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Learn English with this candy English lesson

Date: Jul 05 2013

Themes: Food, Health

Grammar: Second Conditional


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Can you walk through a candy store and leave empty-handed? Most of us can’t, as much as we try. We love the sweet taste of candy, but we also know how bad it is for us. Candy gives us energy, but it can also give us cavities. It’s just not fair!

Chocolate can be good for you, they say, but only in moderation. If you have a sweet tooth, you simply must learn to exercise some self-control and not go overboard. For many of us, that’s easy to say but not so easy to do. We crave candy and won’t stop until we have it!

Lily and Greta share the same opinion about sweets and discuss their favorite kinds in this English lesson about candy.





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Greta:  So, Lily, my husband is out of town tonight, and that means I get to have candy for dinner.

Lily:  That sounds amazing. You have a sweet tooth, don’t you?

Greta:  I have such a sweet tooth and it’s ridiculous. If it were up to me and I didn’t have any kind of concern about health or cavities, I would eat nothing but sugar. I love sugar so much.

Lily:  Do you like dark chocolate or milk chocolate better?

Greta:  I like milk chocolate except when it comes to fudge and cake. Then I like it to be a little darker and a little more bitter.

Lily:  Yeah, like rich and decadent?

Greta:  I can tell from your tone of voice that you also have a sweet tooth.

Lily:  Definitely, definitely. I bake a lot of desserts. I do not count calories at all. It’s probably not the best thing for me, but you’ve got to live a little, right?

Greta:  Exactly! And the occasional cavity? I think it’s well worth the deliciousness of eating chocolate when you need chocolate.


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Greta tells Lily that she’s planning to eat candy for dinner! Not only does Lily like Greta’s plan, but she almost sounds jealous. It’s obvious that both women find it hard to exercise some self-control around candy, especially chocolate.

Lily has a sweet tooth, too, and she bakes a lot of desserts as a result. In her opinion, we shouldn’t count calories, just eat what tastes good. A lot of people would agree with her, but everyone knows that we can’t eat candy all day long. Not unless you want a stomachache, that is.

What are your favorite kinds of candy? Is it OK to eat as much as you want? Do you remember a time when you ate so much candy that you felt sick?



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Jack Ann


I love it,but it’s not every day eat . Sometimes drinking a cup of candy-water .

06:18 AM Jul 05 2013 |



Syrian Arab Republic

i love chocolate

no it better to eat candies in moderation

05:49 AM Jul 05 2013 |



United States

It seems that in recent years have been swinging back and forth between rigid self-control and no self-control at all when it comes to endulging in sweets and snack foods.

03:52 AM Jul 05 2013 |




I like candy! but I Love chocolate!! Hahha I also like to bake desserts, today I bake one :) but it was a strawberry cheese pie :) time ago I used to baked chocolate muffins for my friends but now I don’t :)

03:49 AM Jul 05 2013 |

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If I write, I am a sweet person, it could be misunderstood ;-) I only want to express, that I  like candy or munchies like nuts very much. But I try to keep a little discipline, I don’t eat candies each day. Favorites are gummi bears and licorice.

01:37 AM Jul 05 2013 |

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