t even imagine my self without! Even when I hang out with friends or family i just keep thinking about! Are they well, and something like that, I mean I’m really attached to my animals, otherwise I like so much dogs but my family’s not agree with that, so I’ve gotta get out this idea from my mind…So about vet, it’s not so expensive here in my country, I think it’s an advantage ! They just demand 60dt/year which is about 40$/year, thus that doesn’t annoy me… 

Finally I would say that living with animals it’s… just great, specially when you see your little cat growing up and then giving birth and the same thing with her babys , you keep just saying waw !! 

08:29 PM Apr 05 2013 |




Having no health insurance can make anyone run for cover seeing the bills. Well, any visit to a doctor can be steep, and it is the same around the world. The richer the country the higher medical bills.

And we shouldn’t complain that animal health care gone out of control. We’d better remember that we are the ones who take animals to a vet. A visit to a vet is the last thing our poor pet would ask  for:)

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