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Family Vacations
Family Vacations

Learn English with this family vacations English lesson

Date: Jun 29 2021

Themes: Family, Holidays, Travel

Grammar: Verbs with "-ing"


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Going on a road trip as an adult can be amazing. You have the freedom to go where you want to go, stop and look at anything, and drive all night if you feel like it! Road trips as a child, on the other hand, don’t bring back fond memories for everyone. You may remember being sandwiched between siblings in the back of a car, fighting with your parents, and basically feeling claustrophobic and ready to go back home.

Even so, family vacations do give brothers and sisters the chance to become close and share memories even when they’re getting on each other’s nerves. They don’t have to be luxury vacations. Just going camping over the weekend can be wonderful when everyone is together. All you have to do is throw your luggage in the back of a car, turn it on and drive.

Do you remember what it was like to travel with your family as a kid? Find out what Greta and Mason remember in this English lesson about going on vacation.





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Greta:  Mason, did you take a lot of family vacations when you were growing up?

Mason:  I think so. We had a good variety of camping vacations, road trips, plane trips… stuff like that.

Greta:  Were they fun, going on vacation with your whole family? Do you have fond memories of that?

Mason:  I guess. Yeah, I do. My little sister tended to be kind of a brat, but it felt like we got enough time to do our own thing. That we weren’t getting on each other’s nerves.

Greta:  In those car trips, I remember feeling almost claustrophobic, sandwiched between my brother and my sister. All of the siblings in the same car for 12 hours as we drove to, I don’t know, Yellowstone Park or some other national monument that we just had to see. I remember just being, “This is hot, and I’m bored, and I don’t have any room.”

Mason:  No, I was pretty spoiled. We had a big van. You know the good front-style seats? The bucket seats? We had a second row of bucket seats for the kids, so it was pretty deluxe.

Greta:  So, you did not have to sit in the back seat with luggage underneath your feet?

Mason:  Nope, I was living in luxury.


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Greta and Mason are thinking back to when they were kids. They’re remembering what it was like to go on vacation with their families. It seems like Mason has much more positive memories than Greta does! He remembers comfortable car seats, different kinds of trips, and time that he could spend alone, doing his own thing.

Greta’s memories aren’t quite as fond. She remembers being squeezed into a crowded car, and feeling hot, bored, and not excited about where they were going. Greta’s family car was so full of people and things that she even remembers luggage under her feet!

Did you take family vacations as a kid? Were your trips more like Mason’s or more like Greta’s? Where did you go?



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To leave your residential house along with your family members and spend some time in a different location.

Travelling along with family members  is always awesome. initially, i didn’t use to sleep when i know that i’ll be travelling tomorow becaouse i was so happy with it. those joyful expectations struck my mind when i am about to sleep and it’s gone. However, there are always some lifetime positive experience to tell right after your journey. You may either like to visit there severeral times because it was special or hate to be there once again because it’s boring.  

09:38 AM Sep 08 2013 |




Vactions with family always very excited if you have lovely siblings we get fun and enjoy in the trip…..........we always rememer that time spending with family. : )

02:21 AM Aug 31 2013 |



Yes, i used to have family vacations and I remember them as a magic moment, with lots of fun… my experience is a mix between that of Mason’s and Greta’s. We sometimes used to travel with a lot of people: my grandparents, my sisters, my cousins, even my dog… and I had some memories like luggage underneath my feets… but also, I could spent some time alone…so at the end i also have fond memories.

07:24 PM Aug 28 2013 |

Libyan spirit

Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

We used to have a vacation every year to the east of my country.They were so fun eventhogh,I hated to be sandwiched between my sisters for long time

01:09 PM Aug 28 2013 |




My family have family vocation every year, my mother spend last money, but we always have a rest. I want tell my mother thank you))

12:47 PM Aug 28 2013 |

1 person likes this




I would like to go to travel, but it is a pity that I have not been gone to any places. My father and my mather they both have not spend a vacation with me.

08:29 AM Aug 27 2013 |




I think  woderful something to be with family road trip, what ever areas or places, just you can imagined that as well as every one can learn, know and sence from traveling !

09:39 PM Aug 25 2013 |

2 people like this


Russian Federation

Of course I have, thanks to my Dad))) He could just put us in a car and went to show us a wonderfull places. We live in North Caucasus, so here a lot of pretty sights.

03:02 PM Aug 25 2013 |

1 person likes this



Russian Federation

Thanks, guys, for all your nice comments. I envy you all who have such warm family recollections. I can’t boast any. But when I was a student I travelled a lot with my friends. We’ve been to many places in Russia. At that time I didn’t care for comfort. But now I would never go camping. Well, I like the idea and I wish I could. But I know that such conditions are not for me. I hate myself for this, but can’t do anything. 

01:45 PM Aug 25 2013 |



Saudi Arabia

Well I know that now, but back then  that what my brian telling me to do LOL. the revenge is happining all the time hahah.

12:37 PM Aug 25 2013 |




its not fair :) you used forcing to your sister as a big one…

didnt they revenge from you ,later ?

12:15 PM Aug 25 2013 |

1 person likes this


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

hah… one the most interesting memory of mine back to road trips with my family… we had a car named PEYKAN !

12:07 PM Aug 25 2013 |



Saudi Arabia

LOL , usually I’m the winner, because I’m the big sister.

12:05 PM Aug 25 2013 |



foz12 ,

who won  window seat fighting ??

11:46 AM Aug 25 2013 |

1 person likes this



Saudi Arabia

I remembered the fight on who will win to seat near  the window.

11:38 AM Aug 25 2013 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I think every trip is an experience for everyone, I got my best experiences and my best life lessons in summer family vacations.

07:54 AM Aug 25 2013 |


United States

we went to florida 5days few years ago

02:22 AM Aug 25 2013 |


United Arab Emirates

I have had simple family trips just for 2 or 3 times in my life. But we had not any laguage with us. And we just gone we enjoyed and then returend at home on the same day. Yes, I enjoyed the trip. Because the places we were gone were very very beautifull naturally. The scenary was amazing. The weather there was very nice and cool. The road track was in zigzag pattern and the jungle arround the road and the monkies walking on road was very amazing. Monkies were playing on road and also taling foad from the travellers. We also given them some fruits. I love that journies. We have many places like this in lovely country pakistan.

01:40 PM Aug 24 2013 |

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I haven’t gone on a trip with my whole family so far.My parents are too busy to travel with me,what a pity.But I think,when they are all retired,I will take them to some wonderful places.I’m looking forward to that trip very much.Everyone,treasure the time with your family!

12:09 PM Aug 24 2013 |




I am married with three children. Every summer we go for a roadtrip. We have a little car, Suzuki, but we can go everywhere, we want. We were at lake Balaton this year. Forexample we saw the fortress of Nagyvázsony. This is a ruined castle. My children always sat in the back of our car. They never complained. So we have fond memories of that.

09:15 AM Aug 24 2013 |

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