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Learn English with this parades English lesson

Date: Aug 28 2013

Themes: Holidays

Grammar: Gerunds vs. Infinitives


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When’s the last time you went to a parade? Were you bored or offended by anything? Not likely! Parades have the reputation for being fun and wholesome. It’s no wonder that they’re overrun with parents and their small children. Some families even go every year, sitting on the same street, in the same spot.

And, really, what’s not to love? Parades have clowns, floats and a new marching band every five minutes. People throw candy, everyone is happy and smiling, and you’re surrounded by music. You could even see a celebrity if you’re lucky.

Is it possible for someone to dislike parades? Find out when Amanda and Jeff talk about their experiences in this English lesson about events in the community.





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Amanda:  Saturday night I went to my 30th parade with my father. Can you believe that?

Jeff:  So, it’s kind of a traditional thing for you?

Amanda:  It is. And to go five hours before the first float arrives, to mark your territory, to put down your seat, to watch 101 floats go by… it’s not really my thing.

Jeff:  Was there a marching band?

Amanda:  Yes. There were 21 marching bands from different high schools all over the state.

Jeff:  I haven’t been to one in a long time. I remember where I grew up there would be smaller parades. My favorite thing was these older kids who were basically teenagers in this rock band. They were called “Sticks and Stones.”

Amanda:  That’s cool.

Jeff:  They rode in the back of a flatbed truck.

Amanda:  You know what my favorite part is?

Jeff:  And I thought they were really cool.

Amanda:  The grand marshal. It’s usually a person, or a character, or a celebrity, and they lead off the parade. Kind of like a pace car in a cart race.

Jeff:  Yeah, that’s right. I forgot about that person.

Amanda:  Are you picking up what I’m laying down?

Jeff:  That’s my goal in life. To be the grand marshal in a parade.

Amanda:  Aim high.


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Amanda just went to a parade with her father. It’s a tradition for the two of them, but Amanda isn’t as excited about parades as she used to be. After all, they’ve watched 30 parades together. After a while, they probably start to look and sound the same.

Jeff has one particular memory of the parades he saw when he was growing up. He remembers a rock band made up of teenagers in his town, and he clearly thought they were cool. It seems like parades were interesting to both Amanda and Jeff once, but not as much now that they’re older.

Do you remember watching parades when you were a child? Do you go to parades now? What is it about parades that people love?



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Seiyf, totally agree!! :))


11:32 PM Aug 28 2013 |



in my country ,there are afew national holidays that include parades ,civil or military, 

these are ,

23 April , that dedicated to Children, ..19 May, that dedicated to Youth by Ataturk …30 August deicated to Turkish Army and last one 29 October ,its declare of our rpublic and its called Republid holiday..all holidays were  given by Ataturk ,Leader and first President of Turkey Republic ,

in this holiday celebrations was parading in past, we were watching military parade in 30 August ,others had civil parades .. recently these celebrations are banned by goverment ,they changed its celebration way..

for me, these holidays were very special and beautiful ı joined all parades with proud from my childhood to adult…sometimes ı became an injured soldier boy,sometimes ı joines sports as a young and finally ı joined Army parades as a soldier ..

and after years, ı joined a parade in Italy ,its called “festival parade” it was wonderul ,too funny and excited .. music and dance…colorful costums and balloon creatures  ..


09:25 PM Aug 28 2013 |




 Eugennnia, I’ve never been to parades in Kazakhstan, but well aware of its beautiful scenic places. My Dad used to parade in it. It was a great march with his hicking team ;)

05:48 PM Aug 28 2013 |

1 person likes this



Russian Federation

As for me, I’ve never been to any parades of this kind. Here in Russia there are only military parades like in Kazakhstan. I don’t like them much. But I’ve heard a lot about various parades in Great Britain, America, Brazil, Australia, Germany. They are usually dedicated to some event, like Thatnksgiving Day, Independence Day, Art Festival etc. It’s my dream to experience this festive atmosphere overrun with clowns, floats and a new marching band every five minutes. I hope my dream will come true some day.

By the way, this topic reminded me the movie Rio. It’s about, a male blue macaw called Blu who is taken to Rio de Janeiro to mate with a female blue macaw, Jewel, and about their adventures. It’s cool. I like it. It’s worth watching.

02:29 PM Aug 28 2013 |

2 people like this




when I was a child i loved parades just because after you had a cute box of sweets and there was something that made it all exciting walking with a bunch of balloons or just sitting on Dad’s shoulder and seeing from the bird’s eye veiw – Hooray!

Now, being an adult, I like it because of the spirit, like Santa Clause Parade, where you see cheerful, happy painted faces. It’s a good ritual where everyone can enjoy and have fun.

10:24 AM Aug 28 2013 |

Ya Nina


I have some problems discussing this topic, because we hadn’t similar parades ever. We only saw and see every year military parades. They had and have one main aim – to show military strength, so that nationals can pride of their country and other countries are afraid that force. Besides, in the main, people can watch such parades on TV, because it is rather difficult – to get an invitation to participate in a parade. In addition, I have to admit that, certainly, such parades don’t create joyful in your soul, but sometimes remind you about feelings of patriotism=)

10:15 AM Aug 28 2013 |



We had national holidays parade till couple years ago but nowadays it’s prohibited to celebrate our holidays at high school and primary school…In big stadium there is branding march that leads off all group of parade.it’s used to stimulate national soul.I’m sad to not having those celebrations anymore

07:40 AM Aug 28 2013 |



South Korea

grand marshal lead off the parade in the front line which might be from celebrities and characters …which of the most might be from moives. marching bands on the flatbed truck passing by people who overrun on the street.. people mark  their territory to get a good view to a parade.  some put down the seat on the good spot. floats with flowers or ornaments brightly decorated on a truck…it’s impressing.

marhing people who wears some costumes to embody the story or history of the festival..i like it. 

all thing are fun and wholesome.

what’ not not love ?

04:47 AM Aug 28 2013 |




I never went to a parade because it isn’t a tradition to have a parade here in China.

I could imagine that parades are overrun with amusement.marching band,floats,clowns,perhaps celebrity all are so funny.

I expect to go to one parade which has reputation for fun and wholesome.and you?

03:52 AM Aug 28 2013 |

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