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Top Gun 3D
Top Gun 3D
《壮志凌云 3D》

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Date: Apr 15 2013

Themes: Pop Culture

Grammar: Simple Future Tense


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Fighter planes flying through the air at top speed. Tough young pilots proving themselves. Plus a steamy romance between Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis. What could be better than Top Gun, an action/romance movie from 1986?

What someone thinks, apparently, is that the movie would be better in 3D. Top Gun is following a popular trend of re-releasing older movies in a 3D version in order to bring the movie to new audiences and enhance some of the effects. Is it a good idea to release films in this way, or is it better to leave old favorites in the past? Find out what Marni and Sara think in this movies English lesson.

战斗机以最快速度在空中飞行。刚毅勇猛的年轻飞行员在展示他们的驾驶技能。再加上汤姆·克鲁斯 (Tom Cruise) 和凯莉·麦吉利斯 (Kelly McGillis) 之间的浪漫爱情。这些让 1986 年拍摄的动作/爱情电影《壮志凌云》成为无法超越的经典。

很显然,有人觉得如果将这部电影拍摄成 3D 版效果会更好。《壮志凌云》也跟上了老电影重新发行 3D 版的热潮,为的是让新观众观赏这部影片,同时增强一些特效。通过这种方法发行电影是个好主意吗?还是,让老电影永远留在过去更好些?在本节以电影为话题的英语课上,看看玛尼和萨拉做何感想。


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Sara:  Marni, I am really excited about something.

Marni:  Really? What is it?

Sara:  Top Gun is being re-released in 3D.

Marni:  Oh wow.

Sara:  Isn’t that going to be so awesome?

Marni:  I guess so. It’s such a classic 80s flick, and I suppose with the planes and things, it’s a good candidate for a 3D rerun.

Sara:  I know. And even just, you know, those images of Tom Cruise in his aviator sunglasses and all of that. It’s iconic to me. You know?

Marni:  Okay, yeah. Goose, Maverick. Some classic characters.

Sara:  Exactly, exactly. And you know, every time, it’s always exciting. I always sort of forget what happens and I’m waiting to find out. I know something’s coming, but I can’t really remember.

Marni:  Oh yeah? Huh. Yeah, it’s a pretty classic storyline, and I think most people that were around in that time, it’s sort of a must-see movie. It’ll be interesting to see, though, if it still holds up. I haven’t seen it in a long time.

Sara:  Yeah. I know what you mean. I think also I’m kind of excited about it because Tom Cruise is such a depressing figure right now. He’s kind of washed up, in a way.

Marni:  Yeah, I agree with that.

Sara:  He’s just in the tabloids more often than he is in films, maybe. So it could be nice to revisit his glory days.

Marni:  Yeah, that was definitely a huge film for him. Well, I will definitely go see it with you.

Sara:  Awesome.


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Sara is excited because a classic film from her youth is being re-released in 3D. She thinks of the film as iconic because its images are so memorable to her. Marni thinks it’s going to be cool, too, to revisit the characters and story from Top Gun.

Another reason Sara is looking forward to seeing the movie is that she now finds Tom Cruise’s acting career depressing. She thinks he’s a bit washed up. Seeing him in his 80s film in his aviator sunglasses will remind her of when his career was doing better. Marni is excited to go see the movie with Sara.

Have you seen Top Gun? What do you like about it? What are iconic movies from your youth?



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Russian Federation

That’s the shame, but I haven’t seen this film too)) However, some flicks he took part in really spoke to me. Especially, “Vanilla Skies” and “Minority Report” are my favourite ones. And that’s OK that he’s kinda getting washed up, since all celebrities fade out first or last. Besides, he’s far not a young guy – he’s about to turn 45 this year unless Wikipedia lies)) It’s ridiculous to hope to see, for instance, Mr.  Schwarzenegger hopping and fighting as rapidly as he did in “Terminator” a load of years ago. 

As far as 3d is concerned, I guess such showy films are quite suitable for this kind of rerun. I’d rather agree with that all these arrangments are carried out mostly for youth. And often, I’d say, it turns out to be worth having it done and wathcing it.

06:14 AM Apr 16 2013 |




 I will go to Top Gun and finally watch the movie and 3D. I like old movies.

Very good idea!

09:23 PM Apr 15 2013 |



i haven’t, but i have to

06:55 PM Apr 15 2013 |

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Technology must keep up with the new generation. The things which waken the thrill in the hearts of 70s-80s audience don’t prove themselves with today’s younger one. I think re-releasing old iconic movies is mainly teen oriented.

Well known fact that not all movies are good in 3D. A 3D movie is quite a different experience from a regular one. First of all it’s a fun experience with all those objects flying on the screen and very often right into your face:) I can hardly imagine a good comedy or a steamy romance on a screen in 3D, and I don’t think such movies will ever be considered as washed up  in a long run




:) I’m going to comment on this boring topic

06:37 PM Apr 15 2013 |




I havent seen this film.I dont like these kinds of films.

06:05 PM Apr 15 2013 |

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In 3D !!!,imagine the planes cominng directly to you at high speed !!! I can´t wait to see that.


05:47 PM Apr 15 2013 |

1 person likes this

Son of English

Hong Kong

Does it still have the gay subtext [but in 3D!]?

04:06 PM Apr 15 2013 |

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I dislike Tom Cruise ,so i haven’t seen Top Gun. Tom Cruise has a good looking, but which is not charming and attractive in my eye(sorry for his fans), i don’t know why i’m not interested in what most people like. 

About important movies for my youth, maybe Superman are in them. I remmber when i was in elementary school in 1990s, our students are arranged to see Superman, how magic the movie was, how excited we were. Since at that time, we are rarely to see foriegn movies, so all of us were impressed of the movie. We talked about the even every details about the move. the superman are tall and handson, and the romance between actor and actree…and so on. But i almost forget those details right now, I just remmeber the enjoyment and shock Superman brought to us.     

03:59 PM Apr 15 2013 |




i love fly with f35. thats so fast

03:38 PM Apr 15 2013 |

Ya Nina


I haven’t seen Top Gun whenever. But I think that re-realize the old movie is the good idea. However it doesn’t often to make the old movies better. For example, there are many black and white movies from childhood of our parents and grandparents. In many cases that movies don’t need in such changes because we love it without any improvements that deprive it special genius.

If speaking about the films which become the iconic for me then these are the soviet movies. It was joyful or ironic movies and sometimes sad or dramatic but always very kind and insightful. However may be such love is explained our youth and nostalgia by that time. As the saying is when we were younger then the trees were higher=)

03:01 PM Apr 15 2013 |

Irene Forever


I haven’t seen Top Gun inspite of being released long ago. I’ve read the dialog and seen that Sara enjoyed the flicik fully. It’s clear that such kind of movie is more excited being re-released in 3D. As for me, 3D is not acceptable as I don’t feel good while watching it

There are many iconic movies I’ve seen throughout my life. I would advice you to watch the movie Aviator which impressed me a lot. Leonardo DiCaprio stared in it and was perfect.


01:56 PM Apr 15 2013 |




I have seen  this  almost thirty  years old  flick .  i believe that   this icon movie was not only   a huge box-office success  ,also  served as  a recruitment tool  to the Air  Force.  Most probably , many young boys and girls  after seeing the movie were inspired  to applied to the Air Force Academy  to be accepted as candidates to be trained as  military pilots.

11:49 AM Apr 15 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of


07:25 AM Apr 15 2013 |




Baset ; frankly , It’s  interesting topic …5;00 am I think you’re tired now , you should sleep now >> we will talk about it later ! slow down when you are driving and  have sweet dreams !

02:00 AM Apr 15 2013 |

The Last Joke


JOY :In the animal kingdom, most animals do not kill others of their species with very, very few exceptions. Hollywood tries to make us  bellieve that humans are like animals in this regard, we don’t want to kill each other and it is true  sometimes we behave like animals, especially in combat.

01:51 AM Apr 15 2013 |




Baset ; i agree with you ! but i want to ask you ;

Are there  difference between the behavior of animals and humans ?

01:41 AM Apr 15 2013 |

The Last Joke


Joy : i haven’t seen this movie , but i think that  Hollywood is great at making war seem so simple  . It makes the watcher believe that people kill each other because they are animals , because it is kill or be killed, the enemy is hated or whatever. Hollywood tries to make us believe that all soldiers fire at each other, desperately attempting to hit and kill each other. While there is some truth in the matter, it is mostly wrong.

01:34 AM Apr 15 2013 |




Baset ; Have you seen Top Gun ? what do you think about it ??

01:28 AM Apr 15 2013 |

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