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Learn English with this fashion English lesson.

Date: Mar 25 2013

Themes: Fashion

Grammar: Simple Past Tense


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When it’s cold in the winter, scarves can do a great job of keeping you warm. The wind might be blowing and the snow might be falling, but a scarf made of a warm material can keep you nice and toasty.

Scarves aren’t just for warmth, though. Some people find them very fashionable. They wear scarves in bright colors or edgy patterns, or they wear them to match their outfits. Other people like to knit scarves themselves and give them to friends as gifts. Find out whether Sara and Lily like scarves in this fashion English lesson.




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Lily:  Sara, I got the best scarf the other day.

Sara:  Tell me about it.

Lily:  It’s nice and warm. It’s made out of wool. It basically is like an entire alpaca around your neck. It’s awesome.

Sara:  Is it itchy?

Lily:  A little bit, but the warmth quotient far exceeds the itchy part of it.

Sara:  That sounds really nice. I really like wearing scarves, especially in the winter, but it’s sort of weird, scarves are so fashionable right now. Sometimes I feel like I must seem like I’m just trying to follow some fashion trend, even if I’m just wearing it to be warm, do you know what I mean?

Lily:  Yeah. Well, I think you can distinguish, because trendy scarves tend to be sheer, they’re kind of thin, they’re not necessarily warm, they’re just for effect. Like layering things.

Sara:  Right, right. And I guess if you see someone wearing a scarf inside, and it’s not cold, you know they’re just wearing it for fashion.

Lily:  Or they just have a really cold neck.

Sara:  That’s possible too. Are you a knitter? Have you ever knit a scarf?

Lily:  I wish I could. I tried to crochet once, and, you know, I made a potholder.

Sara:  Not really big enough, I guess, for a scarf.


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Lily tells Sara about a new scarf that she recently got. Lily likes the scarf because it’s very warm, and it’s not too itchy.

Sara thinks that scarf sounds nice, and she likes wearing scarves, too. But she’s afraid that someone might think she’s just wearing a scarf to be trendy. Lily thinks that scarves for fashion and scarves for warmth have some important differences, so hopefully no one will mistake one for the other.

And, of course, there’s nothing like a scarf you knit yourself. Lily crocheted once, which is kind of like knitting, but what she made wasn’t very big.

Do you like wearing scarves? Are scarves fashionable where you live? Have you ever knit a scarf, or worn a scarf that someone knit for you?

Scarf photo provided by Naturally Knotty.



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Viet Nam

I like to wear scarves in the winter but where I live now has no winter , and  I think if wearing scarves in a hot day is not comfortable at all.

05:57 AM Aug 25 2014 |


Russian Federation

Scarves are very fashionable in Russia,and I love wearing them.Have a lot of in my wardrobe:)

06:13 PM Apr 02 2013 |

1 person likes this

lion tear

lion tear


Well I have a scarf in my display picture, so I must say I love scarves :D

09:52 AM Apr 01 2013 |



I like to wear scarves in winter. And I knit my own scarves. Well, not really good, but I can choose my favourite colour and decide how long and wide that I want.

11:48 PM Mar 25 2013 |




scarves make girls more charming!!

08:01 PM Mar 25 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Wearing scarves for women here is something compulsory, but the style of it has changed lately from being just a simple model to something trendy and even men are wearing them around their neck because it’s something trendy and people want to make their outfit attractive and get a lot of attention from the opposite sex.

07:21 PM Mar 25 2013 |

1 person likes this




i don’t like scarves at all…neither for wormth nor for fashion. but in our city they are popular, though.

05:24 PM Mar 25 2013 |

Ngubo Sixtus

South Africa

in winter i got to wear scarf because weather is cold.the scarves keep you warm. 

03:52 PM Mar 25 2013 |


United States

I like to wear scarves not only when I need it to feel warm. It’s more like trendy stuff to me :)

03:50 PM Mar 25 2013 |




Ancient Rome is one of the first origins of the scarf, where it was not used to keep warm, but to keep clean. It was called the sudarium, which translates from Latin to English as “sweat cloth”, and was used to wipe the sweat from the neck and face in hot weather. They were originally worn by men around their neck or tied to their belt. Soon women started using the scarves, which were made of cloth and not made of wool, pashmina, or silk, and ever since the scarf has been fashionable among women.  ~ This is what Wikipedia offers.

Scarves are undeniable element of fashion.Lacy and light, thick and woolen they add charm to both men and women outfits and keep the body warmer.

03:47 PM Mar 25 2013 |

i love life

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

I love wear the sacrves specially in the winter , when I wear a black suit with the red scarf it would be very attractive apparaence , as the same time the woman likes to wear the scarves , It’s very popular .

I live In Palestine , we are admire it , for me the scarf make you feel more fashionable and more handsome .

03:16 PM Mar 25 2013 |


United States

I love scarves but here it is very hot most of the year

03:03 PM Mar 25 2013 |

1 person likes this




I think the most popular scarf among here and abroad is made of the material—silk cashmere which is softer and more beautiful and warm than the other material

01:26 PM Mar 25 2013 |




it is convenient to wear a scarf in winter especially if we don´t want  to suffer  a sore throat  ,of course , the  fabric must be soft ,nothing itchy. also  a scarf naturally  enhances the beauty of a woman ,and that it might be the reason that many like  to use them ,not only because it is cold or  it became trendy  wearing scarves . 

11:39 AM Mar 25 2013 |

Jason Chu

Jason Chu


I have to wear scarf in the wintertime to keep myself warm . It makes me feel toasty in the cold weather .

10:33 AM Mar 25 2013 |




Indeed scarves are very fashionable and practical at the same time, there’s nothing better than wearing a warm scarf in a cold day and it’s so nice to get a scarf from someone knits it himself as a gift, i always appreciated such things.

10:15 AM Mar 25 2013 |



Saudi Arabia

I love scarves and i’m wearing it all the seasons. It is nice and beautiful in the summer .In the winter it is warm and toasty .The scarves have many kinds and it made from different materials suitable all the seasons and occasions ..

04:56 AM Mar 25 2013 |




I love scarves I wear them even in summer.

03:32 AM Mar 25 2013 |




Wearing scarves isn’t popular the city where I live. However, some people wear it during winter time because it keeps them toasty and warm. Also, edgy outfits with sheer scarves have been trendy the other day among people especially young generation that make them fashionable. Furthermore, wearing scarves is compulsory quotient for women in some countries.

07:36 AM Mar 23 2013 |

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